Ben Ming Nian (Zodiac Year of Birth)

What and when is Ben Ming Nian?

One's zodiac year of birth, also called Ben Ming Nian in Chinese, refers to years sharing the same Chinese zodiac sign with one's birth year. 12 animal years are regarded as a cycle in Chinese lunar calendar, so every 12 years, people will encounter their Ben Ming Nian. In other words, when people are at the ages of 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72 and even 84, they are actually experiencing their zodiac year of birth. One person may go through seven to eight zodiac years in a life time.

It is an unlucky year.

In folklore, it is a very popular superstition that people's zodiac year of birth is really unlucky, so it is also called Threshold Years, which means a year with a lot of obstacles in life. Why is Ben Ming Nian considered ominous? It is said that starting from the Chinese New Year of one's year of birth, people will offend 'Tai Sui', a mysterious power or celestial body that could control people's fortune. Impacted by this power, people will suffer either exultation or misery during that year.

What does Ben Ming Nian brings to people?

Generally speaking, there are just more and greater changes in the birth year than in other years, and people are likely to suffer misfortune and adversity such as disease, financial loss, extramarital affairs and disputes with others. However, Ben Ming Nian is not always ominous, for people are also offered challenges and opportunities. If they can take advantage of them, they will make great accomplishments. A change to one's fate to ensure the predomination of good fortune requires both efforts and a firm belief.

Notices for zodiac year of birth

To cope with the big rise and fall in one's Ben Ming Nian, it is unwise to make moves in career and life. In the first place, they should avoid starting a new business or making large-amount investment in case of any economic loss. Traveling far would also incur potential dangers. Moving house and getting married in one's Ben Ming Nian are all considered ominous. It is quite necessary to keep themselves modest and in low profile or else their relationships with people around would break up. In the meantime, they should keep themselves out of anything to do with their unlucky numbers, colors or directions. For unlucky signs, you can find detailed info on each Chinese zodiac animal page.

How to be lucky in one's Ben Ming Nian?

Although it seems that people in their Ben Ming Nian are surrounded by crisis, there are effective ways to diminish the negative impacts.

1. Dressing in Red
The most popular way to avoid miserable events is to wear red underwear, red waist belt and red socks, which are believed able to suppress the evil spirits. In case of being set up by bad guys, people can also get a pair of red shoe-pads, which may trample everything dishonorable.

However, these stuff must be purchased by families or friends. If the one buys those items themselves, the function will be greatly reduced. Due to Chinese people's special affection for red, thus redness has become the token of festivities, success, bravery, rightness, and prosperity.

2. Wearing Talismans
Talismans like jade bracelet and crystal necklace are also useful to defend personal safety. Jade, crystal and gold possess psychic power, which help to appeal to good luck. If these accessories designed in Pixiu image, it would be much more auspicious. Pixiu is a mythical creature who can bring people wealth and suppress the evil.

3. Blood Donation
It is said that people are more likely to suffer physical injuries in their zodiac year of birth. Apart from avoiding high-risk outdoor activities, they could also choose to make a blood donation to avoid the misfortunes.

4. Enshrining the God, Tai Sui
As the fortune of the whole year is controlled by Tai Sui, it would be better if people go to temples to worship the god. Hence, their career will be prospered and their life will also be smooth.

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Questions & Answers on Ben Ming Nian (Zodiac Year of Birth)
Asked by Durra from MALAYSIA | Jun. 15, 2018 12:30Reply
Hi I am really curious for years on the story of my mother who was born on the year of the snake1965
Her birth parents believes that a baby being born in that specific year brings bad luck and in order to avoid it they gave her away to another family. The ones who gives away their baby, the ones who receives the baby and the baby him/herself will be prosperous if they do so. Does this culture/belief exists as I seem to can't find it anywhere. And does this culture/belief needs to be continuous as long as the baby lives? Please help.
Answers (1)
Answered by Camille from USA | Jun. 19, 2018 02:10

I’m sorry that I have never heard that.
Asked by Vin from CANADA | Jun. 10, 2018 03:56Reply
I am a boy 7/30/1971 and my beautiful girlfriend 3/29/92
Could we get marry,are there an obstacles to overcome?are our age make a big difference?

Pls reply ASAP
Answers (1)
Answered by Liela from USA | Jun. 14, 2018 00:58

Sorry but it seems not to be going on well. There is little talking and communicating between you two, besides, the too much independence can make things worse.
Asked by Sue from MALAYSIA | Feb. 22, 2018 22:27Reply
Hai im Sue , im born in monkey year (07/11/1992) and my husband born in dog year (05.04.1970) .
Currently we got some problem n i caught to be the one who make the mistake and he exploded and decide to end our marriage.
Can i learn from the mistake n be back to our lovely marriage again. or i need to give him enough space a i realize i just cant leave without him . Thanks !
Answers (1)
Answered by Maria from POLAND | Feb. 23, 2018 19:31

Well, according to this situation, both of you should have enough space to think twice about your marriage life. Do not make any decisions impatiently. If you still love him, you should find methods to win him back.
Asked by Jaqueline from USA | Feb. 08, 2018 11:10Reply
my husband 08-18-68 and I'm a rabbit 04-20-1975, is he faithful?
Answers (1)
Answered by Hunter from FINLAND | Feb. 08, 2018 19:33

Well, you should have more confidence about your husband. And in my eyes, showing enough trust is an important factor in the marriage life. In daily life, you two are advised to have more communications in order to avoid misunderstandings.
Asked by Jennifer from IRELAND | Jan. 18, 2018 09:13Reply
Me (22 Dec 1993) and my love interest (13 Dec 1988)?
We've been in a rather on/off rocky relationship for 3 years, and even though there's been troubles I am so sure he is the man I want to settle with. Despite our past and differences in character, will we be able to overcome it and will we be together long term eventually? I would really, really like that.
Answers (1)
Answered by Fanny from USA | Jan. 18, 2018 21:41

Jennifer, you are quite well matched but you both will also come across challenges. If you try to respect and trust each other in later life, the relationship will be unbreakable. Hope helpful!
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