Dragon - Fortune in 2019 & 2020

Dragon Fortune in 2019

Rank in 12 Zodiacs

Fortune in 2019

Rank in 12 Zodiacs: No. 7

Overall Luck:

People with Chinese zodiac dragon are indicated to have a neutral fortune based on the Dragon horoscope in 2019.

They might not accumulate much wealth for severe competitions in work and for being involved in the debts of their friends. Their interpersonal relationships are not so good for their stubbornness. And the Year of Pig is not suitable for them to do investments.

However, they will be  love aspects. Young people are likely to start a romance if taking the initiative. Try to avoid drinking much alcohol and be cautious on financial safety.

Dragon Fortune in 2019


Suffer tricks by mean colleagues, be rational

People with dragon of Chinese zodiac seem to have a gloomy fortune in career aspect according to the luck prediction in 2019. They might not have a good performance in their work. Except many competitions from rivals, some mean colleagues may play a trick on them. They may be trapped in many conflicts and be isolated by small groups. So they may suffer a loss in developing opportunities, working performance and position promotion. Facing with these troubles, they are advised to be rational and prudent so as to protect their profits. 


Potential financial losses, avoid being stubborn

The Year of Pig seems to suggest a neutral fortune in wealth for people with Dragon sign of Chinese zodiac, based on the Dragon fortune in 2019. It might be inevitable for them to suffer some financial losses for certain reasons. They are recommended to keep a distance from unreliable friends and avoid being competitive or too stubborn. Keep hard working to gain more salaries or make some investments on catering industry, and their financial situation will turn better.

Love and Relationships

Huge chance to find true love, be active

The Dragon daily horoscope shows an incredibly nice fortune in love aspect. For males, they will have many chances to develop a relationship with the help of their friends. They are likely to meet someone who are possessive but appreciate them very much. As for females, they will be adored by the opposite sex, but it is recommended to them to make more hints to their pursuers in order to start a romance successfully.


Be alert on physical conditions, do outdoor activities

Following the zodiac horoscope in 2019, they might suffer a bad fortune in health condition. They should keep an eye on their body conditions and do regular physical examinations in ordinary life. It is not suggested to go to the bar or other entertainment places. Drinking as little alcohol as possible is good for their health. Try to avoid having conflicts with others in case they get injuries. Stay away from humid places and do more outdoor activities.

Luck Prediction for Dragons Born in Different Years

Age: 7

For the Dragon born in 2012, they are very considerate and care about others a lot. Therefore, in 2019, they will receive love from the elders in their family and their peers. But they may do a bad job in school. They need to adjust their state of mind and remind themselves to focus in class. Also, take good care of your body to avoid illness in 2019.
Age: 19

Young people born in 2000 are at a good age of pursuing advanced studies, indicated by fortune prediction in 2019. They have a nice fortune in learning aspect. It doesn’t take much effort for them to accept new knowledge or learn a new discipline. Ideal grades can be gained as long as they keep diligent and hardworking. Besides, more energy can be spent on interpersonal relationship so as to make more friends. Remember to keep a healthy lifestyle and do exercise regularly.
Age: 31

The Year of the Pig is a pretty crucial year for people born in 1988, suggested by the Dragon fortune prediction. Their career will be very cheerful. They are likely to attract their bosses’ attention for their excellent competence and be entrusted with high position. So they are advised to do their work with great enthusiasm for what they have done at present will pave the way for a bright future. However, they are not good enough in health condition. Remember to take care of themselves and keep a balance between work and rest. 
Age: 43

It is worthwhile for Dragon people born in 1976 to expect the year of 2019. They might welcome the peak of their career in this year. Not only huge achievements can be made but also high position of vice president of the company might be gained. However, they are recommended to keep modest to protect themselves from being tricked by jealous people. As for love, some contradictories might break out between couples. Males are reminded to be loyal to their mates. Though having made a huge fortune, they also have higher expenses so try to live an economical life.
Age: 55

