Dragon - Luck Prediction by Month 2024

According to Chinese zodiac luck prediction, people born in the year of the Dragon may be annoyed by more misfortune in 2024, their Ben Ming Nian (Zodiac Year of Birth). They should behave and talk more cautiously than usual, just to avoid making themselves more troubles. The lunar July may be a turning point, after which their fortune would turn a little better. The singles seeking for their true love may make more efforts in lunar August, October and November when the success rate is much higher. These three months are also their lucky months in other aspects, when they are likely to achieve more in career and wealth. 

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Dragon Fortune in 2024

 Note: The Chinese zodiac horoscope prediction is according to the Chinese lunar calendar. The months shown below are lunar months, with Georgian dates marked (month/day/year).


(02/10/2024 – 03/09/2024)

At the beginning of the Chinese New Year, the fortune for Dragon people is not good. They may meet some difficulties and problems in work and have conflicts with workmates. In addition to solving them on their own, they’d better try the best to win the support from leaders. As for wealth, don’t expect the “pie” to fall from the sky. The only reliable way to earn more this month is to work hard. When doing outdoor activities, be very cautious in case of getting injured. The singles may meet many competitors when pursuing their love; don’t give up and think out more ways to show their “shinning points”. 


(03/10/2024 – 04/08/2024)

Coming to the second lunar month, the fortune for people born in the year of the Dragon turns a little batter but is still at an average level as a whole. Keep a down-to-earth attitude and finish the work step by step. For businessmen, it’s not the good time to expand the business; instead, they should ensure enough cash flow and focus on maintaining the current market share. Those married should lay more emphasis on their family and spend less time having fun with others; otherwise their partner would feel being ignored and they two would not be that close. The health luck is relatively good and they would not suffer from serious physical discomforts.


(04/09/2024 – 05/07/2024)

According to Dragon luck prediction in 2024, it seems to be a peaceful month; but obstacles and setbacks may fall upon suddenly and require their prompt respond timely. Don’t go into panic but analyze the situation calmly before taking actions. This month, it’s very likely they would not make the ends meet. Being aware of this beforehand, they’d better adjust the expense to the income and cut down the bills on some unnecessary items. The singles should not only care about one’s appearance; otherwise they may be cheated and get hurt. Have enough rest and reduce the pressure timely, then their body status would be fine.


(05/08/2024 – 06/05/2024)

In lunar April, people born in Chinese zodiac Dragon year may encounter some dark moments. Failed to receive the recognition from leaders and feeling much pressured, the employees may want to quit the current job. But it’s not a lucky month do so. They’d better hold on and don’t do that until receiving a better job offer. The wealth luck is just so-so. To avoid running into debt, it’s necessary to cut down the expenditure according to their income. Do some preparations before doing sports, in case of getting injured. The love fortune is the worst among all. Conflicts may occur between the married and their partner; be more tolerant and try to solve them in a peaceful way. For those dating someone, their relationship may not develop smoothly; if they really feel unhappy, just end it and get ready to welcome a better one.  


(06/06/2024 – 07/05/2024)

Dragon’s luck in lunar May of 2024 is not very good, either. In term of career, be careful of tricks from competitors. Those planning to start doing business, make it another time as the new business may not go on smoothly this month; it’s more likely for them to achieve a good result with half the effort in lunar August, October and November. Don’t make large-scale investment or put all money in one basket, because they are not blessed by much luck in that. When in bad mood, they intend to lose temper to their partner or other family members; knowing this in advance, they should learn to control themselves and try harder to maintain harmonious family atmosphere.


(07/06/2024 – 08/03/2024)

They are also not blessed by much fortune in career this month. But don’t be upset and give up. Learn some lessons and accumulate experiences in dilemmas, which would make themselves better and help them a lot in career development in the future. For businessmen, conflicts may arise among their employees; solve them timely in case the daily operation of the business would be influenced and leaving bad impressions on customers. Adjust the clothes according to the weather, to avoid catching a cold. For those dating someone, the careless attitude of the other half may make the Dragon people feel hesitant and uneasy; have a deep talk to figure out the problems rather than making blind and random conjectures.


(08/04/2024 – 09/02/2024)

Entering July in Chinese lunar calendar, Dragon’s horoscope starts to turn better. Although problems still pop up every now and then, they could be able to solve them smoothly. Their bad luck in wealth would also come to an end and they should think about paying off the debt if there is any. For those suffering from physical problems, bear up and they would very likely to embrace a hopeful turning point. For those singles or divorced, let the past go, cheer up and get ready to start a sweet relationship soon.


(09/03/2024 – 10/02/2024)

Based on Chinese zodiac luck prediction, the lunar August can be a lucky month for those born in the year of the Dragon. They would have more opportunities to prove themselves, hence catch the eyes of leaders or bosses. Their wealth luck is also good, but be cautious when making investment and do not dream of making a big fortune overnight. The businessmen would have chances to cooperate with big enterprises, which help them earn much more in the future. In term of love relationship, it is advised that the singles attend more social activities, by which they may meet their Mr. or Mr. Right and enjoy life together since after.


