Rabbit - Fortune in 2020

Rabbit Fortune in 2020

Rank in 12 Zodiacs

Rank in 12 Zodiacs: No. 6

Overall Luck:

Rabbit fortune in 2020 is neither good nor bad on the whole. There will be rises and falls in the year. Generally speaking, Rabbit people have a great fortune on career, which helps them get the qualification certificates, find a job, or get a promotion with rising pays, etc.

What they need to consider carefully is to weigh gains and losses before making decisions. Don’t be greedy, and obey the rules to handle everything. Chinese zodiac Rabbit would catch opposite sex’s eyes in 2020. In health aspect, Rabbit people should care about their liver and gall in the year. They’d better not go to dark places and not walk by the water, so as to avoid potential dangers or troubles.

Rabbit Fortune in 2020


Better future, work hard

The Rabbit people has a good fortune in study, further education and promotion in 2020. They may come across opportunities to reach their goals. What they need to do is to catch the chances with efforts and positive attitude. They may need take advantage of some rules to realize their aims, but they should pay attention to the potential problems brought by these rules.  


Rising salary, obey rules

According to the Rabbit fortune prediction in 2020, Rabbit people have a good luck on wealth. They may get promoted in work place, hence get higher salary. They can get mother’s help to achieve their goals. What calls attention is to avoid possible financial troubles.

Love and Relationships

Great love fortune, take it seriously

People with Rabbit sign of Chinese zodiac will have a great luck on love in 2020. They will meet the opposite sex who is smart, capable, calm and caring with a pretty appearance. The person may be interested in them for a time, but it is hard to say if they will give heart to them sincerely. Thus Rabbit people had better take it seriously in the beginning.


Less alcohols, keep warm

The fortune on health for Chinese zodiac Rabbit people in 2020 is not as good as that on career, wealth and love. Rabbit people should take good care of themselves in the year, especially to avoid the harm to liver, gall and heart. Do not drink alcohols too much. People who have rheumatic diseases need to pay more attention to their body. They could do exercise regularly to make themselves healthier.

Luck Prediction for Rabbits Born in Different Years

Age: 9

People born in 2011 have a great luck in the whole year. They would do well at school with excellent grades and good performance in activities. They will further develop their skills in all aspects. They’d better ask for parents’ help when there are in troubles. They shouldn’t be fussy at food as they are in a stage of growing up.
Age: 21

For Rabbit people born in 1999 who are still in college, they will have a good fortune on study. They will make progress on study, but they should consider clearly about their future career and what they truly like. Don’t quarrel with parents. In this year, they should still pour their main attention into their study to lay a good foundation for their career. 
Age: 33

People born in 1987 with Rabbit sign of Chinese zodiac enjoy a good fortune in 2020. They will have a great performance in their work place with clear and creative ideas. Don’t take part in others’ arguments. In the respect of love and marriage, they should care more about their lovers to make their relationship stable.
Age: 45

Those people born in 1975 would have some achievements on career and gain a lot in 2020. They may get others’ help in the year. They should keep themselves warm when the weather turns cold, and be faithful to their partner. 
Age: 57

As the good fortune on career falls upon on them, Rabbit people born in 1963 may want to make a change. They will be busy at work and may work overtime, but for health’s sake they should take more rest at spare time to get refreshed. Don’t believe in others on investment. They might feel stressful in the year, so they’d better adjust their minds on time, too.
Age: 69

In 2020, the horoscope for the Metal Rabbit is not very good at all. For people who are still working, their career development will be hindered, but they should not be too worried, otherwise the situation will only get worse and worse. Besides, they may spend a lot of money on unnecessary things. Therefore, their financial fortunes are not optimistic either. As for their love fortune, Chinese zodiac Rabbit people born in 1951 may have frequent quarrels with their spouse in 2020. It is suggested that both of them to communicate to each other calmly. And the health luck is not very ideal. However, if they have a good mentality, their health would be much better.
Age: 81

In the year of 2020, the wealth fortune for 1939 Earth Rabbit is pretty good. Their pension may get increased due to the change of national policy. But they should be alert do not cheated by liars. The relationship between the Earth Rabbit and their spouse is harmonious. They can understand each other very well. However, their children cannot come to visit them frequently because they are busy. Last but not least, their physical condition is not very well. They should better take good care of themselves and have physical examination regularly.

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Questions & Answers on Rabbit\s Fortune in 2020
Asked by Lucky wangyel from BHUTAN | Apr. 07, 2020 00:44Reply
What is lucky number for date of birth 26/3/1999?
Answers (3)
Answered by Sarah from FRANCE | Apr. 07, 2020 02:32

3, 4, 9
Answered by Bea Nguyen from USA | Jun. 06, 2020 16:58

What is lucky number for date of birth 01/03/1964 and what lucky colors
Answered by Leah from DENMARK | Jun. 07, 2020 18:31

1, 6, 7
Asked by lorena jacildo from PHILIPPINES | Feb. 08, 2020 16:50Reply
about my financial and carrer for this 2020 I was born december 10,1975
Answers (1)
Answered by Craig from DENMARK | Feb. 12, 2020 19:13

Generally speaking, there won't have many challenges in your career and wealth. You are suggested to work harder and keep the stable job. Then accumulate wealth step by step.
Asked by Beverly adriano from PHILIPPINES | Jan. 26, 2020 22:33Reply
Lucky date in opening a business
July 30 1999 year of the rabbit
I want to open a business when is my lucky date?
Answers (2)
Answered by Isabel from DENMARK | Feb. 01, 2020 22:25

Oh, each month has several lucky dates to open a business. Would you mind providing the rough time? Then I can find the exact auspicious dates for you. :)
Answered by Art from PHILIPPINES | Feb. 24, 2020 11:19

Im 21 I started a business last year October. My business started really good this January while in the middle of February sometimes sales aren’t good
Asked by A from UNITED KINGDOM | Jan. 02, 2020 16:11Reply
Born 28 November 1987 - what's the outlook for me in 2020?
Answers (1)
Answered by Carson from DENMARK | Jan. 02, 2020 17:49

Generally speaking, you will have a stable and harmonious year 2020. You can make some successes in career or business if you make great efforts. Then you need to spend more time with family members in order to keep the relaxed family atmosphere. If possible, you can have more physical exercises in daily life in order to keep fit.
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