Year of the Dragon

China Zodiac Animal - Dragon Dragon is the fifth in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac signs. The Years of the Dragon include 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024...

Chinese Dragon is de facto an imaginary animal, also the only fictitious creature in the 12 zodiac animals, which is composed of 9 animals, including the body of a snake, the horns of a deer, the head of an ox, the mouth of a crocodile, the claws of an eagle, and the scales of a fish. The Dragon enjoys a very high reputation in Chinese culture and it represents auspiciousness and imperial power since ancient times.

Chinese people regard themselves as descendants of the Chinese dragon and emperors entitled themselves exclusively as the 'dragon'. It is the token of authority, dignity, honor, success, luck, and capacity

Earthly Branch of Birth Year: Chen
Wu Xing (The Five Elements): Tu (Earth)
Yin Yang: Yang

Years of the Dragon
According to the Chinese lunar calendar, your birthdates may differ from that of the Gregorian calendar.

To make sure you find out the right Chinese zodiac, just check the chart below or directly use the tool of “Find Your Chinese Zodiac” to learn about your real Chinese zodiac sign and elements.
Dragon Year Start End Element
1928 Feb.23,1928 Feb.9,1929 Earth
1940 Feb.9,1940 Jan.26,1941 Metal
1952 Jan.27,1952 Feb.13,1953 Water
1964 Feb.13,1964 Feb.1,1965 Wood
1976 Jan.31,1976 Feb.17,1977 Fire
1988 Feb.17,1988 Feb.5,1989 Earth
2000 Feb.5,2000 Jan.23,2001 Metal
2012 Jan.23,2012 Feb.9,2013 Water
2024 Feb.10,2024 Jan.25,2025 Wood
2036 Jan.28,2036 Feb.14,2037 Fire
Lucky Signs for People Born in Dragon Year
Lucky Numbers and Colors of Dragon Lucky Flowers and Directions of Dragon

Lucky Things for Dragons:

Lucky Numbers: 1, 7, 6 Lucky Colors: gold, silver, hoary Lucky Flowers: bleeding heart vine, larkspur, hyacinth Lucky Directions: west, north, northwest

Things Should be Avoided:

Unlucky Numbers: 9, 8, 3 Unlucky Colors: red, green, purple, black Unlucky Direction: southeast
Personality:  Dragons are confident, resolute, strong, and proud
Most people born in the Year of the Dragon are full of fighting spirit and strength. They are charismatic, attracting a lot of followers and their talented leadership skills naturally convince every subordinate. The Dragons may look indifferent, however, they actually are chivalrous and always think of others.

But the Dragon’s pride may bring prejudice, and it is also a little hard for them to have the force of will to follow through. If they want to achieve excellence and get great success, then honing the willpower is indispensable.
  • Strengths: Determined, ambitious, independent, energetic, sincere, and enjoy great popularity among friends.
  • Weaknesses: Easily give up, little willpower, and unwilling to admit mistakes.
  • Dragon Men: Dragon men have high self-esteem and always forge ahead. As one of the best leaders ever, Dragon men prone to be energetic, motivated, and skillful at work and they love to set dramatic and ambitious goals and then lead the team to complete them. They are also faithful and generous to friends and lovers, seldom flirting with others. However, they need more courage to face failures and challenges.
  • Dragon Women: Dragon women are typical feminists. They think women can perform as well as men, and even do better. Besides. They have a clear plan about their future and will be determined to fight for it. In life, women with Chinese zodiac Dragon sign prefer simple and comfortable clothing to fashionable styles. At work, they tend to be career-oriented and creative.
  • Personality by Five Elements: Which Type of 'Dragon' Are You?
    The Chinese zodiac Dragon sign is decided by the birth dates which also decide your types of Five Elements, and your personality traits will be affected by the Five Elements, too. See the chart below to learn about your types and characteristics.
Types Years of Birth Personality Traits
Wood Dragon 1904, 1964 Taciturn, hardworking, talented, loving challenges but not fond of the limelight.
Fire Dragon 1916, 1976 Tact, good at seizing opportunities, with high adaptability.
Earth Dragon 1928, 1988 Ambitious, smart, caring, and hardworking, but tend to give up halfway.
Metal Dragon 1940, 2000 Frank and sincere, moody, having creative ideas but lacking practice.
Water Dragon 1952, 2012 Far-sighted, decisive, persistent, humorous, but a little stubborn.

