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Chinese Food Cooking Class

Do you want to share your culinary masterpieces with your family? Are you thinking of attending the face-to face cooking class on Chinese food? Well, take part in a special China tour with a family visit arranged by TravelChinaGuide, and you'll have a rare chance to select your favorite dishes, taste the true home-cooked food, and even learn to cook these dishes from the hostess of a local family!

Popular Chinese Recipes

Here we share some popular recipes and basic knowledge to help you get started. If you want to attend the distinctive face-to-face cooking class, you can select the dishes you like from the following categories. Tell the tour operator your choices when booking a China tour on our website; or you can just learn the free classes online. Follow the steps to make your own delicacies and share your experience with others!

 China Tours with the Chance of Learning to Cook Chinese Food:
Chinese Food Forum:
talk about Chinese food culture, major cuisine styles and delicious dishes recipes.
Cooking Class Video:
Braised Beef with Radish, Cold Beef with Bean Sprouts and Tofu, Cold Shredded Asparagus Lettuce, Yangzhou Fried Rice, Pan-Seared Green Chili Pepper with Preserved Eggs, Fried Chips with French Beans
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