Cucumber with Mashed Garlic

Cucumber with Mashed Garlic Chinese name: 蒜泥黄瓜 (suàn ní huáng guā)
Style: Sichuan Cuisine
Characteristics: Cucumber with mashed garlic tastes salty, sour, fresh and crispy, having a peasant garlic flavor.

The most popular cucumber dish in China, Cucumber with Mashed Garlic, is simple to cook with a recipe at home, but tasty to eat. Cucumber is cold by nature, and it can clear away heat, moisturize pathogenic dryness to loosen the bowel and reduce body fat. It’s said that cucumber juice is very good for cleanness, skin protection and wrinkle smoothing. In addition to garlic's killing germs, it is really a healthy dish.


2-3 cucumbers 
3-6 cloves of garlic


1. Peel the cucumbers to remove the pesticide residues on the skin. Wash them in water. Smack the cucumber to loosen it. Cut it into chunks and put then into a soup bowl. Set aside.
2. Remove the garlic skins. Wash the cloves in water. Chop them up and put them into a small dish.
Ingredients of Cucumber with Mashed Garlic


soy sauce
white sugar
white vinegar
sesame oil
chicken essence (chicken stock/bouillon) or monosodium glutamate 
red chili shreds
Note: the amount of the seasonings listed above can be appropriately used according to one's personal taste.
Seasonings of Cucumber with Mashed Garlic




Pour the cucumber chunks into a soup bowl. Add in mashed garlic, red chili shreds, chicken essence, salt, white sugar, soy sauce, sesame oil and white vinegar.

Season Cucumber Chunks

Place a wok over high heat until hot. Add some cooking oil heat to about 90℃(194℉). Spoon the oil out and pour into the soup bowl with cucumber and seasonings.

Oil the Seasonings

Stir it well with chopsticks or a spatula until all the materials are mixed up. Pour into a prepared porcelain plate finally.

Cucumber with Mashed Garlic Completed

Tips: if you don't like cucumber with garlic, try the Sweet and Sour Cucumber instead.

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Questions & Answers on Cucumber with Mashed Garlic
Asked by nanola01 from SPAIN | Jan. 16, 2013 09:42Reply
What is the mililiter content of bowls as given in your recipes?
Answers (1)
Answered by Mindy from AUSTRALIA | May. 02, 2013 04:49

Hi, a Chinese lady who taught me to cook Chinese food told me that it is general around 350ml.
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