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Rabbit Fortune in 2023

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Rank in 12 Zodiacs: No. 12

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2023 is the Ben Ming Nian (Zodiac Year of Birth) for people born in the year of the Rabbit. In Chinese astrology, Ben Ming Nian is one’s unlucky year and they should be more cautious than usual. Traditionally, people wear red underclothes in their Ben Ming Nian to decrease the influence of the bad luck. 

This year, they’d better not believe in others easily and do their own work with all heart. Financially, they may earn a little more than last year but the unexpected expenditure may wait for them ahead, so trim the unnecessary shopping down and save some for the possible rainy days. But be generous for the purpose of keeping healthy. When feeling angry or depressed, do not loose temper to their lover, which could push them away. As for singles, the possibility for them to meet their Mr. or Mrs. Right is low. 

Rabbit Fortune in 2023


Very enterprising; talk less, think more and do more

According to Rabbit horoscope in 2023, they would be enterprising and try their best to show their talents and do their works well. For those leaders, their leadership skills and abilities would be improved. However, influenced by the bad luck of the Ben Ming Nian, they may experience lots of difficulties while achieving their goals. In one hand, being suggestible, they may be fooled by others easily and bring themselves troubles. In the other hand, their big mouth in the public may offend others without knowing it and make them unpopular. To decrease the impacts, they are advised to talk less, think more and do more. Last but not least, for those engaging in the manufacturing industry, be careful this year in case of injuries. 


Slightly higher salary than last year; unexpected expenditures

The Rabbit fortune prediction in 2023 shows their salary may be a little higher than last year. But compared with their peers, it is at a lower moderate level and it is not very possible for them to gain much through other channels like investment this year. 

The possible misfortunes lie in that they may need to pay for some bills and matters out of plan. For instance, they themselves may get injured. Although not very serious, they may need to leave work and have a rest for a few days, which could directly cause the decrease of income; and it would cost some to see a doctor. Also, the physical status of their elder families may not be very good which require Rabbit people to pay more for their medical cares. 

Love and Relationships

Singles: true love would not arrive; others: care more about the other half

It is not a lucky year for the single people with Rabbit sign of Chinese zodiac. They may fall in love with someone not interested on them; while do not like the ones who show interests on them. As a result, stay single this year. 

For those being dating or married, their love fortune is at a low level, too. Because of annoyances of work and life, they would be impatient to their lover and care less about them, which may push them away, or even give opportunity to the third person and lead to break-up or divorce. When feeling depressed, it is suggested Rabbit people speak out their true feelings to earn understandings and comforts from their lover, rather than “building walls” around themselves.


Watch out for possible dangers; be generous in keeping healthy 

Their health fortune is not good in 2023. In daily life, watch out for possible dangers, like when going downstairs and upstairs, crossing the road, and using knives. When in bad weather, change the clothes accordingly to avoid getting ill and be careful when going out for school or work. Also, be generous while investing on health: do physical examinations regularly; do not eat expired food; eat more fresh fruit; and keep doing exercise, etc. The aged should be very careful this year because the Rabbit horoscope prediction in 2023 indicates that it is difficult for them to recover completely if getting injured this year. 

Luck Prediction for Rabbits Born in Different Years

• Born in 2011: It’s possible for them to make a big progress in school with the help of professional and responsible teachers. Parents should help them learn to manage money, rather than spending all without plan.
• Born in 1999: The heavy workload may make them feel tired. But after finishing the tasks perfectly, they would have opportunities to pursue a better position and higher salary. It’s not a lucky year for the singes, but a lucky one to for those pursuing a higher education degree or professional certificates. 
• Born in 1987: This year, be loyal to their partner and stay away from outside temptations, so as to protect their marriage. They would have some time to study further and increase their competitiveness in company.
• Born in 1975: Although busy with work, they’d better leave some time for their families, like making them a meal and making a short trip with them together, in order to maintain a harmonious family. In workplace, watch out for contract traps. 
• Born in 1963: 2023 may be a difficult year for them. Financially, their income may not be enough to pay for their bills and it’s very necessary for them to develop more ways to make money. In addition, be careful of skin diseases and gastrointestinal discomforts.
• Born in 1951: It is predicted that their relationship with people around may turn bad because of their impatience and bad temper. It’s not a lucky year to make an investment.
• Born in 1939: Their horoscope is just so-so in 2023 and the health fortune is the worst, so take better care of themselves. Also, be careful of their words in case of offending others. 

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Questions & Answers on Rabbit\s Horoscope in 2023
Asked by Ashraf from EGYPT | Jan. 28, 2023 12:07Reply
I am Male born in Second of March 1975 .
Hi I am born in second of March 1975 , lost my job in past November , do you think I will find a job
Answers (1)
Answered by Jimmy | Feb. 05, 2023 16:50

It's possible for you to find a job, although not easy. Do not give up and make efforts to improve yourself in sapre time.
Asked by Dèchèn choden from BHUTAN | Jan. 14, 2023 05:07Reply
Will the female Rabbit born in 1999 get chance to go abroad ?
Answers (1)
Answered by Leo | Jan. 15, 2023 18:26

Yes, there is a high possibility. But you need to make efforts on your own to make it come true.
Asked by IYR from CANADA | Jan. 06, 2023 10:34Reply
Any good luck charms, amulets for Roosters in year of Rabbit 2023?
Answers (1)
Answered by Frank | Jan. 09, 2023 19:38

Yes, there is but not much.
Asked by Sumi Lama from NEPAL | Jul. 06, 2021 04:25Reply
Is it a good year to travel abroad? How is the year career and relationship wise?
Born on oct 30 1987, fire rabbit.
Answers (1)
Answered by Lisa from USA | Jul. 12, 2021 00:34

Sorry, this is not a good year to travel abroad for a fire rabbit, but your career and relationship will see some good opportunities.
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