Which Type of 'Rabbit' Are You?

-- Character and Fortune Analysis by Five Elements


Wood Rabbit (1915, 1975)

 Personality: Wood Rabbits always give others the impression of brightness and simplicity, but actually they always hide their true thoughts. They are deliberate and bold, getting used to think twice before making a decision. Cautious and careful, they could be reliable friends. They love to hang out in bustling areas, and they are afraid of loneliness.

 Career: Their luck of career is so flat at young age, and they can hardly get notable development. However, as they pave the road step by step, their career starts to rise rapidly during middle age. In workplace, they can easily win others' trust and respect. Under friends' help, businessmen would not be easily frustrated by failures.

 Wealth:  According to Chinese zodiac and Five Elements analysis, Wood Rabbits' fortune is not bad. Their daily expense is huge, and they don't have the habit of making savings. Therefore, they need to control the balance between income and cost by making a reasonable budget. Meanwhile, it would be nice for them to try some small investment, such as stock and lottery.

 Love: They are persistent in relationship. Once they crush on a lady or a man, they would try their best to pursue them. If they fail, they can hardly walk out of the depression. Nevertheless, their marriage life is harmonious and stable, and they are glad to care others.

 Health: No life-threatening sickness happens to them, but they may suffer the degeneration of joints.

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Fire Rabbit (1927, 1987)

 Personality: Fire Rabbits are straightforward and frank, and sometimes a little hot-tempered. They are emotional, impulsive and easily irritated. Meanwhile, they are simple, keen and elegant. They are generous, tolerant and willing to forgive others’ mistakes. They seek high standard of life, and always behave gracefully.

 Career: They have sharp eyesight to discover talented people, and they know about how to take advantage of the merit of others. Therefore, they are usually good leaders. They like to be in a dominant position in group work. If given opportunities to do business, they could also succeed.

 Wealth: At middle age, they have a fair chance to make a fortune, and they could live a well-off life. However, when they meet sudden economic crisis, their financial condition will be in a great mess. Some take precautions against that by depositing money in banks or purchasing real estate.

 Love: As they are emotional and irritable, they would lose control of themselves when they are excited. Sometimes they may hurt their lovers out of impulse. In love and relationship, they should keep sober mind and restrain themselves. Females born in the Year of the Rabbit are industrial and kind, and they may marry a loving husband.

 Health: They should give more attention to their psychological and mental health. Keeping a pleasant mood would be better.

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Earth Rabbit (1939, 1999)

 Personality: They are steadfast and frank, but a little bit rigid, lacking flexibility. They are polite but nonchalant to others because of shyness. Towards life, they tend to be positive and optimistic. Most people think that Earth Rabbits are stubborn, unwilling to take advice from others.

 Career: They are ambitious and aspiring in career, full of entrepreneurship. Most of them would choose to seek their fortune in a foreign land, and some could get success. As employees, they are likely to be occupied in some trivial affairs, and they are good at dealing with such type of work.

 Wealth: Their efforts could bring them handsome income, but they lack the ability of financing, so their money cannot generate more profit. Young people with Chinese zodiac sign of Rabbit and Earth sign of Five Elements should make an expense plan, and never count on easy money. At middle age, they could buy houses, antiques or jewelry for investment.

 Love: Females are kind-hearted and easygoing, and they could find responsible and caring soul mates. Males are restrained and cautious. If they are bold to make a step forward, they could find well-matched life partners.

 Health: They should improve their dietary structure and build up a healthy eating habit. Reduce the intake of fat and cholesterol.

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Metal Rabbit (1951, 2011)

 Personality: Rabbit People with Metal sign of the Five Elements are kind-hearted to others, and they scarcely quarrel with people. They are aspirant and adamant and never give up in adversities. They are strict to themselves, but tolerant to others. Their outgoing, enthusiastic and sensible characters make them nice listeners.

 Career: They are the stable and careful type in work, and seek development in a steady pace. If they tend to change a career, they should think twice before making a decision. Working in government or state-owned enterprises is suitable for them.

