Pan Fried Dumplings (Guo Tie)

Pan Fried DumplingsChinese name: 锅贴 (guō tiē)
Characteristics: Pan Fried Dumplings taste crispy outside and quite fresh inside. The wrappers are in yellow and white after being fried, and the fillings are aromatic and delicious with meat and vegetables added.

Pan Fried Dumplings (Pot Stickers), called Guo Tie in Chinese, is the sister food of fried dumplings. It is a popular staple food throughout China. The Pan Fried Dumplings are made of a simple flour wrapper filled with various fillings like pork mixed with all kinds of seasonal vegetables like cabbage and celery. The shapes differ from area to area: most are pouch-shaped in Tianjin style, and in crescent like Chinese dumplings.


flour; pork; cabbage
Ingredients of Pan Fried Dumplings


green onion; ginger; cooking oil; salt; five spices powder;
cooking wine; soy sauce; sesame oil

Note: The amounts of the ingredients and seasonings listed above can be flexibly adjusted according to one's personal taste.
Seasonings of Pan Fried Dumplings

Preparation Work:

1. Clean and chop the pork. Combine with five spices powder, cooking wine and soy sauce. Let the mixture stand for 15min.
2. Chop the cabbage and add several drops of cooking oil. Thoroughly mix them.
3. Cut the green onion and ginger into small pieces.
Preparation for Pan Fried Dumplings



Making the Dough: Put 300g flour into a basin. Sprinkle some water and stir to form small pieces. Repeat the process to make all dry flour into small pieces. Sprinkle more water and gather them to knead into dough.

Mix up Dough

Making Pot Sticker Filling: Mix the ground pork, chopped cabbage, green onion and ginger. Add in salt, five spices powder and sesame oil and mix with other ingredients.

Prepare Dumpling Filling

Making the Wrappers: Cut a section from the dough. Roll it into a long stick. Cut into small dough balls and press them flat. Sprinkle some starch and roll the dough balls flat. A wrapper is finished. Make more in the same way.

Preparing the Wrappers

Wrapping the Pan Fried Dumplings: Put some of the prepared filling in the center of the wrapper. Fold and pinch it from the middle to outer sides. Leave holes in both sides. A crescent-shaped dumpling is done. Repeat to make more.

Make Dumplings

Frying the Dumplings: Heat a pan and brush a thin layer of oil. Lay out the dumplings and cover the pan to fry. After 1min when the steam appears, remove the cover. Add some water evenly, and cover to fly for another 5min. The process of adding water may require repetition. The pan fried dumplings are well cooked when they turn golden yellow.

Frying Dumplings
Now, turn off the fire. The Pan Fried Dumplings (Guo Tie) are ready. Pick out of the pan and serve. The lovely dumplings look bright and smell good. Cannot wait to have a taste?
Pan Fried Dumplings Completed

 Note: Aside from the fillings mentioned in the recipe, using shrimp, beef or some other minced vegetables like leek, onion and green onion can also be acceptable. 

Our Guests Attending Cooking Class
  • Learn to Make Dumplings in a Local Family

    Learn to Make Dumplings in a Local Family

    Ms. Kylie & Mr. Criag from Australia paid a private visit to a typical family in Xian, where we arranged a wonderful cooking class for them. They had heard so much that Chinese are dainty about their food, so they both showed great interest in how Chinese food was cooked. They learnt to make dumplings and picked out Pan Fried Dumplings to prove how Chinese cook staple food by wide variations. And finally, both of them were satisfied with the outcome, as well as other dishes offered by the hostess.

  • Ms. Sally Diane Szanik Making Dumplings

    Ms. Sally Making Dumplings

    Ms. Sally & Mr. Richard from Canada paid a visit to a local family in Xian under the arrangement by TravelChinaGuide, and learned to cook Pan Fried Dumlings and Kung Pao Chicken there. They enjoyed the meal very much and recommended it in their feedback:"... Having the family visit and helping cook lunch was fun and the food delicious..."

    See details at Ms. Sally's feedback
  • Ms. Linda Gene Jantzen & Ms. Jennifer Daryl Slack Learn to Make Dumplings

    Ms. Linda & Ms. Jennifer Learn to Make Dumplings

    Ms. Linda & Ms. Jennifer from USA joined our family tour during their visit to Xian, and learned to cook Kung Pao Chicken and Pan Fried Dumlings in a typical local family. They had a good time during the visit with meal and wrote in their feedback:"...Sometimes there was too much food, often actually. But when asked, that was adjusted for us. My favorite meal was the one in the home we visited in Xi'an. I would recommend that meal to anyone!..."

    See details at Ms. Linda's feedback

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