1975 Chinese Zodiac - Wood Rabbit

Which type of Rabbit are people born in 1975 Chinese Zodiac year?

According to Chinese zodiac, people born in 1975 have the Rabbit sign. To make it accurately based on Gregorian calendar, February 11, 1975 to January 30, 1976 belong to the Chinese year of the Rabbit. Furtherly based on Chinese Five Elements, this Rabbit year has the Wood element. Therefore, people born during the time period are the Wood Rabbit and those born from January 1 to February 10 in 1975 belong to the previous Wood Tiger year.

Lucky Signs for 1975 Wood Rabbit

 Lucky Numbers: 1, 6

 Lucky Colors: green, blue, gray, black


2020 Horoscope for Wood Rabbit Born in 1975

A good fortune in career can be seen on Rabbit people born in 1975, especially for those have been at downturn for a time. They could get help from others, catch the opportunity and achieve a lot. They are possible to get a promotion. Establish a good relationship with colleagues will be helpful in the future work.

Large investment is not suggested for Rabbits in 2020 in case of losing an amount of money. Stable investment under the guidance of professional people is a good choice. And they should cultivate proper consuming habits and know their own financial condition clearly.

At the aspect of love, it is not stable in 2020. They should refuse temptations from other opposite sex firmly. Keep a distance from them and don’t do things causing misunderstandings. For couples, dealing with some quarrels properly in this year will make their love firmer.

As for health, they ought to take care of their knees to prevent from illness or exacerbation of the illness. They should also be sure to keep warm when the weather is cold. Set a reasonable timetable and do not stay up late. In daily life, take more exercise and eat more vegetables and fruits. Take care when driving.

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Personality Traits of the 1975 Chinese Zodiac Wood Rabbit

People with Chinese zodiac Rabbit born in 1975 are intelligent and resourceful, leaving people a lively and cheerful impression. They are usually very gentle, patient and courteous, so it is easy for them to get along well with others. They are also very alert, kind, and responsible.

However, they are not likely to openly express their opinions, so it is difficult for people to understand their real thoughts. Actually they are very complex and kind of selfish. They are more likely to feel lonely. Their mood is not very stable and they can get angry easily.

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The overall career fortune is not very good actually. As the competition in the workplace is fierce, and at the same time they themselves are too radical, they may feel greatly pressured. However, as long as they keep their work peace and always be patient, they can make achievements in their career.

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The Wood Rabbit can make a lot of money, but they have no idea on how to save money. It is suggested that the people born in 1975 year of the Rabbit make a good financial management plan as far as possible: do not waste money, and avoid causing unnecessary cash flow.


Love and Relationships

The love fortune is not very good for the 1975 Wood Rabbit. For single people, they may find it hard to meet the right person. They should better pursue the opposite sex more actively. For people who have already been in love, trivial life details may directly affect their emotions, causing disputes and quarrels with lovers. They should learn to tolerate and take care of their partners.

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Their health fortune is pretty good. If they feel unwell, they should go to the hospital for examination immediately. Do not neglect the discomforts for fear of spending money.


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