1952 Chinese Zodiac - Water Dragon

Which type of Dragon are people born in 1952 Chinese zodiac year?

According to Chinese zodiac, 1952 is the year of Chinese zodiac Dragon, and on the basis of Chinese Five Elements, the year of 1983 belongs to the Water element. So the people born in 1952 are the Water Dragon.

Chinese calendar is primarily a lunar calendar, according to which only people born from January 27, 1952 to February 13 in 1953 are the Water Dragon, and those born from January 1 to January 26 in 1952 are the previous Metal Rabbit.

Lucky Signs for 1952 Water Dragon

Lucky numbers: 4, 9

Lucky colors: white, golden

2020 Horoscope for Water Dragon Born in 1952

The overall horoscope of the Chinese zodiac people born in 1952 will be relatively good, but they need to pay special attention to their career.

In 2020, the career of the Water Dragon will not be very good, and they may encounter some troubles. They may be framed by colleagues who do not get along well with them. So they should keep distance with them and do not trust others easily. For dragon people who have retired from home, if they feel bored, they can try to run a sideline or help their children in their career.

The year of 2020 will be a bumper year for the Water Dragon. Because of their outstanding achievements before, retired Dragon people will have higher pension. In addition, there are some money comes from the filial piety of their children. They can also buy lottery tickets or make investments this year and will also get good returns.

The Water Dragon born in 1952 will have an excellent relationship with their family in 2020. Since they have retired at home, they have more time to get along with their spouse. It is suggested that they do something they like with their lover, so that their feeling will be further promoted. In addition, their relationship with their children is also good, and they always support what the children want to do.

In 2020, the 1952 Dragon people should pay more attention to their health. They should prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health problems and exercise every day. Moreover, they should be careful when going out, especially when crossing the road.

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Personality Traits of the 1952 Chinese Zodiac Water Dragon

The Water Dragon born in the year of 1952 are very positive and optimistic. Their attitude towards life can also influence people around them and leave a good impression on others. And they also like to make friends, so their popularity is generally good. In addition, they have great endurance and perseverance and can always accomplish things well. The Water Dragon also have strong physique and are full of energy.

However, people with Chinese zodiac Dragon born in 1952 are somewhat selfish in their life and always haggle over every ounce about their own interests. They are somewhat arrogant and unwilling to admit their mistakes actively. Moreover, they lack flexibility in doing things, and sometimes their words are offensive, which makes people feel really hurt.

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The Water Dragon's career is in good condition. Because the Dragon people are willing to support the younger generation, and they often give a hand to help the young, so they can be respected and loved by many young people.

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Starting from the old age, the wealth luck of the 1952 Dragon people began to get better and better. After all kinds of ups and downs in their wealth luck, they have become very mature. They have already learned how to save money and how to spend money, so they can accumulate a good sum of savings.

Love and Relationships

The love relationship between the 1952 Water Dragon and their spouse is relatively good. The Dragon people who retire at home have more time to get along with their lover. They should grasp the time and do something they like with their spouses, so that their feelings will be further improved. In addition, their relationship with their children is also good. As they get older, they will become more tolerant and less strict with their children.

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The Water Dragon has always been in good physical condition, and they do not often get sick. But as they get older, some geriatric diseases are inevitable. It is suggested that they go to the hospital regularly for physical examination and see a doctor in time when they feel unwell.

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