Rabbit - Best Business and Career Fields

People born in the year of the Rabbit have a good temper and are always warm to people, leaving people the impression that it is not suitable for them to start their own business. However, they are hardworking. If plan well and carefully, they can also develop their own business successfully.


Best Age to Start a Business for Rabbit

40-50 years old


Best Business and Career Fields for Rabbit

Dessert & Cold Drink Shop

It is necessary for a dessert chef to have a pair of dexterous hands as well as a sensitive soul, and no one can match people with Chinese zodiac Rabbit in this field. They can not only design lovely and beautiful shapes by heart but also cook delicate desserts patiently. And no one can refuse creative and delicious desserts.

Breeding or Pet Industry

The Rabbit people are kind-hearted and full of love, which is suitable for breeding or pet industry, like running a pet shop, or a pet hospital. Not only can they accumulate good fortune, but also they can give full play to the advantages of their carefulness and patience.

Analytical, Planning and Design Company

People with Chinese Zodiac Rabbit are enjoy thinking and have a great passion on freedom, but the lack of active execution impedes them a lot. Thus, they are more suitable for analytical, planning and design work.


Which one is better for Rabbit, Sole Proprietorship or Partnership

The Rabbit people is mild. But the business world is not a calm place. It requires people to have a strong will. Therefore, they should better have a partner to support them, otherwise they will feel lonely and helpless.

By the way, Rabbit people are easily affected by romantic troubles during the work. So it is a wise choice for them to find a heterosexual business partner, like their spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend.


Business and Career Partners for Rabbit

 Rat: Uncooperative
It is not a wise choice to cooperate with Rat, because they may lose their commercial mind while cooperating with Rat.

 Ox: Uncooperative
It is hard to build a close tie and cooperate with Ox, both of you did not trust each other, and eventually the relationship will unraveled.

 Tiger: Corporative in General
They appreciate each other in business fields, but Rabbit should be careful of Tiger’s bad temper.

 Rabbit: Great partner
Two Rabbits will cooperate quite pleasantly, especially when they run an antique shop or a law office.

 Dragon: Good partner
Both of them rely on each other to make the business get better and better.

 Snake: Not bad
The only way to succeed is to do more and talk less to cooperate with Snake.

 Horse: Recommended partner
Horse is an energetic doer, an excellent complement to Rabbit who has low practical ability. But they'd better do less trick to Horses.

 Sheep: Great partner
Rabbit can always make the wisest choices and Sheep is a good executive.

 Monkey: Uncooperative
It is essentially wasting time to cooperate with Monkey. The only thing they can do is to disturb each other’s plan.

 Rooster: Not bad partner
They can cooperate with Rooster, but their actions and motives should be guided by cooperation rules.

 Dog: Best Partner
Rabbit’s intelligence and objectivity is much useful to Dog, and Dog is loyal.

 Pig: Great partner
They can make a lot of money cooperating with each other. Pig has good fortune luck, and the clever Rabbit helps Pig a lot.


Advice on Business Investment and Financial Management

People with Chinese zodiac Rabbit have more opportunities to make money than others. But it is easier for them to make no profits or even lose money heavily due to wrong judgment. Therefore, they are less suitable to invest in real estate. Although they can make big money by cooperating with relatives and friends, it is better to sign a legally binding contract, lest hurt the relationship.

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Questions & Answers on Rabbit - Best Business and Career Fields
Asked by Asif from PAKISTAN | May. 08, 2023 08:44Reply
Relationship Advice
Hi, I’m rabbit born in 1999, I have been in touch with a sheep girl who’s born in 2003. We have been dating since 2020 but never got chance to meet and during that time we had many ups and downs. She’s having some mental health issues, for that reason she broke up with me and said she don’t want to be burden on me. I want to try once more and want to meet her. She’s from China and I’m from Pakistan.

Will that work for me or her or will it cause more problems? All I want is to make her feel better about Herself and help with her mental health issues, she’s the nicest person I have ever known.
Answers (1)
Answered by Sarah | May. 08, 2023 22:52

You are highly matched in Chinese zodiac love compatibility. I believe both of you love deeply with each other. Maybe this is only a challenge to test your love. Once you can get over it, nothing can stop you from being together. Try to be a little patient and give her some space, then communication may help you. Good luck!
Asked by Miara from MALAYSIA | Dec. 17, 2019 00:26Reply
My career, born 16 02 1987, female.
I have a problem/misunderstanding at my workplace & decide to move from that work place. but, im scare if i can't face on / handle new workplace. im still worried if i made a wrong decision.
Answers (1)
Answered by Jordan from CANADA | Dec. 18, 2019 00:04

Hi, Miara, you should have more confidence about yourself. Actually, you have outstanding abilities to handle the problems. Just follow your heart. You will make some breakthroughs in the new work environment.
Asked by Thanes from MALAYSIA | Mar. 13, 2019 21:46Reply
My Career. Born 6 December 1975, Female
How is my career, will I get a new job with better salary, or will I get promoted with higher salary at my current company?

Please would appreciate you help and advise.

Thanking you in advance
Answers (1)
Answered by Dennis from FRANCE | Mar. 14, 2019 19:04

In 2019, you will meet ups ans downs in career. However, things will have a good developments in the end and you may get some achievements at work. It is not clear if you will change your job or not, but your fortune is great. Good luck.
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