Steamed Taro with Eight Delicacies

Steamed Taro with Eight Delicacies Chinese Name: 八宝芋泥 (bā bǎo yù ní)
Characteristics: The Steamed Taro with Eight Delicacies looks mouthwatering, and tastes sweet and soft with the special aroma of taro.

Steamed Taro with Eight Delicacies is a traditional dessert in Fujian, and is always served as the last but most important dish during a banquet. Taro is a healthy and nutrient-rich food; when decorated with all kinds of ingredients and covered with brown syrup, the dish appears more attractive and tastes better.

Note: Eating taro and bananas at the same time will lead to bloating, so remember not to eat banana before or after you enjoy this delicious dessert.


500g of taro, boiled peanuts and red kidney beans, washed raisin and wolfberry, 4 or 5 preserved dates, walnuts, two spoons of brown sugar, half spoon of cornstarch, whipping cream, and red bean pasta
Note: Dates, walnuts, peanuts, raisin and beans are used for decoration, and the amount of them can be appropriately used according to one's personal taste.

Ingredients of Steamed Taro with Eight Delicacies



Wash the taros and boil them in a pressure cooker for 15 – 20 minutes (if not a pressure cooker, the taros need to be steamed for about 1 hour). Remove the peel and mash the taro into a paste. Mix two spoons of whipping cream with the taro paste.

Make Taro Paste 

 Wipe a bowl with oil. Put the delicacies in sequence at the bottom of the bowl: preserved dates, walnuts, boiled peanuts and red kidney beans, raisins and wolfberry (you can also place them into an asterisk pattern). Other nuts or fruit, such as longan and green plum can also be added according to one’s personal taste.

 Make Eight Delicacies

Cover the eight delicacies with taro paste but leave a small pit in the middle in which to add some red bean paste. Then add more taro paste and press down the surface evenly. Cover the bowl with an upside-down plate.

Cover Eight Delicacies with Taro Paste

Steam the taro for about 20 minutes. Run a knife around the edge of the bowl and carefully invert it onto the plate.

Steam Taro with Eight Delicacies

Place a wok over high heat and add half bowl of water and two spoons of brown sugar. Boil it until it becomes thick syrup. Mix the cornstarch with one spoon of water and add it into the syrup. Boil the syrup for half minutes. Turn off the heat and pour the boiled syrup over the taro paste.

 Pour Syrup

Finally, the Steamed Taro with Eight Delicacies is finished after cooking as the five steps of this recipe.

Steamed Taro with Eight Delicacies
Our Guests Attending Cooking Class
  • Our Guests in the Cooking Class

    Our Guests in the Cooking Class

    On June 22, 2013, Mr. Leo, Ms. Leeanne, Mr. Aidan, Ms. Ailsa, Mr. Kieran and Mr. Reagan from Australia followed our guide to visit a local Chinese family in Xi'an. They had a good time there, chatted with the host, shared their impressions of China and Chinese people, learnt to make dumplings and cooked a sweet dish - Steamed Taro with Eight Delicacies. They loved this private visit very much because it was really fun and enjoyable. And we appreciated a lot as they sent us feedback with compliments on this private visit.

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    Our Guests Dining in a Local Family

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    Ms. Leona Learn to Make Dumplings

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