 Wealth: Their fortune of wealth is really prosperous. Money comes easily, but also flows out quickly. If they learn to manage their finance wisely, they could make handsome savings. Besides, they should avoid rash investment, lottery, and gambling activities in case of economic loss.

 Love: They are very persistent when pursuing love. Once they fall in love, they would become quite enthusiastic and passionate. With an honesty heart, they can usually find well matched romantic life partners.

 Health: Some are weak in their childhood, but they may build up their bodies after their teens. If eating less junk food, they would be healthier.

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Water Rabbit (1963, 2023)

 Personality: Water Rabbits are easily satisfied with tiny accomplishments in life, so they are always positive and happy, but they are also a little lazy, unwilling to make progress. They have very gentle and peaceful personality, and can quickly adapt themselves to different environments. They seem conservative and passive when dealing with interpersonal relationships, so they do not have many friends.

 Career: They have unrivaled talents, but behave loose in work. If there is someone encouraging or supervising them, they could find faith and take the challenges. Once they lose such dependence, they would remain as before. In addition, their emotion and personal affairs would usually affect their working efficiency.

 Wealth: Their luck in wealth fluctuates sharply, flat in their 30s and flourishing in 40s. As they make a lot of faithful friends, they could make a co-investment with others, and they can make a big profit. They seek pleasure and comfort, so they spend a lot in useless social engagement. It is wise of them to make savings for future days.

 Love: They are very enthusiastic in love, but a bit conservative, clumsy in showing their feelings. They are in a passive and introverted condition, so most of them get married late. Some of them even fail to find their soul mates throughout their life.

 Health: Once they feel uncomfortable, they should go to hospital immediately to get treatment.

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Questions & Answers on Rabbit Character and Fortune by Five Elements
Asked by Flos from PHILIPPINES | Oct. 07, 2019 04:43Reply
Im a fire rabbit born 28th september 1987.
I want to know when will be the best time to ask loan from the bank? I wanted to pay other debts and to start an charitable organization and a business.
Answers (1)
Answered by Hannah from UNITED KINGDOM | Oct. 07, 2019 23:34

The prediction shows that the next year would be an appropriate time.
Asked by Jen from PHILIPPINES | Aug. 15, 2019 09:33Reply
May 11,1987 - Fire Rabbit
i was born on May 11,1987 Fire Rabbit in this year of the Pig i just want to know what is the prediction for this in middle of the year for me? because in the past first trimester i feel that there is nothing change especially in financial and i'm hardly looking find a job , and i tried looking a home based jobs but the luck is not good also. i just want to try a business but i don't have capital to start. :( what kind of career that suits for me? i feel that what i ever tried there is no luck for me. i feel i'm unlucky.
Answers (1)
Answered by Peyton from UKRAINE | Aug. 15, 2019 18:51

Hi, Jen, you should keep the positive attitude towards these difficulties. The prediction shows that the situations would change into a better stage in the following months and early 2020. You actually have outstanding abilities. You just need to wait a golden chance. It is suggested to find a job related to your familiar field. Good luck!
Asked by Amy Marie from USA | Feb. 02, 2019 22:10Reply
January 10, 1976 - Wood Rabbit 2019 - Love and Career
In the year of the Pig, will I find more success in my career and what days are especially lucky? What are my chances for falling in love this year?
Answers (1)
Answered by Alice from CANADA | Feb. 11, 2019 21:52

You may face a lot of ups and downs this year, especially in career aspect. However, you may witness some good changes at work. As for your love relationship, it seems not very positive and you need to be more active. February, July and October are your best months to find a well matched partner.
Asked by Gerlie Villegas from PHILIPPINES | Jun. 01, 2018 21:31Reply
I was born august 8, 1963. Now i dont have job. I plan to sell insurance or real estate
it is best job for me or do business? What business should i start with small capital?
Answers (1)
Answered by Ansel from FRANCE | Jun. 04, 2018 03:53

Form the predictions, it’s necessary for you to find a new job and this year is a great time for you to invest something wisely on in publishing and journalism. But you should pay more attention to the relationship with your cooperating partners. Good luck to you.
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