Dragon - Luck Prediction by Month 2023

2023 is full of challenges and opportunities for people born in 2000, 1988 1976… and more years of the Dragon. 

The singles may fall in love and start dating in leap February and July; while the marriage of the married people may not be steady in April and October. In term of career, their lucky months are May, June, November and December, while in March and August they may not do a good job. For most people their income is closely related to their work, so their wealth fortune waves in accordance with their career horoscope, in spite of some additional income from stocks or other channels. Last but not least, they’d better care more about their health in leap February, June and December.
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Dragon Fortune in 2023

 Note: The Chinese zodiac horoscope prediction is according to the Chinese lunar calendar. The months shown below are lunar months, with Georgian dates marked (month/day/year).


(01/22/2023 – 02/19/2023)

In the first lunar month of 2023, the luck for people born in the year of the Dragon is neither bad nor good. In career, chances for advancement may be waiting for them ahead. Seize them positively and they would be closer to their goals. But they may feel pressured about the increasing work tasks. Find ways to improve the efficiency and the situation would be much better. The salary would be as usual, accompanied by a small amount of bonus. 

For singles, some charming opposite sexes may hang around them, aiming to attract their eyes. But being uncertain of their feelings, Dragon people may miss their Mr. or Mrs. Right this time. For the married, their life would be smooth in spite of some annoyances like washroom leaking.


(02/20/2023 – 03/21/2023)

According to Dragon’s 2023 luck prediction by month, their horoscope is at an average level in lunar February, without too many winds and rains. The good thing is that they intend to do more and talk less in workplace, which help them approach the goals gradually. When attending meetings, they would also be euphemistic to avoid the dissatisfactions from workmates. In term of wealth, it’s very likely they would spend a little more this month; but they could make both ends meet by the end of the month even after paying all daily bills. The singles are likely to stay available and the life for the married would be plain but satisfying.

Leap February

(03/22/2023 – 04/19/2023)

Coming to leap February, they would be blessed by more luck in many aspects compared with the previous two months. Their work tasks would be finished step by step without too many obstacles. In addition to monthly salary, it’s possible for them to earn a little from stocks or other legal investment. For singles, pursue their interested one actively and speak out their feelings bravely, then there is a great possibility for them to start dating. One bad signal is that their physical status may not be steady and they may experience some minor illnesses.


(04/20/2023 – 05/18/2023)

For people with Chinese zodiac Dragon sign, their fortune in career is poor in March of 2023. In one hand, their attitude towards work is prone to be negative; in the other hand, their work efficiency may be low. As a result, their performance would be poor, causing the dissatisfactions of their team members and supervisors. Adjust the status timely and treat the work sincerely, otherwise they may lose their job. Maybe they could ask for a short leave and make a trip, which could help adjust the mood and improve work efficiency thereafter. Luckily, their luck in other aspects would not be so bad and affect their life a lot.


(05/19/2023 – 06/17/2023)

This month, people born in the year of the Dragon would recognize their terrible work attitude and make a change, so their career fortune would be a little better. Be prepared that they may need to work overtime to finish the tasks left over from last month. Fortunately, they would be energetic and clear-minded, so they would not feel tired very much. However, busy with work, they may have less time to accompany their lover, which may make them feel being neglected. If affordable, send them some small gifts to keep the intimacy.


(06/18/2023 – 07/17/2023)

Dragon luck prediction in 2023 reminds that in lunar May their horoscope would make a big turn and go towards a good direction, especially the career horoscope. Their work tasks given previously would be completed successfully, which win them appreciation from leaders and abundant bonus. Also thanks to their good performance, they would then be entrusted with more important tasks. This month, they would have more time to enjoy life with their lover and their happy mood would make the family atmosphere harmonious. Do not invest a lot as their wealth luck is not at a high level.


(07/18/2023 – 08/15/2023)

It is another lucky month in the aspect of career for people born in Chinese zodiac Dragon year. The new work tasks would be done step by step without too many obstacles. But their fortune in health is somehow worrying. Do not eat too much cold food or greasy food which may cause stomach upset. In daily life, keep exercising to enhance immunity. It is also not a lucky year to make trips in term of safety. If have to, be careful of accidents because Dragon luck prediction in 2023 indicates that it is very likely they would get injured during trips in lunar June. Besides, pay attention to the body status of the family members, especially that of the elders.


