1951 Chinese Zodiac - Metal Rabbit

Which type of Rabbit are people born in 1951 Chinese zodiac year?

In Chinese calendar, the year of 1951 is the Chinese zodiac Rabbit sign and people who born in the year of 1951 are the Metal Rabbit based on Chinese Five Elements.

The calculation of Chinese zodiac is based on lunar calendar, and the date in lunar calendar and Gregorian calendar has a little difference. Therefore, the Metal Rabbit year is from February 5, 1951 to January 26, 1952 in Gregorian calendar. And people who born from January 1 to February 4 in 1951 are Chinese zodiac Metal Tiger sign.

Lucky Signs for 1951 Metal Rabbit

Lucky numbers: 2, 3

Lucky colors: blue, golden, green

2020 Horoscope for Metal Rabbit Born in 1951

The overall horoscope of the Rabbit born in 1951 is not very good in 2020. There will be some problems in their marriage this year, and family conflicts will often erupt. Besides, health problems should not be underestimated. And for those close to 70 years old, there is not much progress in career and financial development.

Most of the Metal Rabbit have already retired at home. But for those1951 Rabbit people who are still working, they will encounter some minor accidents in their careers in 2020, and their career may not make much progress. When bad things happen to their work, they are advised not to be anxious or worried too much.

People with Chinese zodiac Rabbit born in 1951 will have a bad luck in wealth. For those who are still working, due to the obstacles in their career, their salary will not be increased. And there is little chance of an increase in pension for retired people, either. In addition, they will spend a lot of money in the year of 2020. There is an old saying in China,” a financial loss may prevent disaster”. Therefore, they need to believe that it may not be a bad thing. And maybe their luck will be better once they change their mind.

Generally speaking, there should be no big problem in love relationship with their spouse, but the Metal Rabbit will quarrel with their spouse every day. Even a trivial thing will become the fuse of the quarrel. Moreover, the persuasion of their children will not work. Only when both of them are not mad will the relationship return to its former state.

The Metal Rabbit's health luck in the year of Rat are not very ideal. Frequent quarrels with their lover will affect their spirits. Moreover, poor mental health will affect physical health. They may have a disease suddenly. But they don't have to worry too much. As long as they do what the doctor says, they will recover soon. After they get well, there will be a better life waiting for them.

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Personality Traits of the 1951 Chinese Zodiac Metal Rabbit

Chinese zodiac Rabbit people born in 1951 are optimistic, cheerful, witty and smart. They are very careful and considerate, so they can live in harmony with others. In addition, the Metal Rabbit are imaginative and advocate freedom. They are kind-hearted and compassionate and will help people in difficulty. And they are amiable and do not like to argue with others.

However, the Rabbit people are very sensitive person. They like to make blind and disorderly conjectures and easily think of simple things as complicated things, which will bring them great troubles. They are very gentle, but sometimes being too gentle gives people the impression of weakness. Besides, their willpower is not very firm and they lack perseverance, which is the big disadvantage in all aspects.

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The overall wealth luck for the Metal Rabbit born in 1951 is not very good. It is difficult for them to save too much money. Although they know that money comes very hard, they love their children very much, so they are happy to spend a lot of money for them. All the money they have saved will be spent on their children.

Love and Relationships

The relationship between the Metal Rabbit and their lover is generally stable. Although there will be quarrels sometimes, it will not influenced their feeling towards each other too much. However, it is not a good thing to argue with their lover, they should better try to control their temper and communicate with their spouse calmly when there is an argument. In addition, their family relationship is pretty. As they love their children very much, their children are also very filial to them. They are a happy family and are often admired by others.

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The physical condition of people with Chinese zodiac Rabbit born in 1951 is relatively healthy. But as they getting older and older, their physical quality is not as good as before. Although they will not suffer from major diseases, some minor diseases such as colds and fever still need to be paid attention to. Moreover, the Rabbit people who are still working should also pay more attention to their health. Huge work stress will make them feel dispirited and have no appetite, so they should have good rest.

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