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Staple Food is what human must rely on, proving necessary 'energy' for people's life activity. They are rice, steamed bread, noodles and dumplings, ect., made of cereals, beans and tubers. They usually contain rich nutrition, such as starch, protein and vitamins.

However, some people have most misunderstanding about staple food. Some people especially females think that staple food contains high calorie, and may lead to fatness. Actually, the energy 1 bowl of rice produces is almost the same as that of 10g sunflower seeds. Some people think it has no nutritional value, while eating lean meat can supplement iron, eating vegetables can supplement dietary fiber, and eating fruits can supplement Vitamin C. Li Huiming, nutrition professor of Xiangya Hospital, tells the truth that corn, buckwheat and sorghum all contains rich dietary fiber, and bran is even 'champion of fiber'. Therefore, people should keep eating some staple food every day, either for health or for fitness.

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Steamed Rice

Chinese Rice

Chinese name: 米饭 (mǐ fàn) 

Rice is the commonest staple food on the dining table in most areas of China. A bowl of Chinese whiter rice can go with all sorts of dishes, supplying almost all of the nutrition that human body needs. Its constituent is carbohydrate and the composition of the amino acids in it is relatively complete, which makes it very easy for the body to digest and absorb. But how to cook it? The recipe below tells a regular way of Steamed Rice.




Pick a certain amount of dry rice and wash it well in a soup bowl or a basin (usually 1 bowl of dry rice can be cooked into 1.5-2 bowls of steamed rice.).

Wash the Rice

Pour the cleaned rice into the electric rice cooker and add in some water until the rice is fully immersed in (the proportion of the rice and the water is usually 1:1.2). Turn on the power. Cover and steam it for about half an hour when the Indicator lamp indicates you that the Steamed Rice is ready.

Steam the Rice

Turn off the Power. Pick it out of the cooker and serve it in a bowl.

Chinese Rice is Ready

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Our Guests Attending Cooking Class
  • Our Guests Making Dumplings

    Our Guests Learn to Make Dumplings

    A small tour group including Mr. Jason and Mr. Deng from USA, Mr. Blair and Ms. Elizabeth, and other guests from Canada, Australia, Mexico, and South Africa took part in a special tour in Xi'an with a family visit arranged by TravelChinaGuide. They feed back to us that the home visit was the highlight of that day after exploring the gorgeous Xi'an city, because they learnt how to make dumplings, cook Chinese rice as staple food, and took their love of Chinese food from Chinese restaurants to their kitchen.

  • Our Guests Making Dumplings

    Our Guests Making Dumplings

    Mr. Eric, Ms. Amy, Mr. Joseph, and Ms. Judith from USA had a visit to a local family in Xi'an during their tour in this ancient city. Here they had a memorable experience to cook the most popular staple food - rice and dumplings. They considered the visit a highlight because this was a very rare chance for them to walk into a real Chinese family and get to know traditional Chinese lifestyles.

  • Our Guests Learn to Make Dumplings

    Our Guests Learn to Make Dumplings

    Mr. Anatoly, Ms. Ida & Ms. Eilen from USA made a private conversation with a hostess of a local family at her personal apartment in Xi'an during their China travel organized by Travelchinaguide. The face-to-face cooking class of learning to cook Chinese rice, dumplings and Braised Pomfret made the home visit even exceptional.

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