1976 Chinese Zodiac - Fire Dragon

Which type of Dragon are people born in 1976 Chinese zodiac year?

In Chinese zodiac, 1976 is the year of the Dragon. And based on Chinese Five Elements, it is the Fire Dragon year. So people with Chinese zodiac Dragon born in 1976 are the Fire Dragon

As Chinese zodiac follows lunar calendar, the Fire Dragon year in Gregorian calendar lasts from January 31, 1976 to February 17, 1977. People who born from January 1 to January 30 in 1976 are the previous Chinese zodiac Wood Rabbit.


Lucky Signs for 1976 Fire Dragon

 Lucky Numbers: 6, 8

 Lucky Color: golden yellow


2019 Horoscope for Fire Dragon Born in 1976

In the year of the Pig, people with Chinses zodiac Dragon born in 1976 will have a good luck, especially in career and wealth.

In career, they may get promoted. For office worker, they greatly improve their working ability through self-study and training. These will be appreciated by the leaders. In addition, they get along well with colleagues. However, they must not be complacent. For entrepreneurs, their business will develop very smooth this year; take the management seriously, especially the inspection of new employees.

Their wealth fortune will also be very good due to the big achievements in career. There may be a substantial increase in wages. Adding performance pay and various bonuses, their income will increase a lot compared with previous years. It is also very suitable for investment this year. They can buy some products with moderate returns and lower risks. Do not be tempted by high-yield and high-risk products; otherwise they may lose a lot.

The love and relationship fortune in 2019 is not very smooth. With more frequent activities with friends, they can have a very colorful life after work. But at the same time, they may ignore their spouses, which will cause quarrels between them and their lovers. To get along well with their spouses, they need to accompany them more in the free time, communicate with each other regularly and try to understand each other.

Last but not least, their physical condition is not very good in the year of the Pig. Busy work makes their rest and diet very irregular. Their bodies are always in sub-healthy state, and often suffer from minor diseases. The first thing to do is to eat healthily. Don't eat heavy oil and salt food. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Secondly, do not stay up late. Go to bed early and get up early. Thirdly, exercise is also indispensable. Do more outdoor exercises to strengthen the body and improve resistance system.

2020 Horoscope for Fire Dragon Born in 1976

They will have a pretty good fortune in their workplace in 2020 because of the burst out of imagination and creativity, which can bring them opportunities that cannot be better. But they may also face high stress when putting those ideas into practice. There are higher risk for them to be hurt by dangers. Advice for those who need to work with sharp metal appliances or who are drivers is to be more careful in their work and be aware of the hidden dangers.

They will become popular among the opposite sexes. If you are still available, it is a great time to find the one in your life. The Dragon girls need to keep a clam mind in a love relationship, otherwise, it is more likely to be hurt.

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Personality Traits of the 1976 Chinese Zodiac Fire Dragon

People born in 1976 year of the Dragon are smart, honest and patient. They are gentle in manner, diligent in work, independent in life, and they have the enthusiasm and determination to do things well. They have outstanding working and management abilities and creative opinions, so they are born with leadership.

About the disadvantages, they always respond according to the situation. Therefore, they are not likely to stick to major matters of principle, which tends to leave people an unreliable impression. And they are not very good at dealing with social relationships.

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Their career rises steadily because of their hard work. They may become a leader with strong leadership one day. In the work field, they can easily get well with both supervisors and colleagues. They trust and cooperate with each other, help each other when facing difficulties, and the team atmosphere is very harmonious.

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The wealth fortune for the Fire Dragon is getting better and better. With the development of their career, they may get more salary and performance pay. And in their free time, they like to make some investment, which will also bring a considerable wealth for them. But they should not be too greedy, and the high-risk investment should be avoided. They should consult more professionals and listen to other people's suggestions before investing.


Love and Relationships

People with Chinese zodiac Dragon seldom take the initiative in love relationship. They may not know how to express their feelings bravely when love comes, so they may miss the one they like at young ages. After getting married, they are always stingy with their contributions, which easily leads to problems in their relationship with their spouses. In order to solve the problem, they need pay more for their daily costs and care more about their partners so that they can have a happy marriage.

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There are no big health problems through their lives. But they need to eat healthily and rest regularly no matter how busy the work is. Do more outdoor exercise to improve the resistance system.

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