Rabbit - Fortune in 2021

Rabbit Fortune in 2021

Rank in 12 Zodiacs

Rank in 12 Zodiacs: No. 8

Overall Luck:

The overall Rabbit fortune in 2021 is just-so-so. In terms of career, they may not accomplish great achievements but they will not encounter too many difficult problems in the whole year. Their income and expenditure can be kept in a relatively balanced state and even make some savings. As for love relationship, it is not easy for single Rabbits to find someone that they truly love. The family life of married ones will be relatively plain.

Based on Rabbit fortune prediction in 2021, they are more likely to get sick due to their low immunity. Therefore, apart from work and study, they should exercise frequently and have a healthy lifestyle. 

Rabbit Fortune in 2021


Less promotion chances, well-run company

People born in the year of Chinese zodiac Rabbit will make little achievements in their career according to the Rabbit fortune prediction in 2021. Although Rabbits work hard and steadily, they have limited abilities and courage. Thus it may difficult for them to get promoted and raise their salary in a short time. The companies of self-employed Rabbits will run well, but can only expand very little business. New graduates need to submit their resumes in a targeted manner to avoid falling into a job trap. For Rabbits who are about to retire, they ought to put health more important than work.


Steady income, less return from sideline businesses

Rabbit people will have a normal wealth fortune in 2021. Compared with previous years, their income may reach the same state. Every month's salary can be obtained on time. As the possibility of promotion in 2021 is unlikely, so the salary may not increase. It is recommended that they don’t spend a lot of effort on sidelines this year because the return is quite small. Don’t go shopping immoderately. In this way, the amount of money on daily necessities, child education and support for the elderly can be increased appropriately. 

Love and Relationships

Enhance temperament, make more surprises

The love relationship fortune of Rabbit people is not bad. Some of them do not pay much attention to appearance and their mental state won’t be very good. These reasons make them not very smooth in emotion. In 2021, if they are desire to start a relationship, it is recommended to constantly improve their external temperament and self-cultivation. In this way, they will leave a good first impression when they meet the person who catch their eyes. Their marriage life this year will be also relatively smooth. If they want to obtain a sweeter relationship, they need to give more care to their partners. It is better to prepare surprises and have gifts on special days such as birthday and Valentine's Day. 


Less alcohols, keep warm

In 2021, they may feel stressed and have a mood of pessimism, which leads to poor spirits. What’s worse, if some negative emotions have not been relieved timely, all kinds of physical problems will occur in the long run. Once they feel depression, it is necessary to know how to resolve it in time or seek the help of a psychologist. For people with poor physical fitness, it is very likely that the old illness will recur this year. They should go for regular physical examinations and follow the doctor's advice. 

Luck Prediction for Rabbits Born in Different Years

Age: 10

The Rabbit fortune prediction in 2021 is neither satisfied nor bad. They can enjoy a happy and worry-free childhood life in 2021. They will also have more desire to explore the world, and get along with children in harmony and joy way. On the one hand, they can get the meticulous care of their parents; on the other hand, they can also learn the correct world outlook and the way to behave in the world from their parents. 
Age: 22

Rabbit People who are still in school will be in a very ambivalent mentality. On the one hand, they want to quickly earn money through their own efforts; on the other hand, they will fear the unknown life. It is recommended not to think too much. They can make new friends and improve personal abilities by joining in activities and competitions organized by the school. Due to the unpleasant relationship luck, it is worth noting that they should try not to have too much contact with people outside the school, otherwise it may cause a lot of troubles. 
Age: 34

The career fortune of people with Rabbit sign of Chinese zodiac in 2021 is not bad, but the possibility of promotion will be relatively small. If they want to change jobs, they should also know information about the new company as much as possible. For Married ones, there are some conflicts in family life and they may have some disputes with relatives due to interests. There may also be disagreements over the education of children and the support of the elderly. 
Age: 46

The career prospects will be quite expected on the basis of the Rabbit fortune prediction in 2021. They may be promoted to the company management. The Rabbit wealth fortune in 2021 is also good. They can earn a lot of money from projects in partnership with others, investments and finance products. The overall expenses in daily life is not low. Don't spend money lavishly. It is better not to lend money to others in 2021. They need to spend more time with their family instead of attending many unnecessary parties. 
Age: 58

The Rabbits will have a good relationship luck in 2021. The family life is particularly harmonious and good. There will be no violent quarrels due to small frictions and contradictions. However, the health fortune is not very good. Although there are all small physical problems, they are also very exhausting and torturing. Don’t avoid medical problems. Regular physical examinations and daily exercises are essential. 
Age: 70

The love relationship fortune of those born in 1950 in 2021 is very good. This year, they rarely have conflicts with their spouses, and their relationship with children is also very harmonious. Negative emotions and physical overwork during the year can lead to a decline in physical health. Sometimes the heart situation may be not good. Be sure to take more rest. The financial luck won’t be very ideal. Although their income will not change, they may spend a lot of money on treatment. 
Age: 82

The overall fortune of the people born in the year of Chinese zodiac Rabbit won’t become bad in 2021. They may meet some troubles, but their normal life will not be affected too much. They can be respected by others because they make full use of their rich experience to help many young people. Their family life will be particularly harmonious and happy this year. More attention should be paid to the health aspect. Some hidden diseases of the body will become obviously in old age. If they feel unwell, they need to seek medical attention in time.

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Questions & Answers on Rabbit\s Fortune in 2021
Asked by sonto from SOUTH AFRICA | Dec. 07, 2020 06:24Reply
I was born on the 10 August 1975 ,my boyfriend born on the 22 November 1966.Is he my soulmate?
Will I get promotion or new post at work .Will I get pregnant in 2021?Will I get recognition at work ,within my family ?Will I improve my English and my life ?
Answers (1)
Answered by Lucas | Dec. 10, 2020 19:22

The prediction indicates that you are born to be a good match.
In addition, you would have several golden chance in career. You should catch them timely. The overall situation would become much better in 2021. Good luck!
Asked by Mary C from MALAYSIA | Dec. 03, 2020 21:46Reply
What Direction & Floor unit is best for 1975 Born Female Rabbit?
Looking to buy an apartment or Condo Unit. What is my best faxcing direction when looking out from the balcony, unit number & floor level?
Answers (1)
Answered by Alyssa | Dec. 03, 2020 22:51

Don't worry. The lucky directions are east, southeast and south. Hope helpful!
Asked by PaM from USA | Nov. 23, 2020 20:58Reply
1975 Rabbit 2021 prospects
Hello. I am a 1975 male Wood Rabbit interested to know job growth opportunities for 2021. Will there be chances for promotion/recognition in the coming year? What do you recommend to increase these chances? Thank you!
Answers (4)
Answered by Charlize | Nov. 27, 2020 00:06

The result is positive. There would have several chances for you to get a promotion or increased salary. You should make full use of your intelligence and make some progresses.
Answered by PaM | Nov. 27, 2020 06:12

Thank you for the prompt response. Will this be within the same company/area? Thank you.
Answered by Anna | Dec. 03, 2020 22:34

Yes, it seems that it is in the same company.
Answered by PaM | Dec. 16, 2020 12:50

Could this be a role that was just brought to my attention? With another group? Thank you.
Asked by Hazel from PHILIPPINES | Nov. 21, 2020 05:36Reply
Rabbit career 2021
Will i ever get a stable job this 2021? Or find another forever love ? Or business?
Answers (1)
Answered by Seamus | Nov. 26, 2020 23:36

It is suggested to focus on your energy on career first. The prediction indicates that you will get a stable job in the year of 2021. Thus don't worry.
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