10 Famous Shandong Noodles

No.1: Jinan Noodles with Thick Gravy

 Chinese name: 老济南打卤面 lǎo jǐ nán dǎ lǔ miàn
There are many types of noodles with thick gravy in China, however, the Shandong style gains its popularity on account of its special gravy. Chicken, duck and pig’s feet will be simmered for a long time, and then sliced bamboo shoot, agaric, daylily and algae are added. A good gravy is dark brown as soy sauce and yellow rice wine are added to the mix. A few drops of wild pepper oil are the final touches to this kind of Shandong noodles.

No.2: Linqing Noodles with Assorted Vegetables

 Chinese name: 临清什香面 lín qīng shí xiāng miàn
As you can see from its name, the highlight of Shandong noodles is the various vegetable side dishes. There are two options, either stir-fried or a cold alternative. Favored stir-fried vegetables are shredded eggplant or shredded zucchini to which are added scrambled eggs. Cold varieties in the main include shredded cucumber and sliced carrot. Gravy also plays an important part in Linqing Noodles. You can either choose the egg tomato gravy, or minced pork gravy. Remember not to fill the bowl with too many noodles, one-third of the bowl is the best, as you can add the side dish you like.

No.3: Weifang Noodles with Chicken and Duck

 Chinese name: 潍坊鸡鸭和乐 wéi fāng jī yā hé lè
Though this dish is named as being with chicken and duck, frog meat and diced pork also contribute to its luscious flavor. Other ingredients used are pickled sweet garlic, salted Chinese toon and salted leek. You will find that the chewy noodles, juicy meat and smooth soup are perfectly balanced.

No.4: Weifang Golden Silk Noodles

 Chinese name: 潍坊风味金丝面 wéi fāng fēng wèi jīn sī miàn
Doesn’t the name of this kind of Shandong noodles sound appealing? When making the dough, the cook often mixes flour with eggs, instead of water. Then he or she will roll the dough into a thin and translucent pastry and cut it into very narrow noodles. That is why this dish looks like golden silk. Green vegetables such as Chinese toon, leek and coriander make the noodles look even more appetizing.

No.5: Fushan Hand-pulled Noodles

 Chinese name: 福山拉面 fú shān lā miàn/福山大面 fú shān dà miàn
Fushan Hand-pulled Noodles have a history of more than two hundred years and are well-known for the demanding technique of hand-pulling. Generally, Fushan noodles can be either stick-like or strip-like. However, these two types can be even subdivided into more shapes. It is said that at least twenty shapes of Fushan Noodles have been made. Besides, there are numerous toppings of this food, such as fried bean sauce, shredded pork, shelled shrimps, and so forth. It is interesting that some matches between the shape of the noodles and topping are fixed.

No.6: Penglai Sea Food Noodles

 Chinese name: 蓬莱小面 péng lái xiǎo miàn
Penglai city in Shandong abounds with sea foods, thus local people like using these delicacies as the toppings for their noodles. Popular toppings include abalone, oyster, sea worm and shrimp. Some vegetables like agaric are also used. Finished toppings are somewhat thick because of the mung bean starch in them. This kind of Shandong noodles features a pleasant savory flavor and glutinous texture, therefore suitable for both children and elderly people.

No.7: Ningjin Hand-made Noodles

 Chinese name: 宁津大柳面 níng jīn dà liǔ miàn
Ningjin Hand-made Noodles live up to their reputation because of the cook’s craftsmanship. Though the dough is always made from flour, water, salt and baking soda, the ratio of these ingredients may change in different seasons, according to the temperature of the water, to ensure the correct firmness of the noodles. What is more, two versions of sauce are available, sesame paste or sliced pork. The former usually goes with Chinese toon and shredded cucumber while the latter with green beans and bean sprouts.

No.8: Tai’erzhuang Noodles with Daylily and Beef

 Chinese name: 台儿庄黄花牛肉面 tái ér zhuāng huáng huā niú ròu miàn
These are the Shandong noodles with the most nutritious gravy. A beef bone will be simmered for fifteen hours until the broth is as white as milk. Then, the cook will add best quality daylily, diced beef and more than ten precious Chinese medicinal herbs into the broth and let it simmer again. The flavors of different ingredients will finally be completely blended without being greasy. It is believed that this recipe is good for the stomach and will benefit the immune system.

No.9: Tengzhou Noodles with Streaky Pork

 Chinese name: 滕州大肉手擀面 téng zhōu dà ròu shǒu gǎn miàn
If you prefer a rich and salty taste, this type of Shandong noodles undoubtedly can meet your demands. Its fragrant topping of streaky pork is marinated in an iron pot. Also available are the spiced bean curd roll and marinated seaweed roll. Do not forget the side orders, such as pickled potherb with mashed garlic, which are offered free. These can also help to cleanse the palate of fatty pork.

No.10: Lanshan Hai Sha Zi Noodles

 Chinese name: 岚山海砂子面 lán shān hǎi shā zǐ miàn
Hai Sha Zi is a type of clam found in the Lanshan area. It is as small as a fingernail, so not suitable for stir-frying. Instead, people boil them, crush then, get rid of their shells and keep the flesh and juice for making the noodles’ soup. Surprisingly, the finished Lanshan Clam Noodles taste very pleasant and savory.

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