Rabbit - Best Jobs and Working Partners

People with Chinese zodiac Rabbit are gentle, kind and optimistic, who likes pursuing an ideal and free lifestyle instead of living a restrained life. They are serious in their work and their creative ideas can always make them feel at ease. But they have a poor practical ability which requires more efforts for them to succeed in their work field.


Suitable Occupations for Rabbit

Farmer, breeder, teacher, priest, pharmacist, police, judge and so on.


Best Job Fields for Rabbit

Jobs that require sharp sense of art

People with Chinese zodiac Rabbit have a sharp sense of art and a sensible life attitude. Works related to literature, fine arts, architecture, music and art are more suitable for them. And they are often able to show their talents and create their own achievements in these areas.

Jobs that require carefulness

Jobs that require carefulness and good observation ability are usually suitable for people born in the year of the Rabbit, such as consultor, business consultant, translator, quality inspector and so on.

Jobs that require social relationships

Innocent thoughts and satisfactory social relationships are also major advantages of people born in the year of the Rabbit in their work. Their social relations are very extensive: they make friends with people from all walks of life, from high-ranking officials and noble people to ordinary people. Therefore, some jobs that require social relationships, like expert in crisis communication, are also suitable for them.

In addition, they can also try to be a decision-maker. However, they must have a reliable friend to help them and give some wise strategies.


Jobs not Suitable for Rabbit

Generally speaking, people with Chinese zodiac Rabbit should avoid engaging in those jobs that are highly competitive and focus on interests only, such as politicians or businessmen. They are also not suitable to engage in heavy manual work, or a job which needs a long time of continuous concentration.

Working Partners for Rabbit

Best Working Partners

Dog, Pig & Sheep
As long as Rabbit cooperate with any one of them, it will helps their career a lot.

Good Working Partners

Tiger & Dragon
They have to work with the other two people in the same time to realize your own value.

Not Bad Working Partners

Rat, Ox, Snake, Horse, Monkey & Rooster
In this relationship, although the atmosphere is relatively harmonious, there is still a big gap to cooperate with.


How to Work Happily

Rabbit people are more willing to believe in themselves than in others. They are such a possessive person that always like using their influence and others’ support to achieve their goals. Therefore, it causes others to feel heavily pressured around them at any time.

To solve these problems, people with Chinese zodiac Rabbit need to learn how to share their ideas with others, and also need to listen to others' opinions in work. What’s more, before complaining about the pressure of work or ignorance of their abilities from the supervisors, find out the reasons from yourself first.

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Asked by Jamal nasir from PAKISTAN | Jun. 17, 2024 20:21Reply
My brith 4 April 1987 plese what is my luckey stone ? Job? Bisnesse
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Answered by Emily | Jun. 18, 2024 17:46

You are a Rabbit. Your love fortune is predicted to be good and may find your love. While it may not be a good year to do business.
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