(10/03/2024 – 10/31/2024)

Their luck is on a slightly downtrend in September. In work, challenges and opportunities coexist. They’d better know the attitude, position and interests of each workmate, so as to cooperate with them smoothly and avoid offending anyone unconsciously. The singles may meet their “crush”. But don’t be attracted by appearance only; they should know personalities and values of life are more important, which decides if they can get along well with them in the future. The married or those in love should communicate with the other half timely to avoid any misunderstandings. Their fortune in wealth is average. Make a consumption plan based on the income to maintain a balance, or even save some for hard times. Last but not least, pay more attention to personal safety and be cautious of poisonous animals when enjoying outdoor activities.


(11/01/2024 – 11/30/2024)

The 2024 luck prediction by month says October would be a happy month for Dragon people. They are very likely to do a great job in workplace and be rewarded with more income. This would also help them a lot in the future promotion. For businessmen, it’s the good time to carry out new plans or introduce new products to the market, hence make more profits. Their body would be in a quite good status. The married would enjoy the family life happily with their partner and children. For the singles, it’s possible for them to meet a charming girl or a handsome boy and start a romantic relationship.


(12/01/2024 – 12/30/2024)

They would not meet much misfortune, either, in November. Take the chances and work hard, and it would be easier for them to achieve their goals than usual, like a promotion, a higher wage or more profits for those self-employed. In addition, the money they lent to others would be returned and they may also gain additional income from part-time jobs or previous investment. Don’t be shy but brave, then the singles would earn the replies of their beloved one and harvest a romantic relationship. Their health and safety horoscope is good this month; just be careful when driving a car.


(12/31/2024 – 01/28/2025)

In the last lunar month, their fortune may not be as smooth as in previous several months. The personnel changes in their workplace may influence their working efficiency and bring them a lot of pressure. Adjust themselves timely to adopt to the changes. The wealth luck is also not steady. They’d better manage their money more carefully and don’t touch risky investment. As for love relationship, the singles may easily attract the eyes of many opposite sexes, but none of them are likely to be their true love. They’d better be more patient. The life of those married would be peaceful as a whole. They may suffer from headache; go to see a doctor in time to get cured in case it would develop into serious illnesses. 

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Questions & Answers on Dragon\s Luck Prediction by Month 2024
Asked by amman Vorra from INDIA | Nov. 30, 2023 21:28Reply
I am dragon born 1976 June
what is the chances for me to continue in my current JOB, Will there be a property in my current JOB or is there any possibility to switch job...?

Need to Know Since I am heavily pressured to get the investment in the current organization ....!! and investment isn't happening...in spite of speaking to lots of investors
Answers (1)
Answered by Hailey | Dec. 03, 2023 23:05

Generally speaking, the Year of Dragon will not be so smooth for you and you may need to face many challenges. However, some good chances may also happen. When they appear, you should be ready to capture it. Good luck to you!
Asked by David from USA | Sep. 14, 2023 15:58Reply
When is luck going to change for me?
My friend Rick born 7/13/1952 will luck come to me this year. Would November December be a prosperous month?
Answers (1)
Answered by Lisa | Sep. 14, 2023 20:42

Yes, November and December in Chinese lunar calendar are comparatively lucky month for those born in 1952.
Asked by Kelly Wong from SINGAPORE | Sep. 10, 2023 04:41Reply
Hi, I was born Feb 27, 1988. I'm planning to start a business with a friend in 2023. I would like know my financial stability and whether it's advisable to proceed with your business plans in 2023.
Answers (1)
Answered by Frank | Sep. 11, 2023 23:14

Generally speaking, this is not a very lucky year for you to start business, and it is more suggested to wait for some good opportunities. Good luck!
Asked by Kagome from CANADA | Jul. 11, 2023 19:35Reply
Work and Finances
Hi, I was born May 16, 1988. I should be returning to work on August 1st 2023 but I got a message that my role has been eliminated. I have no work or income for a long time and now it will be more longer. I'm having a hard time finding a job and would pay me more. Do I have any luck this 2023 and 2024 coming when it comes to job and finances?
Answers (1)
Answered by Mary | Jul. 11, 2023 20:51

Acccording to the zodiac predictions, your wealth luck in 2023 is just so-so, so spend money with a plan. Things will be a little better in 2024 as you are very likely to find a satisfying job.
Asked by Donna May M. Angeles from PHILIPPINES | Feb. 10, 2023 05:48Reply
Is April good for me to apply for work? I was born on july 9, 2000
Answers (1)
Answered by Frank | Feb. 12, 2023 19:41

Your luck in April is just so-so. But do not give up. Sometimes, it depends more on one's efforts.
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