(08/16/2023 – 09/14/2023)

Not blessed by much fortune in career this month, their performance in workplace would be at an average level. Even though, do not be negative and be responsible to finish their own tasks on time. Beyond that, their life would be happy. Their income would be reliable to cover the daily expenditure. The relationship with their partner and kids would be harmonious and they may make a trip together and create some life-long sweet memories. During the trip, take care of themselves and their families in case of non-acclimatization to the new place. The love fortune for the singles is not bad and it is very likely they would meet their soulmate and enter a new life stage.


(09/15/2023 – 10/14/2023)

Their career luck is still on a downtrend in August. Dragon’s luck in 2023 reminds that they may meet some troubles and obstacles secretly made by their competitors and even get involved into lawsuits. Be careful, especially when signing a contract. The poor performance in work would directly lead to the decreasing of salary, so they’d better live within their means this month. In addition, the pressure from work may make them in low spirits, which may influence their daily communication with their lover and people around. The bad mood would not be good for health, either.


(10/15/2023 – 11/12/2023)

Entering September, the situation would turn much better in many aspects. In career, they would get help from some powerful persons and overcome the troubles. The previous project being stopped “midway” will be advanced again. The salary would be recovered to the previous level. But still they’d better not spend money extravagantly. Although their career would develop smoothly this month, the singles would not show much interests to start a love relationship, but enjoy themselves after work. The physical status would be much better thanks to the relaxing mood.


(11/13/2023 – 12/12/2023)

The Chinese zodiac luck prediction tells that Dragon fortune in lunar October of 2023 is not bad, except the fortune in love and relationship. The misunderstandings may arise between them and their partner due to lack of communication, which even cause quarrels, sometimes over the education of kids and sometimes over some unimportant trivial matters. If the situation continues, their relationship may not be as intimate as before. Both of them and their partner are advised to be reasonable and discuss over the different opinions timely to avoid the misunderstandings and increasing contradictions.


(12/13/2023 – 01/10/2024)

In general, November is a lucky month for Dragon people. The work they would have been in charge of would be finished, bringing them prosperous bonus. In addition, their previous investment may also be harvested. After the previous tasks being finished, new tasks would be given to them, but they may find no way to start it at the very beginning. Consult experienced workmates or leaders to get some inspirations and the work would “go on the tracks” very soon. In the aspect of relationship, after self-examination, they would show more respect and understandings to their partner and would be willing to make more efforts together with their partner to make their life better.


(01/11/2024 – 02/09/2024)

Based on Dragon 2023 luck prediction by month, December is also their lucky month in many terms. They may be a little busy with the work, but not feel much pressured. The income would be high. In addition to salary, they would earn some from investment or other channels, supporting them and their family to live an abundant life. The horoscope in health is bad and they may suffer from minor illnesses caused by weather changes. But they could recover soon under the loving care of their partner or families. For health’s sake, they’d better exercise regularly to improve immunity. 

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Questions & Answers on Dragon\s Luck Prediction by Month 2023
Asked by Donna May M. Angeles from PHILIPPINES | Feb. 10, 2023 05:48Reply
Is April good for me to apply for work? I was born on july 9, 2000
Answers (1)
Answered by Frank | Feb. 12, 2023 19:41

Your luck in April is just so-so. But do not give up. Sometimes, it depends more on one's efforts.
Asked by Yu Mon from AUSTRALIA | Oct. 09, 2022 06:10Reply
Change job?
I was born in 5 Jan 1977, dragon year.
I have been working in this current company for almost 5 years now. I love working here and get along well with everyone. I do get promoted almost every two years. But I do not get much pay here. And I won't have much to climb the professional ladder in this company. Should I change job/company? I want to have more pay and advance my career.
Answers (1)
Answered by Rosie | Oct. 09, 2022 19:41

You'd better acquire more skills before changing the job/company. Good luck~
Asked by Aye from PHILIPPINES | Oct. 03, 2022 10:20Reply
Job Application
This week I'll have a final interview and I really want the job. Could you predict if I'll get the job? Appreciate your honest reading. Thank you.
Answers (1)
Answered by Dave | Oct. 09, 2022 19:44

According to the prediction, you will have good luck in career.
Asked by Ramie from PHILIPPINES | May. 26, 2021 01:35Reply
Job Interview
I received a call for a job interview last Monday, May 24, 2021 then yesterday was my interview..I just wanted to know, if you think I made it to pass the job interview. Is there a possibility that I will be hired or not?If not, is there a chance that I will get a job this year, if yes, what month? By the ways, I was a female born on May 14, 1988..Thank you and God bless.
Answers (1)
Answered by Julian | May. 30, 2021 18:54

Oh, Ramie, you still have chance to pass the interview. If not, don't be upset. August and October are full of chances for your career.
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