Dragon - Love Compatibility

People of the Dragon Chinese zodiac sign are usually in a passive situation, for they will not pursue others actively. They are generous, self-disciplined and honest which helps them win the hearts of others. They are seldom bothered by love affairs, for they would like to develop relationships naturally.

They get used to giving but are not demanding, they are also idealists in love. If they fail in love, they will live in the past for a long time. Therefore, most of them get married late and often have a smooth and harmonious married life.
Dragon''s Compatibility with 12 Zodiac Animals

Male Dragons in Love

Nervous, Sensitive, Responsible

Male born in the Year of the Dragon are quite nervous and anxious in a stable relationship, for they are afraid of behaving improperly. Although they are quite caring and considerate, they could become disgruntled because of their over sensitiveness. At times they cannot distinguish between their affection for lover and mother. They have high self-esteem and are unwilling to hurt others' feelings. If they meet any setbacks in a relationship, they will react emotionally. After getting married, they seem to be more isolated but will be responsible husbands.

Female Dragons in Love

Devoted, Prudent, Considerate

Once they fall in love with someone, they will take care to dress themselves specially to please the other. They will be entirely devoted in a relationship and show their feelings ardently. Of course they would like the other to give more love as a reward. It will take a long time for them to know other people and decide if those men can be their true love for the rest of life. Due to their prudent selection, their relationship can always go far. In marriage, they are willing to play the role of hardworking housewives.

How to get along with Dragons?

People with Chinese zodiac Dragon like to make friends with people with talents and sense of art. If people praise them, they will become quite satisfied. However, because of their brilliant wit; they can be a bit arrogant so people should not steal their thunder. They are born with leadership qualities and like to criticize others relentlessly. Their subordinates should not retort towards them, this would only lead to criticism with a vengeance. They are a bit narrow-minded so people should not offend them intentionally, for they will never forgive others easily. People in love with them should not try to bind them with marriage or children, for they will just walk away.

Love Compatibility in Marriage

According to Chinese zodiac compatibility rules, people born in the Year of the Dragon could get along well with Rooster, Rat, and Monkey people; a happy married life would be likely. However, people of Ox, Sheep, or Dog signs should be avoided when choosing a life partner.

 Perfect Matches
Rooster Both of them are independent and they can help each other in career endeavours. They are willing to strive hard to improve their financial status and will also gain an enviable relationship.
Rat They have a lot in common and know each other very well. No matter what happens, they can still trust and encourage each other. Marriage can make their life become more interesting.
Monkey They are romantic and are good at socializing at work. One is capable of giving protection to the other, and the other is good at managing their money and life. Their compatibility and cooperation leads to a happy ending.
 Complementary Matches
Tiger They can discover the charming points from the other and have no communication impediment. If these two get together, they will accomplish great things in their careers.
Snake They are the best partners both in career and life for both of them are willing to take responsibility. The understanding between them makes the relationship develop smoothly.
 Acceptable Matches
Rabbit They can get married, but one of them needs to make compromises and take responsibilities. They will live a better-off and peaceful life.
Horse They are quite well matched but they will also come across challenges. If they try to respect and trust each other, the relationship will be unbreakable.

 Intimate Friends
Pig They can be good partners in business and making money is their common interest. Both of them are a bit egotistical so they will not be lovers.
Dragon They may quarrel at times but will not stay angry for long. Soon they will forget it and fight side by side.

Ox They cannot work towards the same direction and both of them are unwilling to give in. Oxen are quite strict and that usually creates unnecessary squabbles.
Sheep They are quite different in personality, even in the opposite sex. They cannot appreciate the good points in each other and they may get married because of money but not love. The relationship cannot go far.
Dog They lack true heart and can hardly be frank with each other. They will not give all their affection to each other and both of them want to take a dominant position in marriage.

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Questions & Answers on Dragon\s Love Compatibility
Asked by Louis from PANAMA | Sep. 21, 2019 17:39Reply
Split in Feb. 2018 any chance of Any chance of reconciliation our relationship
Dragon male Oct.2. 1964 Rooster Female Jan.4.1958
Answers (1)
Answered by Emerson from UNITED KINGDOM | Sep. 23, 2019 23:35

In general, your love compatibility index is high. If you still love each other, you should try again. :)
Asked by Dragon lady from INDIA | Sep. 10, 2019 09:59Reply
Dragon and Dog - why can't they get along?
Hi, I would like to know what exactly is it that makes Dragon and Dog not see eye to eye.

I am female dragon. I am kind, considerate and focus on emotional intelligence when I communicate. Seems my Dog friend/ potential business partner finds reasons "out of thin air" to make me the enemy.

