2011 Chinese Zodiac - Metal Rabbit

Which type of Rabbit are people born in 2011 Chinese zodiac year?

2011 is the Chinese zodiac Rabbit year. According to Chinese Five Elements, the Rabbit people born in this year belong to the Metal Rabbit. Chinese people follows lunar calendar. In Gregorian calendar, this Metal Rabbit year starts from February 3, 2011 to January 22, 2012. People born from January 1 to February 2 in 2011 belong to the Metal Tiger year.

Lucky Signs for 2011 Metal Rabbit

 Lucky Numbers: 1, 8 

 Lucky Colors: green, yellow


2020 Horoscope for Metal Rabbit Born in 2011

The children born in 2011 will have a good fortune on study in 2020. They can easily remember what have learned in class, and do well in different activities. But they should finish their homework on time. They ought to develop a good value of money under the guidance of parents, and do not waste the pocket money on their own preferences.

They might have muscle aches at sometimes, but it doesn’t matter. They should eat more vegetables and fruits in addition to nutritionally balanced diet. Parents can take them to the hospital irregularly to ensure their healthy.

They live in a happy and harmonious family. But their behaviors may result in some minor conflicts in the family. So Rabbits are supposed to learn to be sensible and release the burden of parents. His or her happy life will make the whole family life better.

In 2020, they will make more new friends who may help them a lot in the future. And their parents are specially care about them. Their parents will be happier thanks to them. Besides, they begin to know more about people’s feeling and will be good at deal with relationships gradually.

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Personality Traits of the 2011 Chinese Zodiac Metal Rabbit

People with Chinese zodiac Rabbit born in 2011 is the symbol of meekness, kindness and liveliness. They are cheerful, enthusiastic and kind-hearted, so it is pleasant to stay with them and they certainly have many friends. They have a good temper, can tolerate others and are do not like quarrels.

However, their candor sometimes may hurt others. They are kind of vain, and sometime they may be impatient. They are resigned to the present state and do not want to make changes.

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The Metal Rabbit may experience ups and downs in career. Although it is easy for them to find a good job, they often feel that they can achieve nothing on it. And they may also encounter some snobs in their work field. It is suggested that make more friends with colleagues, and try their best to show their abilities to the leader.

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It is hard for them to make too much money from their job, and their ambition are also not strong enough. They are easily satisfied with their current situation. But they are smart in investment, they can always find business opportunities keenly. So they can make some profits from investment. In general, they can live an abundant life.


Love and Relationships

The Metal Rabbit may get to know the other half at first sight in business activities. After dating for several years, they can get married smoothly, living a happy marriage life and having lovely children. In general, there are no big problems between them and their lovers.

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Their health condition is also good enough. However, with change of the seasons, they should put on or take off clothes properly to avoid colds and fever. People with dyspepsia should pay more attention to diet and chew food carefully, which is beneficial to absorption of nutrition.

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