The Year of the Pig may witness ups and downs of people born in 1964. There might be a big change on their mental conditions, so try to have a frank communication with reliable friends when feeling depressed or ask psychologists for help. They won’t have a heavy financial burden at this age. In family life, they will have a stable and plain relationship with their lovers. Try to keep a good mood and be moderate every day.
Age: 67

According to the Dragon horoscope in 2019, people born in 1952 will have a neutral and plain time in the Year of the Pig. At this age, special attention should be definitely paid to physical conditions for their bad condition in health aspect. Remember to do physical examinations regularly. Once feeling uncomfortable, please visit the doctor as soon as possible. With the improvement of medical level, it is too early for them to declare that they are old. Keep a regular lifestyle and have a moderate mind so as to enjoy the beauty of life.

Dragon Fortune in 2020

Rank in 12 Zodiacs

Fortune in 2020

Rank in 12 Zodiacs: No. 2

Overall Luck:

People born in the year of Chinse zodiac Dragon have a good fortune in 2020.

When comes to career, they will have a pretty good performance in their work, especially those who participate in marketing activities. The consequent wealth luck is also on the rise. Their love and relationship are steady but there may be breakthroughs when they try hard to make them happen.

In addition, they should be more careful about their physical health, preventing the harm of gastrointestinal disorder and accidental injuries.

Dragon Fortune in 2020


More promotion opportunities; possible conflicts with female colleagues or clients

Under the guidance of Dragon fortune prediction in 2020, Dragon people will have a pretty good performance in their work; especially for those who participate in marketing activities, promotion is more likely to happen to them. However, good luck is not all over the ground; frequent social engagements will make them tired. Male Dragons should be cautious to female colleagues or female clients to prevent disharmony of family life.


Make more profits; invest carefully 

In 2020, it is relatively easy for people who born with Chinese zodiac Dragon to enjoy the fortune of getting steady benefits from business cooperation, marketing scheming, water conservancy project, catering project, financial programs, and hardware industry. Their talent can bring them more opportunities and wealth. But they should look before the leap when making investments; being conservative is a good safeguard to the wealth.

Love and Relationships

Should be more initiative; full of chances

Although the luck with the opposite sex is not good according to the horoscope of Dragon Fortune Prediction in 2020, they may be appreciated by approachable and intelligent partner after finding the one in their lives. People prefer to make girlfriends with a female Dragon in 2020, but they also need to take the initiative finding the right one rather than be passive and wait all the time.


More mental pressure; possible gastrointestinal discomfort

People with the Dragon sign of Chinese zodiac should pay more attention to their health condition on ground that they are more likely to be troubled by gastrointestinal disorder in 2020. The pressure they face should be reduced properly to the minimum. Besides, the dark damp environment should be avoided and the sharp metal appliance should be placed safely, refraining from accidental injuries. 

Luck Prediction for Dragons Born in Different Years

Age: 8

Learning is like rowing upstream, so people born in 2012 should stay focused on learning, otherwise they may fall behind. Advice for parents is to broaden the life path of their Dragon children. Living with snacks will cause some discomforts like obesity and nutritional imbalance so that developing a habit of a balanced diet is important in this stage.
Age: 20

According to the Dragon horoscope in 2020, teenagers born in 2000 will face learning stress and disturbs from the outside world, which will be a distraction to their study fortune. Parents should create a good learning environment and communicate with children frequently to understand the inner world of the child. Addicted to cold food or food not clean may result in gastrointestinal problems. 
Age: 32

They will go through a relatively hard time in the workplace. Although they have been working for a long time, the experience accumulated before are not always working. They should be on guard when the business is related to a large sum of money. The late-arrived love might have a happy ending this year. They should take precautions against cold and cough, and reduce the times of eating outside.
Age: 44

