Tai Sui

Tai Sui is short for Tai Sui God. According to Chinese astrology, there are altogether 60 Tai Sui, and they are in charge of humans’ fortune in turn once every 60 years. In that year, the on-duty Tai Sui, also named Liu Nian Tai Sui, is regarded as the guardian God for everything, including one’s health, wealth, career and marriage. 

Every person has his/her own God of Taisui, which is called the person’s Ben Ming Tai Sui. This can influence the person’s whole life in various fields.

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Tai Sui 2021

Name: General Yangxin
Direction: Northeast
Zodiac Offending Tai Sui: Dragon, Horse, Sheep, Dog 

What is Fan Tai Sui?

Fan Tai Sui refers to offending the God of Tai Sui. If you are not very smooth at work, having a bad relationship, or suffering from poor physical condition, it may be because you are in the condition of Fan Tai Sui. You might have made some offense to the God, and they refuses to bless you and condemn you with misfortunes. 

Generally speaking, Fan Tai Sui is usually seen in two aspects: one in time aspect named Zodiac Fan Tai Sui, the other in space aspect called Feng Shui Fan Tai Sui.

Zodiac Fan Tai Sui 

Zodiac Fan Tai Sui is that one’s Chinese zodiac conflicts with the Liu Nian Tai Sui. In this case, even if you have not done anything offending Taisui, you may not be blessed. 

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Feng Shui Fan Tai Sui

If the place where you sleep or work does not meet Liu Nian Tai Sui’s requirements or hamper the path of their work execution, it is Feng Shui Fan Tai Sui. 

For instance, if the Liu Nian Tai Sui is located in northwest so the opposite southeast affronts him. To avert the misfortune, it is not advisable to do constructing works in both of the directions. The door, bedroom, the head of bed, office and the table should avoid to be placed in the two orientations. 

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How to avoid Fan Tai Sui


Pray Tai Sui (Bai Tai Sui)

You can either go to Taisui temple to pay respects to the God or worship this guardian angel at home. Before doing it, please take a bath and put on clean clothes, and do not have meat and wines the preceding night.

 When to Pray Tai Sui 

One should pray Taisui in the beginning of a Chinese new year. The best date is January 8 in Chinese lunar calendar. Those dates before January 15 are also fine. 

 How to Pray Tai Sui 

If visiting a temple, you should prepare a package that containing a paper with your name and date of birth on it, to let the Tai Sui know which people should be blessed. Next, you should kowtow to all the 60 Gods, then the Liu Nian Tai Sui, and your Ben Ming Tai Sui at last. Finally, burn the package.

If praying at home, you can set a neat table with six kinds of fruits, Buddhist food and joss sticks, candles and a paper package with your name and date of birth; paste a piece of red paper with the name and birth date of the Tai Sui on the wall behind the table; kneel down and pray piously. When the sticks and candles burn till half, you can incinerate the paper package inside a basin in front.

Wearing Tai Sui Amulet

You can wear lucky amulets to change the situation of offending Taisui. The best Tai Sui amulet is Pi Xiu. In Chinese mythology, Pi Xiu is a fierce creature looking like an offwhite lion with dragon head, horse body and unicorn feet. Normally Pi Xiu amulet is made of jade or gold, and you can wear it for the purpose of money drawing and bad luck eliminating. It also helps you pursue good fortune and avoid disasters.  

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