Dragon - Fortune in 2022

Dragon Fortune in 2022

Rank in 12 Zodiacs

Rank in 12 Zodiacs: No. 6

Overall Luck:

The year of 2022 is mixed with both good and bad fortunes for people with Chinese zodiac Dragon sign. Their financial situation is stable. As long as they are willing to work hard in their career, their financial fortune will rise steadily. Under the guidance of some distinguished people, Dragon people can get a lot of useful information, and manage their money well, and finally harvest unexpected profits.

Their relationships will be mediocre in 2022, which could hinder their career development. Try to avoid arguing with colleagues at work. In addition, there might be unlucky stars that affect the health of them or the elderly in their family. Pay special attention to travel safety, and do regular physical examinations, so as to be prepared for a possible crisis.

Dragon Fortune in 2022


Ability recognized, but less promotion chances, focus on relationships at work

People born in the Year of the Dragon are always aggressive and pioneering. In 2022, they have favorable fortune in career and keep a good relationship with some deputy leaders in the legal operation department, however it is hard for them to grasp the chances in their career development. Due to the ups and downs at work last year, they missed a lot of opportunities. This year, they can restart again to firm up their confidence and make work plans at the beginning of the year.

There are not many career opportunities for office workers. Although they have a closer relationship with their leaders, they would not get any practical benefits. They are unlikely to be promoted, but fortunately there would be no big problems. For people in business, there are some opportunities. They can get along well with some leaders, but it is still difficult to achieve big development. They can only pave the way for the future.


Average wealth luck, steady income from work, no extra profit

According to the Dragon fortune prediction in 2022, their luck in wealth is acceptable this year, mainly on income from normal work, not from investment or speculation. For common office workers, there won’t be a great financial success. They need to be down-to-earth and work hard. Those who strive harder would of course get more financial rewards. People who are engaged in creation and literature have more inspirations this year, and their works may become popular one day and bring them profits. For businessmen, the financial fortune is ordinary and stable, and there won’t be a lot of profit or loss. In 2022, it is not advisable to participate in the investment of high risk. Be cautious of investment to wood and garden projects. 

Love and Relationships

Little luck in love, active to create opportunities, more care and respect

Dragon people have little luck in romance in 2022. They may meet some candidates but it is hard for them to fall in love. They can focus on improving their work and income in the first half of the year. Start to be active in dating in the year end, and there would be a greater chance of success. There are some chances for single Dragon guys, but they need to spend a lot of money to advance the relationship. Females, on the other hand, need to take the initiative to create opportunities for men they are interested in, rather than passively waiting, otherwise they may miss their Mr. Right. People who are in a relationship or married should have a good attitude towards their partner. Respect each other's opinions and be more considerate. 


Possible unpredictable injury, regular medical check-ups needed

The Dragon fortune in 2022 is not ideal in terms of health. They are easy to get hurt. It is better to be careful in daily life and avoid stirring up troubles. Women and the senior people should pay special attention to regular medical check-ups and seek treatment in time if there is any problem. For children born in the Year of the Dragon, it is not advisable to play with cats or dogs this year, especially unfamiliar pets, so as not to cause unpredictable injuries. The elderly need to be alert to the interest traps, and not greedy for petty gains, so as not to get in trouble or hurt. For dragon drivers, it is not recommended to go to the mountains or forests often.

Luck Prediction for Dragons Born in Different Years

Age: 10

This year, children born in 2012 would face some stress in study. It is hard for them to find a good method in learning, and the parents need to encourage them in proper ways. Don't put too much pressure on them or they would lose confidence and motivation. The Dragon kids tend to spend more money without a plan, which requires the parents’ attention. In terms of health, try to avoid playing with unfamiliar cats or dogs and avoid playing in dangerous wild mountains, so as to prevent unpredictable injuries.
Age: 22

People born in 2000 with Dragon sign of Chinese zodiac will have some financial luck in 2022. They can gain some benefits through their diligence and intelligence, but don't be too greedy or they might be cheated. In terms of career, they can maintain a good relationship with their leaders, but it is difficult to get promoted. Both men and women would have opportunities for love and romance, but they need to strive hard and spend more money, otherwise it is difficult to improve the relationship. Remember not to stir up troubles or conflicts with others, which can easily cause injury.
Age: 34

