1939 Chinese Zodiac - Earth Rabbit

Which type of Rabbit are people born in 1939 Chinese zodiac year?

According to Chinese zodiac, 1939 is the Chinese zodiac Rabbit sign and people who born in the year of 1939 are the Earth Rabbit based on Chinese Five Elements.

Invented by ancient Chinese people, Chinese zodiac is based on lunar calendar, which has a little difference from Gregorian calendar. Therefore the Earth Rabbit year is from February 19, 1939 to February 8, 1940. In addition, people who born from January 1 to February 18 in 1939 are the previous Chinese zodiac Fire Ox sign.

Lucky Signs for 1939 Earth Rabbit

Lucky numbers: 1, 3, 6, 8

Lucky colors: red, pink, purple, blue

2023 Horoscope for Earth Rabbit Born in 1939

The horoscope for people born in 1939 year of the Rabbit is average. 

Not good at words and being straightforward, they may offend people around unintentionally; to maintain a good relationship with others, they’d better be careful of their words and learn to be tactful. Their luck in term of health is the worst. Keep warm in cold days to avoid catching a cold and keep a healthy diet. Do not force themselves to do things out of their capabilities, like changing the light bulb and lifting a heavy luggage to the high shelf. This year, they intend to give too many “advices” to their offspring or even involve into their own family issues, which cause their dissatisfaction. It is advised that Rabbit people born in 1939 keep reasonable distances with their offspring and enjoy themselves by developing some personal hobbies.

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2024 Horoscope for Earth Rabbit Born in 1939

It is generally a peaceful year for people born in 1939 year of the Rabbit. Having retired from work for many years, they would enjoy their life at a leisurely pace. Their savings and retirement pension would also ensure them to live a financially worry-free life. But they’d better spend more energy maintaining health: eating lightly, having enough sleep and exercising regularly. A sad thing is that they may lose some of their old friends. Adjust themselves timely and do not be in low mood very long, which is not good for health. 

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Personality Traits of the 1939 Chinese Zodiac Earth Rabbit

The Chinese zodiac Rat people born in 1939 are cheerful and straightforward. They are very talkative and have a broad mind, so they are very popular. The Earth Rabbit are very smart and like to think. They love to learn all kinds of knowledge and have a strong ability to accept new things. In addition, they love peace and hate to argue with others.  Therefore, they generally do not quarrel with others.

However, because the Earth Rabbit do not like to argue with others, they are sometimes regarded as timid and cowardly by others. They don't have too much ambition in their life, and it is easy to satisfy the present situation. But they have strong vanity and desire, so they are contradictory people.

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The wealth luck of the Earth Rabbit born in 1939 is pretty good. They have a good luck to get a high salary and make extra money. As their children and grandchildren grow up, they can all make good money, and due to their filial, the Rabbit people can also enjoy a rich life from their children. In their age, if they still want to make some money, stable investment or financial management projects will be a wise choice, because their luck in investment is relatively good. But they should better take their children’s advice in advance.

Love and Relationships

The relationship between 1939 Earth Rabbit and their spouse is not bad. The Rabbit people with a lover will not quarrel with their spouse anymore. They can know each other and understand each other very well. It is suggested that they accompany their lover more in the rest of life. For example, they can read newspaper, watch TV, or have a walk together in the morning.

The relationship between them and their offspring is very good. All their children and grandchildren are very filial. They often come to visit them once they are free, and children who are far away from home also make phone call regularly. But they had better not interfere too much in the children's affairs, because children have their own ideas. Just let them make their own decisions.

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The Earth Rabbit born in 1939 is relatively healthy. But as they get older, their body functions are not as good as before. Therefore, first of all, they must be careful not to fall down or get hurt when going out, because they will need a longer time to recover. Secondly, they should eat more nutritious food. Third, they had better not be too tired. They can hire hourly workers to do the housework.

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