1963 Chinese Zodiac - Water Rabbit

Which type of Rabbit are people born in 1963 Chinese Zodiac year?

According to Chinese zodiac, 1963 is the year of the Rabbit, and it belongs to the Water element based on Chinese Five Elements. So the people born in 1963 are the Water Rabbit.

As Chinese lunar calendar is different from western calendar. In Gregorian calendar, people born from January 25, 1963 to February 12, 1964 are the Water Rabbit, those who born from January 1 to January 24 in 1963 are Water Rat. 

Lucky Signs for 1963 Water Rabbit

 Lucky Numbers: 4, 9 

 Lucky Colors: white, golden yellow


2020 Horoscope for Water Rabbit Born in 1963

Rabbit people born in 1963 would want to make a change in 2020 as they may meet many good chances on work. Their work is quite smooth this year. They may get better job or be promoted. But remember do not break the law. Though they would be stressful and busy with work, take a rest and relax themselves after long time work.

If they want to make an investment, they’d better not follow others’ words but analyze calmly on their own and communicate more with experienced people, otherwise they may lose an amount of money. It is possible to get benefits in financial projects and restaurants investment. Besides, their welfare may be raised.

Married people are supposed to take care in this year for they are likely to meet a smart and pragmatic person who may influence the family. In this year, don’t worry about kids and grandchildren, they are able to redecorate their house or buy new furniture to make themselves feel better.

Avoid some gloomy places in 2020 to keep yourself in good health. In this year, pay attention to cold, hepatic and gall diseases, and diseases of respiratory system. 

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Personality Traits of the 1963 Chinese Zodiac Water Rabbit

People with Chinese zodiac Rabbit born in 1963 have a soft and gentle personality. They can adapt to different environments, and know how to fully express themselves. They are not easily fooled and can keep secrets well, so they are very reliable friends. They are always trying to be civilized and polite, even to their enemies, because they hate quarrels and fights.

However, they do not hold their principles tightly and are easy to be influenced. In addition, because of their casual characteristic, the Water Rabbits are passive in life. They pursue a pleasure and free life, refuse to do things with all their efforts and have no sense of urgency. And they like to rely on others. Once they lose the reliance, they feel depressed. So they should learn to be independent.

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Their career is going smoothly. As long as they can overcome their disadvantages, and show their strengths and advantages, they can easily win the favor of their superiors and get promoted. But also because of their success in the workplace, some snobs may envy them and do something bad behind their backs.

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People born in 1963 year of the Rabbit have a very good fortune luck in life. With the help of other people, they can choose the right investment projects, and obtain a considerable amount of wealth. However, be cautious when buying financial products and do not follow others blindly. What's more, they should know when to stop investing to avoid losses.


Love and Relationships

Their love are not going too well. They are likely to quarrel with their partners over trivial matters.  As long as the Water Rabbit are willing to tolerate the other half and don't make impulsive actions, the marriage life in the future is actually quite happy.

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Chinese zodiac Rabbit people have no big health problems in their life. When suffer from minor diseases, go to hospital in time and they will recover soon. Although they have a good healthy body, keep a healthy lifestyle to avoid possible diseases.

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Questions & Answers on 1963 Chinese Zodiac - Water Rabbit
Asked by ani from UNITED KINGDOM | Aug. 19, 2019 05:04Reply
I am a water Rabbit born in 1963.
Reading on the website “Because they are already 56 years old,
the career life for a office work has come to an end”. This is so true for me, that I have had to resign and give up my work that I love, enjoy and make so many people happy ( I look after and care for them during the day). I have been told that I don’t have the skill to do my job, yet this so wrong, all the people that I look after are happy and I changed and improved life of so many people! and my company does not see this. I have been demoted, asked to do a low rank job, Yes, I cannot use a computer, but this job can be done with hand written work, but they are being difficult, and they want to employ someone “educated” it’s been a long time there now nearly 20 years so I am looking for a change.
Now for future, I need to find another job either in the same field and more fulfilling or maybe my own business [ if you can suggest some fields, I am not educated but like looking after old people, young people with learning difficulties or cooking], I am now looking for prosperity, my current job was a job, will never be rich there.
What do you suggest that would be better for me that I should do.
And Also, I have some money, maybe should I invest on internet money products and stock market, so that return is higher than bank interest?
Answers (3)
Answered by Alice from POLAND | Aug. 22, 2019 00:35

You are advised to continue the current job or start own business in your familiar field. Sometimes, you don't need to care other people's opinions. You need to be yourself.
I admire you so much. Just follow your heart and do the things you really want to do. You will finally get successes. Good luck!
Answered by H2O bunny from USA | Jan. 04, 2020 11:10

Dont think you are not capable of learning new things. Im same age as you. Please look at local universities that offer some type of continuing education for adults. Have you checked with a local library where basic computer skills can be learned for free. Need for Working with special needs people is only growing with the baby boom population & millennials with kids. Dont under value your work experience. See if there is an employer who can fund your computer skills.
Answered by Don from USA | Feb. 01, 2020 19:29

I am a water rabbit with no "office job" bit still lookinh for an option at 56.
Just know this: After 50, when most people are thinking of retiring, they miss the most productive season of their life. My father earned 75% of his net worth after 60 yrs old and within a span of 2-3 short years. Never give up, I don't.
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