  • Dragon’s Personality by Blood Types
    • Blood Type O: Compared to the Dragon with other blood types, they are bolder and more decisive, also very sympathetic. They will offer timely help to friends in need. They also lead a fulfilling life, having broad interests in art, music and literature.
    • Blood Type A: Dragon people with blood type A are mild with stable emotion, and hardly make enemies. They also have a keen eye to observe the surroundings. However, they don’t like adventures and love a peaceful life.
    • Blood Type B: They are active and straightforward, and the humor sense always makes them popular among friends and colleagues. But it is noted that sometimes they may vent the anger to the loved families when being under pressure
    • Blood Type AB: These people are the most independent ones among all the Dragons. They love nature and travel far to enjoy various landscapes. The born sensitivity to art and beauty make them outstanding romantics.
Love Compatibility of the Dragon
Your love compatibility can be predicted by the Chinese zodiac sign. Inputting your names and birthdates, you can quickly test if you have high love compatibility with your present lover.
  • Best Matches: Rooster, Rat, Monkey
    The Dragon and the Rooster have common values, thus it is easy for them to lead a happy life. The Dragons are good at making money but have no idea managing money, however, the Rats are the best financial experts. The Dragons are also easily attracted by enthusiastic, cheerful, and intelligent Monkeys.  
  • Bad Matches: Ox, Sheep, Dog
    The Dragon lack trust with these three zodiacs and different characteristics of them may lead to disagreements over trifles. Love will gradually fade away in the increasing complaints.
    Dragon''s Compatibility with 12 Zodiac Animals
  • How to Get along with Dragons

When getting along with the Dragons, showing respect is very important, especially in a love relationship. If they feel less respected, then the quarrels may occur. The second rule is that always remember to praise the Dragons when they do something and make an achievement. It is essential for them to get the recognition from the partners. Appreciate their work and they will be very happy. At last, resist the urge to control your partner. The Dragons dislike being controlled by others, even their loved ones.     

Jobs & Careers for Dragons
  • Best Jobs: Salesman, cashier, financier, pharmacist, electrician, priest, designer, politician, and soldier...
The Dragons not only look reliable and earnest but also are eloquent, which makes them become a successful salesman and get some achievements in financial jobs. Meanwhile, they hold the responsibility for their work and have a strong work ethic, suitable for jobs like a pharmacist or an electrician. The Dragons are also sensitive in aesthetic terms, so they can perform well to be a designer or a photographer. They can also be qualified for jobs of the politician and the soldier due to the sense of justice.
Health & Fitness Advice
People born in the Year of the Dragon look healthy and they do have a strong body. They seldom fall ill, however, if they get ill, they may face some serious diseases. And it may take a longer time to recover. Compared to physical health, the Dragons should pay more attention to mental health. Most of them are sensitive and easily overwhelmed by chores. Thus it is advised to avoid being nervous and exhausted. What’s more, be careful about insomnia caused by neurasthenia.

In short, for the Dragons, a balanced diet, adequate sleep are very important to stay away from illnesses. Take it easy and don’t always be so nervous in life. Also, remember to take some time to exercise to maintain your body in good condition. The outdoor activities to explore nature are helpful, too.
Dragon's Fortune in 2022
Entering 2022, life for people born in the Year of the Dragon is smoother and happier than in the previous years. Especially in business and career, they are blessed with a clear mind and organized manner, which helps them fully show their talents. There might be chances of promotion, house purchase, house repair, and business travel. Dragon people can actively adapt to the changes according to their ability. Beware of evil stars impacting on interpersonal relationships. Pay special attention to the health status of the senior people in the family.
Dragon Fortune in 2022
  • Career: They have good relations with leaders and are recognized for their work ability, but still have difficulties in getting promoted. Wait patiently to accumulate and pave the way for the future.
  • Wealth: Their financial luck keep stable. Work hard and they can earn a good income. Be cautious about high-risk investments and choose cooperative partners carefully.
  • Relationships: Single people find it difficult to meet their loved ones, while married people should be more rational and considerate to avoid quarrels.
  • Education: The academic fortune of young Dragon people is not satisfactory, and their grades fluctuate greatly. They need to adjust their mentality and actively make a study plan.
  • Health: Watch out for minor health problems this year. Pay attention to a balanced diet, reasonable arrangement of work time, and keep enough sleep.
Famous People: Dragon Zodiac Eminent Personalities
Martin Luther King Jr. (Civil Rights Activist): January 15, 1929, Earth Dragon
John Lennon (Musician and Beatle): October 9, 1940, Metal Dragon
Bruce Lee (Martial Artist and Actor): November 27, 1940, Metal Dragon
Vladimir Putin (Russian President): October 7, 1952, Water Dragon
Stephen Curry (Basketball Superstar): March 14, 1988, Earth Dragon
Adele (Singer-songwriter): May 5, 1988, Earth Dragon
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Questions & Answers on Year of the Dragon
Asked by David from USA | May. 13, 2022 18:35Reply
It there any compatibility here
My name is David I'm a dragon born 10 19 52.
Female Lori is a rat born 2/7/60

