1987 Chinese Zodiac - Fire Rabbit

Which type of Rabbit are people born in 1987 Chinese zodiac year?

1987 is the year of the Rabbit with the Fire element based on Chinese zodiac and Five Elements. Therefore, people with Chinese zodiac Rabbit born in 1987 are the Fire Rabbit.

Chinese zodiac follows lunar calendar. Based on Gregorian calendar, people born from January 29, 1987 to February 16, 1988 are Fire Rabbit and those born from January 1 to January 28 in 1987 are the Fire Tiger.

Lucky Signs for 1987 Fire Rabbit

 Lucky Numbers: 0, 6 

 Lucky Colors: green, blue


2019 Horoscope for Fire Rabbit Born in 1987

People with Chinese zodiac Rabbit born in 1987 have a pretty good fortune in 2019.

The career fortune is relatively good this year. Their hard work will be rewarded well. All the efforts they make will bring gains. The Fire Rabbit will get help from others, but they cannot only rely on others. They should keep working hard to make progress. For entrepreneurs, the project development will be quite good. When encountering minor setbacks, follow professional advice and consider carefully before making a decision. At the same time, it is necessary to treat new projects with caution and not to act impulsively.

This year there will be a big change in the financial situation. Their hard work in the whole 2018 will be paid in 2019. Because of the excellent performance at work, the salary will be increased and the overall income will be greatly improved. However, they should avoid unnecessary consumption and do not trust the fine words of strangers, otherwise they may lose a lot of money. They should try their best to make savings, learn more about financial management and listen to the professional advice, which will also enrich the overall income.

They will also have a good luck in love and relationships. For single Fire Rabbit, their humorous and optimistic personality will leave a good first impression on the opposite sex. However, they should know the opposite sex well before starting a relationship. For married people, they should treat their lovers with more care, communicate with them more and make surprises sometimes.

The health luck for the Fire Rabbit is also very good. They will seldom get sick this year. But it is also necessary to develop healthy routines and good sanitation habits, quit smoking and drinking, and maintain a stable state of mind.

2020 Horoscope for Fire Rabbit Born in 1987

Rabbit people born in 1987 have a quite great fortune on career in 2020. They will be recognized by leaders and get a promotion, as they can come up with some creative ideas. They should remain neutral during arguments between different parties in their company. 

It is a year suitable to get married or have a baby for Rabbit people. Married ones ought to make a balance between their work and family. Care about the lover even though they are busy with work, so as to own a stable marriage.

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Personality Traits of the 1987 Chinese Zodiac Fire Rabbit

People born in 1987 year of the Rabbit are intelligent and skillful, and they can easily get succeed in every field. They have a good reputation among friends because they are broad-minded, tolerant and careful. Most of them have a unique vision and know how to make good use of their talents.

However, they often leave others a kind of arrogant impression because of their high aspirations and big desires. When they are in a bad mood, they often lose their temper and hurt others with words.

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For the Fire Rabbit, the career path is not very smooth. There may be some twists and turns. For them, the competition in the work place is fierce, and the pressure is great. But with the changes of environment and personnel, they may encounter some helpful people. Work hard and they can finally achieve success in their fields.

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The wealth fortune is not very stable. If the company's performance is poor, their financial fortune may also decline. Accidental injuries may result in loss of money, and belongings should be carefully kept when going to public places. Investment may bring some fortune for them, but they need to be cautious in investing.


Love and Relationships

Their love and relationship is relatively good. Singles often get to know their life partners through the introduction of their relatives and friends. Although they may be resist to blind date at first, but they will have a good feeling after getting in touch. Married people may seldom take part in housework and parent-child activities, which makes their partners feel sad. They should spend more time with their families to keep a harmonious marriage.

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They need to care about their body health. Due to pressure in the workplace, they may suffer insomnia and headache. When they feel heavily pressured at work, they must not drink to relieve, otherwise it will have a long-term malignant impact on their health. It is suggested to adjust the attitude to their work, and exercise or have a walk outside to drive off the negative attitude.

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