I am left trying to understand what I did wrong, even knowing I didn't, and even so I am the one who tries to salvage a friendship, so we can work together, but get no real answers. This person is simply full of anger, tries to control me and hates me, for no reason. He even asked me one day "Do you think that I hate you?" I was simply soooo confused, as I had never experienced this kind of behaviour before, especualoy since I hadn't done anything wrong. I am highly doubtful of doing business with this person now. The trust I once had seems to have waned. I was all for making it work, now I just feel disappointed by his bad behaviour!!!!!!

So now on this site I see that dog and dragon are not a good match. Im curious to know Why? What is it exactly? I'm sure anyone can get along-and be nice and kind- IF THEY REALLY WANT TO.

Dogs are supposed to be nice. What's it, according to Chinese Horoscope that makes them so ...not nice (to Dragons)?
Answers (3)
Answered by Samuel from NEW ZEALAND | Sep. 10, 2019 19:11

Maybe Dogs won’t expose true themselves in daily life. Strong self-protection always makes them criticize each other. Frequently conflicts will lead to cracked finally. Although you try to solve problems with patience and understanding, you still cannot figure out each other’s true ideas. This match doesn’t have enough positive faith in life and career.
Answered by Anita from MALAYSIA | Sep. 20, 2019 21:33

Im not sure exactly why. But i had a relationship with dog zodiac guy before and got couple of colleagues too. They always tried to blamed and pointed their fingers for 'mistakes' that i felt i didnt do and they didnt want to take any blames. They are bossy and it just something about them that so secret that any dragons will not like. I dont know..but me, as dragon lady suggest you not to start anything with them, not a relationship, not business or anything. Avoid them at any costs!
Answered by Lexi from CANADA | Dec. 12, 2019 20:58

I don't know how to give a straight answer, but I can give you a real senerio about my husband and his father.
My husband is a fire dragon and his father is a earth dog, ever since I've been with him I would notice that they would get along very well but when it come to business or let's say (husband mom) when the dog need to redirect their bad choice or flaws they WILL point the finger to anyone that they feel that would just take the blame and deal with it. So hopefully gives you a good answer to your question. Btw find a rabbit to work with. I'am a fire rabbit and my husband and I work very well together.
Asked by Caitlyn from USA | Mar. 30, 2019 02:16Reply
Hey in year of the dog and the guy I'm seeing is year of the dragon
And it says we are supposed to avoid each other but he also a cusp of libra and virgo I how ever am a bull well we never really argue we have discussed things but never gotten angry with one another we have a lot in common but also we teach each other things like different perspectives and open each other's minds to new things all the time we build each other up and we both have beautiful powerful minds and we make each other more powerful like I don't get everything on both zodiac and Chinese zodiac make sense except that we should avoid each other cus we are better when we are together if anything....so tell me that one huh?
Answers (6)
Answered by Amy from CANADA | Mar. 31, 2019 23:18

The zodiac compatibility is just a kind of reference and it doesn't suits everyone actually. Just follow your heart and the only factor to decide if you should be together is your own feelings rather than horoscopes. Try to be yourself and good luck!
Answered by nash from PHILIPPINES | Jul. 04, 2019 17:35

Bulls are so attracted to Virgo and so does he ... so zodiac is more infavor than chinese zodiac ...

at the end of the day, they were your guides it's up to you and your heart :)
Answered by Kalsang from NEPAL | Jul. 11, 2019 23:19

My sigh is Dragon n my boyfriend is dog we both love each other very much n we can feel the feeling of each other although we can know before do what he going to do n what he feels i can feel is but things is that we fight lot n more than that we love very much .11 years ago we're in relationship but feel afirad we no match than end there may be end
Answered by Angel from USA | Jul. 12, 2019 01:12

I was a Dragon married to a Dog and it ended in divorce. He was jealous of my career accomplishments. We had a child who is also a Dog and my relationship with my child has always been rocky. We just don’t see eye to eye.
Answered by Debbie from NEW ZEALAND | Jul. 31, 2019 01:28

I feel the same way,
I'm the dog & he the Dragon.
We love each other's company.
We don't argue either.
Answered by Chelle from USA | Jan. 02, 2020 18:48

I too was married to a dog and we are getting divorced. I’m an earth dragon and he is a water dog. We’ve been together ten years and we should never have fought to stay together like we did. He also was jealous of my career accomplishments, he would accuse me of cheating if I had to work late and even started accusing me of cheating with my two female al best friends.
Asked by Norkey from NEPAL | Jun. 23, 2018 23:08Reply
Ox fire fortune in 2018
I want to know about my fortune in 2018 what good things n Bad things may happend.. N any possibility for flying abroad
Answers (2)
Answered by Ice from USA | Jun. 25, 2018 02:06

On wealth, you may have a loss and even suffer health problems in respiratory systems, hearts and eyes. In international relationship, you may have conflicts with your lovers and friends However, you can get through these difficulties successfully at the end. You are advised to think twice before making decisions.
Answered by Steven P from NETHERLANDS | Aug. 20, 2018 03:59

It is all made up, there is no fortune. Do good, trust yourself and work hard for what you want.
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