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Chinese zodiac, or Shengxiao in Chinese, consists of 12 animals, each of which symbolizes a lunar year. It is calculated on a 12-years cycle according to lunar calendar. The 12 Chinese horoscope animals are rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. The zodiac is an important part of Chinese traditional culture and 12 animals are popular images that are seen everywhere. Brief Intro: Chinese Zodiac
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Questions & Answers on Chinese Zodiac Photos
Asked by marj from PHILIPPINES | Feb. 12, 2019 22:57Reply
Am I compatible in a man whose birthday is may 2, 1991 and me is on Aug. 2, 1996?
Answers (1)
Answered by Justin from CANADA | Feb. 14, 2019 17:50

Hi, your love compatibility is not very stable and some times it can be very good but some times it is not very matched. So maybe more efforts need to be made. Good luck!
Asked by manju bhargavi from INDIA | Jan. 14, 2019 09:08Reply
My daughters date of birth is 30/05/1991 when she will get married
now I am looking for matches but she is not getting any match
Answers (1)
Answered by James from NEW ZEALAND | Jan. 16, 2019 17:04

Hi, don't worry too much since this year is very suitable for people with sign of sheep to develop love life. Although there is no marriage indication, it has great possibility for her to find her soulmate this year. Best wishes!
Asked by Ade from NIGERIA | Dec. 16, 2018 13:47Reply
I was born 27/05/1980, I av intention of living abroad n am confused either there will be fortune in
my travelling when I take the step in 2019. Will I be successful? And which country is best for me? Thanks
Answers (1)
Answered by Jennifer from USA | Dec. 23, 2018 17:21

Hi, I'm sorry but it seems that you don't have a very good luck in 2019 so maybe you can achieve your dream of living abroad in other years. There is no clear clue to indicate which city is more recommended and you can choose one according to your interests and economy condition.
Asked by Jade from PHILIPPINES | Nov. 28, 2018 07:41Reply
Hi I’m Jade born december 29, 1999 and i am a rabbit.
I just want to know if i am destined to have a partner because I am NBSB
Answers (1)
Answered by Claire from NEW ZEALAND | Nov. 29, 2018 18:36

Hi, don't worry too much, you will have a great chance to meet a well-matched partner in social activities in the next year. However, you need to be more confident and active. Good luck!
Asked by Ashlin from NEW ZEALAND | Sep. 25, 2018 17:49Reply
My daughters date of birth is 10/01/1993 and his partners date of birth 17/06/1988
They have been on and off relationship. Can you please advise if there is any future or marriage in future?

Thanks Ashlin
Answers (1)
Answered by Jessica from CANADA | Sep. 26, 2018 18:46

Hi, according to the Chinese Zodiac, they are complementary in many aspects and can be come good partners in daily life. However, the future is not changeless and there are so many possibilities between two people. They need to follow their hearts and decide carefully about the future and marriage.
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