Dragon - Best Jobs and Working Partners

People with Chinese zodiac Dragon are more likely to choose jobs that can show their creativity and elaborative faculty. The dragon people prefer to participate in activities at the spiritual level such as art, political and academic activities; for instance, it is bound to make some achievements if they work on literature works beyond the realities. And it is not suitable for them to engage in rigid jobs that only rely on manual labor because of their active minds.

Best Occupations for Dragon

The Dragon people have an excellent ability in language, and it is better for them to become teachers or writers. With smart, active and talkative personality, they can hardly endure an unalterable life, so they are more suitable for some flexible occupations like journalists. And they are extremely intelligent and are born with leadership. Occupations like quality inspectors, cashier, financier, pharmacist, electrician, politician and priest are also suitable for them. But they should try to avoid some adverse effects caused by their hot temper.

Suitable Job Fields for Dragon


Journalism is the most suitable area for them because it can meet their needs of communicating with others and enjoying a changing life.

Architecture Field

Although they are lack of sense of cooperation, their abilities to observe things and make quick decisions are especially needed in the field of architecture. Architecture is an activity to make dream come true, and almost everyone can see their hope in the process of construction, which is the feeling the Dragon people need. And they are full of confidence to build nice buildings.

Teaching Works

As the Dragon people can meet the trend of the times best, so it is easier for them to get along with students and it is not easy to have generation gap.

Business Works

Additionally, they enjoy travelling very much and have a strong ability to communicate with others, therefore, jobs related to business such as salesman, investigator and extension worker are also suitable for them.

Working Partners for Dragon

Best Working Partners

Rat, Monkey & Rooster
As long as the Dragon people cooperate with any of them, it will help their careers a lot.

Good Working Partners

Tiger, Rabbit & Dragon
The Dragon have to work with the other two people in the same time to realize their own value.

Bad Working Partners:

Snake & Dog
It is easy for them to come into conflicts and disputes, especially economic disputes.

How to Work Happily

People with Chinese zodiac Dragon are an optimist, and always keep their words. Their earnest, self-confidence, strong will, tolerance, generosity and clever will help them a lot in their careers. But the lack of the sense of cooperation may become an obstacle on their way to be promoted. To get appreciation from their higher-ups, they should endeavor to be more considerate of others, and put forward practical and operable plans.

Also, most of them lack of patience, so it is easier for them to give up things in the halfway. To pursuit success in work, they need to be more patient.

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