Any future here with this woman
Answers (1)
Answered by a | May. 19, 2022 00:54

up to you. A relationship take two hands to clap.
Asked by Shep from CANADA | Feb. 02, 2022 02:31Reply
My boyfriend is a wood dragon (Jan. 27, 1965) and I’m a metal ox (Jan. 15, 1962).
How are we still together after 14 years? Our Chinese Horoscope says that we are incompatible and that our relationship should be avoided at all costs.
Answers (2)
Answered by Ryder | Feb. 04, 2022 03:42

because your zodiac is only a reminder of when you were born not who you are okay if you believe you can do something you can do it and i am 9 and a water dragon.
Answered by a | May. 19, 2022 00:53

just do whatever you want . nobody will stop you.
Asked by Alison from USA | Sep. 12, 2021 02:10Reply
Wood dragon,Jan 17, 1965, female and male sheep/goat oct 16, 1979 are we compatible?
My boyfriend and I have a considerable age gap.
We met while we were camping due to housing displacement ( moving and Covid).
Now we camp from town to town. It has been really stressful and we have had plenty of nasty arguments.
Sadly he almost sleepwalks and has temper issues directed at me. He claims he doesn’t remember anything. His words and actions hurt me.
He is a good person otherwise though seems to think he’s an empath. I think we all are!
I’m calm until he crosses lines then I just run.
Is this a compatible union wood dragon Jan 17, 1965 and Sheep/goat Oct 16, 1979? Or should o pack it in and move on? This has been a 3 month union so far this year (2021).
Answers (5)
Answered by Ben | Sep. 28, 2021 11:05

Break up, and find someone around your age. Totally incompatible, short term suffers better than a lifetime. Not mean to be together, quickly pack it and move on.
Answered by Ben | Sep. 28, 2021 12:47

I am saying Zodiac's compatible not mean to be together.
You should also talk to him about this issues.
Answered by Earl | Jan. 19, 2022 22:33

Being a male Dragon (January, 19,1953 I can only say to you ditch that one there is something much better on the line and down the pike for you. No need to have someone else push your buttons when you know how to push your own. Much love and light sent your way and prayers that you listen to your inter self.
Answered by jeff | Jan. 20, 2022 15:54

From a Dragon to another Dragon: Sweetie, get out of this relationship now! I know your understanding and patience is telling you to stay in this, but he's no good for you. And if you stay with him, you will live the rest of your life in regret. You are above and beyond this. You are a DRAGON. Understand you can't save the world. Surely you can not save him. If you're unhappy now? What makes you think that this will ever make you happy? Life is short...remember that...
Answered by Ryder | Feb. 04, 2022 03:35

i am 9 and i am a water dragon but even i know that instead of running you should talk to him and see if you can help or you can see why he is angry and just because the zodiac you and him have are not compatible does not mean you and him are not compatible because you decide what you want to do and nobody controls you.
Asked by Maan from PHILIPPINES | May. 07, 2021 21:06Reply
careers, wealth and relationship
Hello, I just resigned from my previous work last march. I would like to know, if I'm going to have a job this year.If yes, is it a better job or not?Up to now Im still jobless and is applying for a new job. I am not sure if I can find one I would also like to know if im lucky in wealth and love this year. Thank you.
Answers (1)
Answered by Skyler | May. 10, 2021 00:41

Dear, you should have more patience. The prediction shows that you will have chances to find a stable and nice job this year. During this period of time, you should improve personal abilities and in this way you will pass the interview as soon as possible.
Asked by JoJo from UNITED STATES | Apr. 15, 2021 14:57Reply
What's wrong with me?
I am a female Dragon (1988) and I have been single for most of my life. The longest relationship I had was about 2.5 years with a very abusive man before the age of 17. After that, I never had anybody last past the 1st date or a couple of text messages here and there. Will I ever find love? if so when? or should I stop looking for something that was never there, to begin with?
Answers (4)
Answered by Kaitlyn | Apr. 19, 2021 00:58

You should have more confidence. You desever better person. The true love would be found in the second half of the year. You should have more patience. Or on weekends, you can join in more parties to make more friends.
Answered by Alex | May. 26, 2021 04:39

Also, it's very important how you show yourself like. Try to avoid wearing revealing clothes because this kind of dressing attract men that don't take women serious. If you want something serious, don't show yourself in a suggestive way, in stead wear something more elegant or classy. What you wear dictates a lot the kind of men that will approach to you.

Good luck.
Answered by JoJo | Jun. 10, 2021 15:38

where did clothing come from? I grew up in a very conservative household. Never in my life have I ever dressed trashy.
Answered by Abe | Aug. 24, 2021 18:36

Sure you will but you have to focus on yourself first. It sound like you have some self-esteem problems. Improve your life little by little. Everything else will come along. Please don’t be naive and date me. With the same characteristics of your ask mates.
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