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The development and diversity of the delights of Chinese food are also representative of China's long history. With each dynasty new recipes were created until the art of food preparation reach its peak during the Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911). The dinner called Man Han Quan Xi that incorporates all the very best of Man and Han Cuisine is held in high esteem involving as it does countless dishes, each with its own distinctive flavor and appeal. This veritable banquet in its preparation and presentation typifies all of the culture and culinary arts that have been perfected over centuries and is a comprehensive amalgam of taste, instruments, and manners.

Crispy Shrimps
Crispy Shrimps
A cold dish, Chinese food
A Cold Dish
It is no exaggeration to say that Chinese cuisine is dainty, in its items, esthetics, atmosphere, and effects.

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 The diversity of geography, climate, costumes and products have led to the evolution of what are called the 'Four Flavors' and 'Eight Cuisines' but as catering is a living art sub-classifications continue to increase. For example in each field of cuisine, adept chefs can utilize something as simple as a melon to create dozens of dishes with dozens of flavors. Meanwhile, local specialties and snacks with their origins steeped in the mists of time are also an important progeny and indicate a profound philosophy and taste. As well as the cuisine of the majority Han people, the many minorities have their own fantastic traditions and appeal.

Cuisine in China is a harmonious integration of color, redolence, taste, shape and the fineness of the instruments.  For the cooking process, chefs pick choice and various ingredients and seasonings while employing unparalleled complicated skills handed down from their fathers, ever aspiring to their ideal of perfection for all the senses. Among the many cooking methods they use are boiling, stewing, braising, frying, steaming, crisping, baking, and simmering and so on. When they finish their masterpieces they are arranged on a variety of plates and dishes so that they are a real pleasure to view, to smell and ultimately to savor.

Cuisine can rise to many different occasions from luxury court feasts, fetes, holy sacrificial rites, joyous wedding ceremonies to simple daily meals and snacks. The art of a good cook is to provide a wholesome and satisfying dish to suit the occasion. 

More Chinese Regional Cuisines: 

Fried Dumplings
Fried Dumplings
Cakes Made of Cornmeal
Cakes Made of Cornmeal
Good cuisine has the effect of prolonging life, sustaining the constitution and promoting energy and in this respect bears some relationship to Chinese medicine.
 It also has their own flavor and appeal in our ethnic groups, which is quite distinctive.

Just as the ingredients of each dish and presentation is important, table manners and courtesy among diners are very much part of the Chinese cultural tradition. The facility to partake of these delights is also distinctive - chopsticks! To see even the smallest child eat with such dexterity is quite amazing for many foreigners. The use of two simple sticks in this way is an art in itself and chopsticks have determined the way in which dishes are presented at table. Only by combining excellent dishes with good manners can the high art of Chinese cuisine be truly enjoyed to the full.

About 50,000 years ago, “manual wood drilling to make fire” started the era of Chinese cooked food. Over this vast period of develping time, Chinese People have developed their unique cooking techniques and various cooking methods. Nowadays, modern scientific and healthy diet has been pursued by most people?.

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Questions & Answers on Chinese Food
Asked by Lani from UNITED STATES | Aug. 20, 2017 17:48Reply
How to make yummy dumping with beef?
Do you buy the wrap and the meat in Asian market? It hard to get at special store?
Ps iam part of Asian people that all.
Answers (4)
Answered by Malenie from USA | Aug. 20, 2017 22:32

You can buy the wraps in every Asian supermarket/grocery in the refrigerator. You could find chopped meat in most supermarkets in the US cities.
Answered by ld from CHINA | Nov. 17, 2019 00:56

Buy some vegetables such as cabbage and mix them. Don't forget to add sesame oil.
Answered by Mr.MUYANLEE from CN | Feb. 25, 2020 20:30

You better buy flours made in China,which tasted more like Chinese style dumplings.
flours:water=5:3(about weight),mix them in a big bowl,then rub mixture with your cleaned hands for about 10 minutes.(time depends on the situation of the mixture,when it turn to very smooth,it will be okay.
Pull the mixture to a long stick,and cut it into pieces.(one piece , one dumpling)
Manage to turn these pieces into round thin pieces.
Answered by Mr.MUYANLEE from CN | Feb. 25, 2020 20:37

About fillture of dumplings:
Just cut your favourite meat and vegetables into muddy-like mixture.Then assemble fillture and flourskin together.(this step is not very easy,you should make dumplings no leaking when you spoil them,this is one of the reasons dumping is hard to make.Practice more,it will be better.)
PS:With some vinegar and garlics will be more perfect.(Depend on your tastes)
Asked by EMMABROWN | Dec. 14, 2016 22:13Reply
Are fried dumplings taste same as steamed dumplings?
I have eaten steamed dumplings in a Chinese restaurant in New York. But I have never eaten fried dumplings ever. Are they taste the same? Or do fried dumplings taste better than steamed dumplings?
Answers (2)
Answered by Fiona from FRANCE | Dec. 15, 2016 20:46

No, they taste different. Fried dumplings taste crisp; steamed dumplings taste fresh. Both are quite delicious! You can try both. :)
Answered by BECKY123 | Dec. 10, 2019 01:17

They are different styles and will bring you different surprises
Asked by satyanarayanan from INDIA | Apr. 11, 2013 07:02Reply
availability of vegetarian food
I plan to visit nanchang during May 2013. Is Vegetarian food available, and where can i find them.
Answers (2)
Answered by Donna | Apr. 13, 2013 21:32

Do you find the Indian vegetarian or Chinese vegetarian ones?
If you prefer to Chinese ones, Qingxin Vegetarian Food Restaurant (Qingxin Sushi) is suggested. I know on branch at No. 101, Huanhu Road, Donghu District.
If you want a Indian vegetarian, Tianzhu Indian Food Restaurant at No. 498, Minde Road is suggested for you.
Answered by satyanarayanan from INDIA | Apr. 15, 2013 02:20

Thanks a lot Donna. I would prefer the indian restraunt
Asked by bunny from USA | Mar. 15, 2013 08:03Reply
need help would like to make a china dessert for a guest from china she is from guiyang
please send me a easy dessert or dumpling to make for my guest would love to make it from her area in china
Answers (2)
Answered by Sunny from FINLAND | Mar. 16, 2013 22:26

On this webpage, the steps to make dumplings can be found, so you can refer to to make dumplings for her.
Or I think you can learn to do some Chinese food for you friend and you can find many Chinese food on and on this page, you can also find the ways to make them.
Answered by FaZe_pamaj from MERCEDES,TX | Dec. 19, 2013 10:17

Asked by ayesha from SRI LANKA | Nov. 24, 2012 04:01Reply
In my project on China I'm talking about Chinese food and I need information on it.pls. help me.
Answers (3)
Answered by anonymous from ANNOUNYMOUS | Nov. 24, 2012 04:07

ok it is great. The sushi is very famousand is usually made or prepared by fish. and there are many other dishes here. i think you should take a visit to china and also take a taste. gosh i think im making you mouth water.

sorry for the inconvenience...
Answered by Kaitlynn from ALABAMA | Feb. 28, 2013 10:32

China is very interesting I'm doing the same thing you are! China is also rembered for it's Dumplings.
Answered by Yan | Jun. 22, 2022 03:57

The sushi that you mentioned is Japanese food, not Chinese food, thk.
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