1976 Chinese Zodiac - Fire Dragon

Which type of Dragon are people born in 1976 Chinese zodiac year?

In Chinese zodiac, 1976 is the year of the Dragon. And based on Chinese Five Elements, it is the Fire Dragon year. So people with Chinese zodiac Dragon born in 1976 are the Fire Dragon

As Chinese zodiac follows lunar calendar, the Fire Dragon year in Gregorian calendar lasts from January 31, 1976 to February 17, 1977. People who born from January 1 to January 30 in 1976 are the previous Chinese zodiac Wood Rabbit.


Lucky Signs for 1976 Fire Dragon

 Lucky Numbers: 6, 8

 Lucky Color: golden yellow

2021 Horoscope for Fire Dragon Born in 1976

In 2021, the Dragons will obviously feel that the tasks are heavy and their work efficiency is reduced. Many times they need to work overtime to complete the task. However, their hard work may not be well rewarded, leading them to bring bad emotions to work and further reduce work efficiency. For them, it is best to do their job well and not think too much about other things this year. Keep an optimistic attitude so that they can get their work back on track. 

Business people's income may be good this year based on Dragon fortune prediction in 2021 because they will face a less fierce competitive business environment. However, the living expenses will increase. Education expenses, mortgages, car loans and other expenses add up to a lot of money. As long as they do well in financial planning, they will not fall into a state of economic tension. Investment and financial management will bring less income than before.

Due to the busy work, they put too little into the family in this year. In addition, they do not know how to express themselves, which will cause dissatisfaction from their partners. In the face of their lovers' complaints, dragon people must give a positive explanation. If they do not do that, it will seriously affect family harmony and even cause divorce. For single Dragons, it is likely to to develop a romantic relationship as the love luck is poor in 2021. 

They have normal health luck in the year of 2021. Although there will be no serious diseases, the risk of accidents is still relatively large. When going out to play, Dragon people must take care of themselves and try not to play those projects with high risk factors, which will reduce the probability of accidents. Also pay attention to the diet and develop the habit of eating regularly. 

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Personality Traits of the 1976 Chinese Zodiac Fire Dragon

People born in 1976 year of the Dragon are smart, honest and patient. They are gentle in manner, diligent in work, independent in life, and they have the enthusiasm and determination to do things well. They have outstanding working and management abilities and creative opinions, so they are born with leadership.

About the disadvantages, they always respond according to the situation. Therefore, they are not likely to stick to major matters of principle, which tends to leave people an unreliable impression. And they are not very good at dealing with social relationships.

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Their career rises steadily because of their hard work. They may become a leader with strong leadership one day. In the work field, they can easily get well with both supervisors and colleagues. They trust and cooperate with each other, help each other when facing difficulties, and the team atmosphere is very harmonious.

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The wealth fortune for the Fire Dragon is getting better and better. With the development of their career, they may get more salary and performance pay. And in their free time, they like to make some investment, which will also bring a considerable wealth for them. But they should not be too greedy, and the high-risk investment should be avoided. They should consult more professionals and listen to other people's suggestions before investing.


Love and Relationships

People with Chinese zodiac Dragon seldom take the initiative in love relationship. They may not know how to express their feelings bravely when love comes, so they may miss the one they like at young ages. After getting married, they are always stingy with their contributions, which easily leads to problems in their relationship with their spouses. In order to solve the problem, they need pay more for their daily costs and care more about their partners so that they can have a happy marriage.

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There are no big health problems through their lives. But they need to eat healthily and rest regularly no matter how busy the work is. Do more outdoor exercise to improve the resistance system.

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Questions & Answers on 1976 Chinese Zodiac - Fire Dragon
Asked by Amy from UNITED STATES | Mar. 15, 2021 04:20Reply
Should i start looking
I'm thinking of dating now after a breakup but I'm not sure if it's time. Sincerely, Amy Dob May 15 1976
Answers (1)
Answered by Estelle | Mar. 22, 2021 02:29

It will be ok for you to start looking for the soul mate. Just be brave!
Asked by Simon from SINGAPORE | Mar. 10, 2021 04:18Reply
New job in 2021?
Fire dragon born on 23/5/1976. Been searching for a job since early 2020. When will I get a new job?
Answers (3)
Answered by Sebastian | Mar. 14, 2021 23:16

It's predicted that July, October and December are lucky months for you to find a job. You should make full use of time to learn more things in order to improve personal abilities.
Answered by Simon | Jun. 14, 2021 22:28

Sebastien, were you referring to July 2021 or lunar July 2021 (c.Aug 2021)? Or maybe you were referring to July, Oct and Dec 2025? Might as well include major caveats in all your answers so that you can preserve your credibility
Answered by Saeed | Jul. 17, 2021 20:10

You never find a job.
Create a job use your brain to make a new job.
Asked by Meagan Ann from UNITED STATES | Mar. 07, 2021 15:01Reply
Will I have good fortune?
Hi! I was born August 23, 1976 at 1:15pm iand I’m a fire Dragon.
Answers (2)
Answered by Andrew | Mar. 07, 2021 20:02

The prediction shows that the general situation would be much better than last year, especially in career and wealth. If you are still single, you would have a large chance to fall in love with someone. But you should pay attention to your health problem. Finding nice ways to release pressure.
Answered by Bernadette | Apr. 21, 2021 10:12

I was Born 12/15/76 my daughter was born Aug. 23 ,1994 she passed away 8/22/18 the day is very special to me
Asked by Val from ALBANIA | Jan. 14, 2021 05:33Reply
How can a fire dragon avoid the bad prediction of 2021
I was born in July 28, 1976. Any good prediction on love and career?
Answers (2)
Answered by Megan | Jan. 18, 2021 00:44

You can make full use of time to learn more things to improve personal abilities. In this way, you can make some breakthroughs and change the situation.
Answered by Saeed | Jul. 17, 2021 20:12

Dont risk and keep your money for next year
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