The imagination and creativity of people who born in 1976 will burst out in 2020, which can bring them more opportunities and also more pressure when putting those ideas into practice, making them in the condition of nervousness in most cases. The health fortune is also not so good, people who work with the sharp metal appliances or people who are drivers should be aware of the hidden dangers in particular. Donation and teeth-cleaning can avert the unlucky happening.
Age: 56

People born in 1964 are not advised to invest risky project based on the Dragon Fortune Prediction in 2020, instead they should purchase some items that will increase in value. Avoid bickering in daily life. There will be ailments like cold and cough once a while so they should develop the habit of doing more workout to improve the immunity and prevent unexpected illness.
Age: 68

The Dragon Fortune Prediction in 2020 indicates that people born in 1950 are going to have difficulty with human relations, and they are more likely to be influenced by the negative emotion during the work. They career fortune is not good because of some nuisances. In addition, they should keep an eye on people with vile character who can make tricky issues for them. They begin to know the truth of love: the tacit understanding without words. The advice to keep a good health condition is to do more exercise outdoor.
Age: 80

The most challenge for those who are born in 1940 might be the passing away of their lover. There is no big fluctuation in their wealth. Their attention could be inclined to help the competent persons in the younger generation if they are too boring. Although there are no serious disease, rainy or cloudy day can also cause physical discomforts, be careful. 

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Questions & Answers on Dragon\s Fortune in 2019 & 2020
Asked by Veeru Juneja from INDIA | Oct. 16, 2019 00:17Reply
Hi, I was born in 1976. From last 6 months I don't have job.
From last three years, I am facing the issue. My job leaves after 6 and 7 month in the month of March and April. Can you let me know when I will get a good job in continuity and will be in gud career.
Answers (2)
Answered by Alva from GERMANY | Oct. 17, 2019 00:13

It is predicted that your career situation would change into a better stage in 2020. There may have several golden chances. Before that, you should make full use of time to learn more skills and improve personalities. This will help you gain more job opportunities next year.
Answered by M from SINGAPORE | Nov. 04, 2019 08:03

Find A job and stick to it..
Asked by Star from IRAN | Sep. 15, 2019 16:23Reply
Can you please let me know if i choose a good major and can be a top university student?
I was born in 2000.
Answers (1)
Answered by Nathan from CAMEROON | Sep. 17, 2019 00:31

First of all, you need to figure out which major you are interested in. Then you can listen to other people's suggestions, which maybe including the prospects of the majors. Just make the decisions carefully.
Asked by C from SINGAPORE | Sep. 11, 2019 01:35Reply
Can I success with my recent interview?
I'm dragon born in June 1976. I have been invited to attend an online interview with one of the famous aviation company recently. Can I success with my interview? Any prediction that I can hear good news for my job hunt in September 2019? Thank you.
Answers (1)
Answered by Mason from AUSTRALIA | Sep. 17, 2019 00:37

According to the prediction, you would have a high possibility to find an appropriate job. You actually have enough abilities to pass the interview. Thus don't worry. If not, you should still keep a positive attitude towards this thing.
Asked by Karen from INDIA | Aug. 12, 2019 09:55Reply
I'm born on 24 /7/1976 @ 7:35 pm in India . Will I find a new soulmate?
I'm going through separation now. Will I be successful in starting a new business and what kind of business would suit me
Answers (1)
Answered by Brooklyn from POLAND | Aug. 12, 2019 20:20

It is advised to keep the positive attitude towards life. Nowadays, you should focus on the career first. And then you will find true love unconsciously. Generally speaking, you need to do a business related to the familiar fields.
Asked by L from INDIA | Jul. 29, 2019 11:12Reply
How much money i will earn in future and i will get a good job??
18/sep/2000 dragon
Answers (1)
Answered by Betty from AUSTRALIA | Aug. 01, 2019 20:05

Hi, L, you are young and of course you would have many chances to have a bright future. You should make full use of time to learn more things and kills. In this way, you will find the job easily. Don't worry.
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