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Rank in 12 Zodiacs: No. 9

Overall Luck:

In 2023, people with Chinese zodiac Dragon sign would experience some rain and wind. In career, they may be obstructed by some of their competitors, which requires them to be cautious and work more intensively to achieve their goals. Do not expect a big progress. Also, do not dream of becoming rich this year and their salary could only support their daily needs, rather than luxury life. Their love fortune is not ideal. The singles should sharpen their eyes and stay away from material boys or girls; the married ones are advised to do something to improve intimacy between them and their partner. In addition to physical health, they also need to pay attention to their mental health. When feeling angry, learn to control the temper well. 

Dragon Fortune in 2023


Not be favored by certain leader or supervisor; be cautious of tricks from competitors

According to Dragon horoscope in 2023, they may not be favored by their certain leader or supervisor and feel uneasy in the workplace. Do not care about it very much. The more important thing is to complete the tasks on time perfectly. In spare time, learn more professional knowledge rather than waste time flattering that leader or supervisor.  

Another thing may annoy people born in the year of the Dragon is that their competitors may make troubles to obstruct them. To ensure the smooth advancement of their work tasks, they’d better not trust the colleagues 100%, and keep new customers and business partners a secret before the contract is signed. Although the process may not be easy, the result would turn out to be good and they could hand over a beautiful work report at the end of the year. 

It is not a very lucky year for businessmen and they’d better make thorough investigations before opening up a new branch or investing at a large sale.


Average wealth luck; live within their means

The Dragon fortune in 2023 shows their fortune in wealth is plain. In other words, the possibility for them to make a big amount of money from sideline or through investment is low. One reason is that someone may make tricks on what they would be doing and lead to direct economic losses. The other reason is that they could not win support from their families or friends. Fighting alone for sure is not as competitive as mass efforts. 

But it’s not difficult for them to make a small amount using their intelligence and wisdom and their salary would be steady and reliable to support their daily needs. Just change the bad habits of unplanned consumption and cut the expenditure according to income, so as to make both ends meet. Otherwise, they would burden themselves with heavy financial pressure. 

Love and Relationships

Not a lucky year for the singles; the married should do something to increase intimacy in the marriage 

Dragon horoscope in 2023 reminds their luck in love is some worrying. Singles may have special feelings on some opposite sexes, who are very likely to be gold diggers, and cause financial losses to people with Dragon sign of Chinese zodiac or involve them in complicated relations. For those married, discord may arise between them and their partner and the affection on each other may be gradually replaced by divergences in daily trivial matters. Even worse, some married Dragon people may betray their lover, causing fierce conflicts and even divorce. To maintain a happy and steady marriage, they are advised to be more patient and tolerant to their lover in daily life and arrange some activities to enhance affection and increase intimacy in marriage. It’s not a bad year for those being dating to get married. In Chinese astrology, wedding ceremony helps decrease the influence of misfortune in other aspects. 


Be care of stomach upsets; keep a good mood

Because of work, they may have dinners with business partners or workmates more often, during which they are very possible to drink alcohol. In addition, they may not eat on time when working wholly heartedly. As a result, they may suffer stomach upsets. But they can be avoided if they eat regularly and healthily and have enough rest. 

This year, they’d better make more efforts to keep a peaceful mind, as the Dragon fortune prediction in 2023 reminds that they would be easily affected by others and become angry, which is not good for health. Also, do not drive a car when in bad mood or after drinking alcohol.

Luck Prediction for Dragons Born in Different Years

• Born in 2012: It is very possible for them to make a progress in study, because they could understand their teachers and acquire the knowledge more easily. But the health fortune is poor. Keep a healthy diet and do exercise often, which would help improve the physical status.
• Born in 2000: In term of career, it would be a lucky year for them to fight for a bright future. As for students, it may be a busy year; even though, have enough rest in order to keep healthy. The possibility for them to find their Mr. or Mrs. Right is low this year.
• Born in 1988: In 2023, they may be hesitant in making decisions on important life events, and even feel uneasy and pressured. If so, consult elders. They’d better also do something to relieve the pressure so as to keep healthy. 
• Born in 1976: Their career may not develop smoothly because of disputes with workmates or tricks of competitors. To maintain a happy marriage, do something to improve intimacy with their partner.
• Born in 1964: Be careful of thieves and then they could live a care-free life on their stable income. For health, they should be more careful of potential dangers and keep a good mood. 
• Born in 1952: This year, they would have time and money to make trips and develop their hobbies. Mind the wording because it is predicted that they may offend someone unintentionally and cause conflicts. Also, watch out for scams targeting on elders.
• Born in 1940: It is not a lucky year to make an investment as they are very likely to fall into scams. In addition, if lending money to others this year, it may not be paid back. In term of health, be cautious of respiratory diseases.

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Questions & Answers on Dragon\s Horoscope in 2023
Asked by SC from CANADA | Mar. 29, 2023 09:40Reply
Financial Challenge
Dragon - May 8, 1976
Will my financial situation be progressing this 2023?
What business is suitable for me?
Just wanted to have confirmation before I start or proceed with another source of income.
Asked by BK from MY | Jan. 15, 2023 21:34Reply
5 June Dragon 1988
Hi, I want to know is it a good time for me to change job this year? If so, when would be the best time for me to look out? Currently I'm having challenges in my work and that is making me stress and giving up.
Answers (2)
Answered by Daisy | Jan. 16, 2023 17:17

It is not a good year to change the job. If insist, you may look out in February, May and October. Actually, you may seek advice from experienced family members or workmates, in order to relieve the stress of the work. In spare time, learn more to improve yourself.
Answered by Suk Sunlang | Feb. 26, 2023 02:51

Thank you for your answer,
This year 2023 , my work is good? If I stay working? Or I should change? Any problem at my work?
Asked by Maan from PHILIPPINES | May. 29, 2022 21:00Reply
Career for 2022
Hi, I am a dragon born on May 14, 1988. I am planning to resign from my current work and apply to my dream company which happens to be hiring for a position that I think fits to my experience but I am worried if I will be able to make it this time.. I applied to them a year ago but didn't make it. If I try to apply this time, do you think I can get the job?Please, help me enlighten what to do. Thank you..
Answers (2)
Answered by J | May. 30, 2022 22:01

Don't resign until you have the job.
Answered by Maan | Jun. 27, 2022 22:36

Do you think I will be hired from positions I am applying for? Our last day in work will be on July 15.
Asked by Qi from USA | Oct. 21, 2021 12:50Reply
Got job offer. Ok to change jobs? Female born 11/05/1964 at 19:00 in Vietnam,
Would like to know if it is a good idea this month to accept job offer (writing position) from a new company. (I have been writing for a few years.)
Answers (1)
Answered by Joshua | Oct. 25, 2021 10:56

It's ok for you to change jobs. Actually you have enough abilities and welcomed personalities. You can adapt the new work environment soon. Please have more confidence.
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