Dragon people born in 1988 would have some opportunities to make money in 2022, but be careful and not to be greedy, or they may get caught in the trap of big returns. They need to work hard, and then there will be a good harvest. In terms of love and relationship, they are popular with opposite sex, but need to be willing to spend money, otherwise it is difficult to have a stable relationship. In terms of health, do not participate in outdoor adventures, or go to the mountains and forests. Don’t provoke conflicts with others to avoid being hurt.
Age: 46

In 2022, the Dragon people born in 1976 may have difficulties in career development and be prone to high spending, which may be related to the cost of some qualification certificates. At the same time, their financial luck is also unfavorable. This is not a good year to engage in risky investments. It is suggested that they should be conservative and work hard so that they can still get some benefits. Keep a clear head and know how to make decisions at work. Don't be too concerned about temporary gains and losses, or they may lose career opportunities. In terms of health, do not take part in dangerous activities in the wild.
Age: 58

This year, those born in the Year of the Dragon in 1964 have a poor financial fortune, with relatively high spending. Don't blindly pursue profits from various investments, or it is easy to be cheated. There are not good career opportunities. They can only maintain a good relationship with some leaders, but it is difficult to make a breakthrough in their career. In terms of physical health, do not engage in dangerous activities in the wild mountains and forests, and avoid stirring up conflicts that could cause unpredictable injuries. 
Age: 70

People born in 1952 don’t have many career opportunities in 2022, and are likely to have some pressure and constraints. There might be some chances of making money, but there are more pitfalls. The senior people had better not trust strangers to blindly pursue profits from investments. They should reduce all kinds of financial behaviors to avoid being cheated. In terms of physical health, stay out of trouble and do not go to the wilderness to avoid unpredictable injuries.
Age: 82

Most people born in the Years of the Dragon have a rebellious attitude toward old age. Born in 1940, the octogenarian Dragon people are still interested in new things around them. This year, they live a stable life and enjoy a happy mood. If they are physically fit, they can join interest groups organized by the local community to study and play together with friends and neighbors of similar age. In terms of health, they should be more aware of possible hand and foot injuries and avoid going out alone. When going up and down the stairs, it is better to be accompanied by other family members, so as to avoid accidental falling.

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Questions & Answers on Dragon\s Fortune in 2022
Asked by Maan from PHILIPPINES | May. 29, 2022 21:00Reply
Career for 2022
Hi, I am a dragon born on May 14, 1988. I am planning to resign from my current work and apply to my dream company which happens to be hiring for a position that I think fits to my experience but I am worried if I will be able to make it this time.. I applied to them a year ago but didn't make it. If I try to apply this time, do you think I can get the job?Please, help me enlighten what to do. Thank you..
Answers (2)
Answered by J | May. 30, 2022 22:01

Don't resign until you have the job.
Answered by Maan | Jun. 27, 2022 22:36

Do you think I will be hired from positions I am applying for? Our last day in work will be on July 15.
Asked by Qi from USA | Oct. 21, 2021 12:50Reply
Got job offer. Ok to change jobs? Female born 11/05/1964 at 19:00 in Vietnam,
Would like to know if it is a good idea this month to accept job offer (writing position) from a new company. (I have been writing for a few years.)
Answers (1)
Answered by Joshua | Oct. 25, 2021 10:56

It's ok for you to change jobs. Actually you have enough abilities and welcomed personalities. You can adapt the new work environment soon. Please have more confidence.
Asked by Jason from INDIA | May. 13, 2021 06:58Reply
Metal Dog male and Fire Dragon female
We are married and the relationship has been tumultous. How to make it improve?
Answers (1)
Answered by Elijah | May. 17, 2021 01:08

When meeting difficulties, you two should solve them together. In daily life, you should have more social activities with your partner.
Asked by Sofie from PHILIPPINES | Apr. 07, 2021 14:56Reply
Hi! Virgo 1988. I'd like to know if there's a chance for me to have a better luck at my work.
I am in Sales Industry and been struggling for months now. Thank you
Answers (1)
Answered by Kennedy | Apr. 19, 2021 01:58

Don't worry. The prediction shows that the situation would change into a better stage in the second half of the year.
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