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Rabbit Fortune in 2024

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Rank in 12 Zodiacs: No. 10

Overall Luck:

Comparatively, Rabbit fortune in 2024 is not satisfying. Among all, their health horoscope is the worst, mainly because of seldom exercise and lack of sleep. To covert it, they should follow a healthy life routine and exercise regularly. The career and wealth luck is the best. They would be given more opportunities in workplace. If doing well, a promotion and higher salary would not be far away. For the married, they may sometimes lose temper to their wife or husband and cause conflicts; learn to control themselves and do something to improve the relationship. With an obvious contrast, it is a hopeful year for the singles with Rabbit sign of Chinese zodiac because it’s very likely they will start dating a charming girl or a handsome boy. 

Rabbit Fortune in 2024


More opportunities; don’t stand up for anyone so as to stay away from troubles

As a whole, the career for people born in the year of the Rabbit would develop smoothly in 2024. On one hand, they intend to be blessed by more opportunities to prove their ability and talent; on the other hand, they may catch the attention of someone influential in their field and get practical and useful instructions as well as help from him or her. An inauspicious prediction is that the internal competition for the top position in their workplace may get fiercer; be low-key and don’t stand up for anyone, so as to protect themselves from the “storm center”.   

For businessmen, it is a year full of challenges and opportunities. With the help of some noble people, they are very likely to lead their business to a “higher stage”. However, they may be betrayed by commercial partners, so be careful when cooperating with others. 


May gain satisfying fortune through hard work; not lucky in investment

In term of wealth, Rabbit’s horoscope in 2024 is not bad, either. It’s very possible for them to gain satisfying fortune through their own hard work, in form of salary or bonus. If they want to earn more, do a part-time job, rather than investing in high-risky projects or buying high-risky financial products, because they are not lucky in that this year. The businessmen are also likely to earn more if they could do business honestly. 

After accumulating certain amount of wealth, it’s necessary to learn to manage it. Don’t spend it at random. In addition to improving the quality of life, save some for rainy days and consumption plan of big items like a house or a car. Also, don’t show off in case of catching the eyes of thieves or even swindlers. 

Love and Relationships

More arguments and disputes; lucky year for the singles 

The love fortune for married people with Chinese zodiac Rabbit sign is just so-so in 2024. Arguments and disputes may occur more often, which may give opportunities to the third person. Learn to control bad temper and be more patient to the partner. Also, think more from the other’s perspective and communicate more. It’s also advised to go for a date every now and then, to remind both parties of the affection on each other and help maintain the relationship. 

But it’s a very lucky year for the singles. They may either meet their lover through blind date or social activities. Seize the chance tightly and be active, then they would soon be unavailable.


Follow a light diet, have enough rest and keep regular exercise

Talking about health, Rabbit fortune prediction in 2024 is at a low level. Lack of exercise and rest, they may be in a sub-healthy status, which may cause physical problems someday, especially when the weather changes. When falling ill, get treated timely, in case minor illnesses develop into serious diseases.

To improve the immunity and keep healthy, they should have enough rest and do exercise regularly. In addition, eat lightly; take in less greasy meat and oily food but more fresh vegetable and fruit. 

Luck Prediction for Rabbits Born in Different Years

• Born in 2011: As time passes by, little Rabbit born in 2011 would have more and more ideas of their own. In the case, parents should help them know what’s right and wrong and establish right values of life. 
• Born in 1999: It is likely to be a hopeful year for people born in 1999 year of the Rabbit either in term of career or study. But they may have conflicts with people around. They should also adjust their expense to the income in case of running into debt.
• Born in 1987: This year, the most important thing for them to do is to maintain a harmonious relationship with people around. Also, don’t be greedy and dream of making a huge fortune overnight. 
• Born in 1975: They would encounter more waves in career, but could get over them with the help of others. The married should make more efforts to maintain harmonious family atmosphere while the singles may be lucky enough to meet their true love. 
• Born in 1963: In 2024, it’s not very possible for them to earn a lot. But the income from work would be enough to cover their daily expenditure. This year, they are also advised to spend more effort taking care of themselves. 
• Born in 1951: In the year, they may not have too many annoyances, just that unhappy things may occur between them and people around. They should be more careful of their words and behaviors.
• Born in 1939: They would live a worry-free retired life as a whole. Just pay more attention to their body and make more efforts to keep healthy. 

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Questions & Answers on Rabbit\s Horoscope in 2024
Asked by Katie from CANADA | May. 24, 2024 08:22Reply
what is my unlucky year for being a metal rabbiat
Answers (1)
Answered by Keith | May. 26, 2024 22:46

You may be unlucky in the year of Rooster, Rat and Horse, which is 2029, 2032 and 2026.
Asked by Raima Mandal from INDIA | Nov. 21, 2023 09:19Reply
My birth date is 8 April 1999 and currently I a unemployed. I am confused should I pursue my study d
Can i will be able to become a financially independent? What job will be best for me? Which career should I choose?
Answers (1)
Answered by Mandy | Nov. 22, 2023 23:12

These two years are not so lucky to Rabbit people and they may suffer many difficulties. However, opportunities coexist with difficulties and you may also find some good chances. For Rabbit people, breeder, gardener, teacher, priest, police and judge, litterateur, musician, artist, architect... which are all good jobs and it is better to choose according to your interest.
Asked by Jen from PHILIPPINES | Aug. 02, 2023 06:24Reply
will i have a good job?
i was Born on May 11, 1987 will i have a good job or career?
what career suit for me? until when i get broke in terms of financial status?
Answers (2)
Answered by Wendy | Aug. 02, 2023 20:43

This is really not a lucky year for Rabbit people. But things will be better next year. Just hold on and use the time to learn more knowledge and skills whiich is helpful for your future development.
Answered by Iris | Oct. 20, 2023 08:59

hi jen im from the US and i am only a kid. I'm very sorry but i cannot help you
Asked by Dilshad from INDIA | Jun. 22, 2023 08:47Reply
Do i really get a good job in this month
My dob:12 may 1999
Place: tadikonda
Time:11:15 pm
Answers (1)
Answered by Eric | Jun. 25, 2023 00:48

It sees no signal in that term. You need to keep lloking for some while. Don't give up and things will go better finally.
Asked by Dilshad from INDIA | Jun. 18, 2023 05:51Reply
I left my job 😔 but i need a good job near my home will i able to get a job in this month
I need a good and satisfying job can i able to find the best job😔plz tell me
Answers (1)
Answered by Bella | Jun. 19, 2023 00:58

Hi it may take some time to find a good and satisfying job. But don't give up and just seize every chance.
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