2000 Chinese Zodiac - Metal Dragon

Which type of Dragon are people born in 2000 Chinese zodiac year?

Dragon is the Chinese zodiac sign for the year of 2000 and Water is its element based on Chinese Five Elements. Therefore, people born in 2000 belong to the Metal Dragon.

As Chinese zodiac follows lunar calendar, in Gregorian calendar, people born from February 5, 2000 to January 23, 2001 are Metal Dragon; those born from January 1 to February 4 in 2000 belong to the Earth Rabbit.


Lucky Signs for 2000 Metal Dragon

 Lucky Numbers:  9, 12

 Lucky Colors: navy blue, silvery grey


2022 Horoscope for Metal Dragon Born in 2000

They have good career and financial fortune in 2022. They can break their past style of maintaining stability and make new attempts in career or study, which is of crucial significance to their future development. For Dragon people born in 2000, they have just graduated from college, and most of them are doing internships. As long as they are down-to-earth and hardworking, the future will be bright. The work is stressful, while they don't have enough experience, so it's easy for them to meet difficulties or make mistakes. They are suggested to be more modest and rigorous at work, seek advice from superiors or senior colleagues, and learn and sum up experience with an open mind. In getting along with others, they need to keep alert, and do not trust others too much, otherwise it is easy to be cheated. Those who are still in school should cherish their time to master professional knowledge, which will be beneficial for them to continue their postgraduate studies or enter the workplace.

In terms of love and relationship, the Dragon ladies are expected to find their lovers, but they are about to graduate and may face the test of different places or breaking up. The boys are indecisive about their relationship and better to focus on their careers.

In terms of health, pay attention to the risk of falling from a height this year. Don't engage in high-risk outdoor activities. Attention should be paid to food. Avoid eating spicy food, so as not to cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

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Personality Traits of the 2000 Chinese Zodiac Metal Dragon

People with Chinese zodiac Dragon born in 2000 are forthright, kind-hearted, brave, filial, generous and good at financial management. They have strong enterprise, great ambition and many constructive and creative ideas.

However, the Meatal Dragon have a strong desire to show themselves, which may bring dislikes from people around. Therefore, they should learn to respect others and express themselves moderately. Another word to describe them is “changeable”; their emotion changes quickly and they often change their minds, making it hard for other people to get their points.

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People born with Chinese zodiac Dragon in 2000 may suffer from some setbacks in their career. Their career life may undergo big changes. It is suggested that they should withstand the pressure from work and try hard to make achievements. In addition, the Metal Dragon born in 2000 like to work independently, but they need to learn to cooperate with others. In this way, they can make solid foundation to their future career.

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Their income is not very stable. When they have a good fortune, they will make considerable fortune. But it is possible for them to lose money. It is necessary for them to learn some finical management knowledge. At the beginning of investing, do not invest too much.


Love and Relationships

The love fortune in their life is relatively good. People they like always respond to them. Once the love relationship is confirmed, they will spend all their energy to hold it. But they may quarrel with their spouses after marriage. They should learn to tolerate their partner to make their life happier and happier.

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Their health fortune is not bad. There is no big problem in the body condition. But they are easy to get hurt while exercising. Therefore, it is suggested to avoid dangerous exercises.

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