Chinese Embassy in Mexico

Ambassador: Mr. Zhang Run
Address: Av. Río del la Magdalena 172, Colonia Tizapán - San Angel Delegación Alvaro Obregón, C.P. 01090

Consular Office of Chinese Embassy in Mexico

Address: Av. Río del la Magdalena 172, Colonia Tizapán - San Angel Delegación Alvaro Obregón, C.P. 01090
Tel: +52-55-56164324 (14:30 - 17:30 Monday - Friday except public holidays)
24-Hour Duty Phone:  52-55-56162129 (for consular protection only)
Office Hours:
For Application: 09:00-13:00, Monday-Friday (except holidays)
Consular Districts: All territory in Mexico except Baja California, Baja California Sur, Sonora, Chihuahua

Visa Application

Chinese Embassy in Mexico accepts visa applications of all citizens of Mexico and citizens of 
other countries staying in Mexico legally. According to the mutual agreements, holders of Mexican diplomatic or official passports who stay in China for no more than 90 consecutive days are exempted from Chinese visa.

Besides, Mexicans can stay in Hong Kong and Macau, China for no more than 90 days without applying for visas.

Application Fees (Mexican Peso)

 Visa Fees

Citizen Types Regular Express
Mexican Single-Entry 550 1,020
Double-Entry 820 1,290
Multi-Entry with 6-month Validity 1,090 1,560
Multi-Entry with over 6-month Validity 1,690 2,160
Group L 440 910
American types except J 2,550 3,020
J type 3,140 3,610
Canadian Single, Double or Multi-Entry 1,120 1,590
Israeli Single, Double or Multi-Entry 440 910
Argentinean Single, Double or Multi-Entry 2,160 2,630
Brazilian Single, Double or Multi-Entry 1,910 2,380
Panamanian Single, Double or Multi-Entry 840 1,310
Uruguayan Single, Double or Multi-Entry 590 1,060
Serbia Single, Double or Multi-Entry 40 510
Romanian Single Entry 1,170 1,640
Double Entry 1,560 2,030
Multi-Entry with 6-month Validity 2,340 2,810
Group L 940 1,410
Other countries Single Entry 550 1,020
Double Entry 820 1,290
Multi-Entry with 6-month Validity 1,090 1,560
Multi-Entry with over 6-month Validity 1,690 2,160
Group L 440 910
 Available from Dec. 11, 2023 to Dec. 31, 2024.

 Expedited Service Fees
The regular processing time is 4 working days. For urgent cases, you can apply for the expedited service. Moreover, extra money will be paid as following:

3 working days processing Mexican Peso 470
2 working days processing Mexican Peso 690

The required documents for applying Tourist/Family Visit (L)

1. One properly completed Application Form with one recent passport style color photo attached on it.  
2. The original passport with at least 6-month validity and one blank visa page.
3. Round-trip Air Ticket and its copy.
4. If you are not Mexican Citizens and you live in Mexico, please provide the original Mexican Resident Permit and its copy.
Note: Generally, you can't apply for Multi-Entry L, except for special cases.


Consulate-General of the PRC in Tijuana

Consul General: Mr. Yu Yue
Address: Avenue Lomas del Monte 1614. Frace. Lomas de Agua Caliente, Primera Secciòn, Tijuana, B.C. 22440, Mexico 
Tel: 0052-664-6816771 (09:30 - 13:30 from Mon. - Fri. except public holidays)
Office Hours: 09:30-13:30, Monday - Friday (except public holidays)
Consular Districts: Baja California, Baja California Sur, Sonora, Chihuahua 

 Important Notice
The Consulate in Tijuana has stopped to accept Chinese passport application by mail. Applicants should go to the consulate in person to submit passport application. If they can't come to the consulate to pick up the consulate, they can ask for Mail Back Service.

2024 Public Holidays of Chinese Embassy in Mexico

Festival Date Day
New Year's Day January 2 Monday
Mexican Constitution Day February 5 Monday
Chinese New Year February 12 - 14 Monday - Wednesday
Benito Juárez's Birthday Memorial March 18 Monday
Qingming Festival April 4 Thursday
International Worker's Day May 1 Monday
Dragon Boat Festival June 10 Monday
Independence Day September 16 Monday
Mid-Autumn Festival September 17 Tuesday
Chinese National Day October 1 - 3 Tuesday - Wednesday
Revolution Day Memorial November 18 Monday
Christmas Day December 25 Wednesday
Note: The holidays schedules above are subject to change as necessary according to the embassy.

Mexico Profile

Full Name: Estados Unidos Mexicanos in Spanish, The United States of Mexico in English

Language: Spanish is the official language, with English as the first foreign language.

Capital: The capital is Mexico City, which is also the highest urban area in the world at an altitude exceeding 2,200 meters. The city concentrates half of the country’s industry, commerce, banking and financial institutions, thus making it the most developed city of Mexico.  

Currency: Mexican Peso, MXN

Population: The total population of Mexico is 129 million as of 2023, with 90% being Mestizo/Latino hybrids and 10% Indigenous Americans.

Geography: Mexico is located in the southern part of North America, facing the United States in the north, Guatemala and Belize in the south, the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea in the east, and the Pacific Ocean in the Southwest. It is on the significant pass between South and North America continent, known as “the land bridge”.

Religion: 88% of its population are Catholics, and 6.4% adhere to Protestantism, while 5.2% identify with other religious faiths.

Best time to visit: November to March is the best time to visit the country. Its climate is tropical savanna, which means there are no freezing winters or scorching summers. The raining season is from June to October, with lots of rain, while the dry season is from November to March, with comfortable weather and little rain.   

Top Things to do: Mexico boasts a profound history, rich cultural heritage, breathtaking natural wonders and hospitable local people. As early as 1,500BC, Indian civilization emerged here, including the famous Maya and Aztec civilizations. From the ancient ruins of Chichen Itza to the beautiful Cancun beaches, from the gourmet cuisine to the unique handicrafts that can be found everywhere, Mexico will surely provide us with endless surprises. Let’s plan a dream Mexico tour package now and feel the magical charm of this land.

 Please contact Embassy of Mexico in China if Mexicans are in problems there.
 China Tour from Mexico City
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Questions & Answers on Chinese Embassy in Mexico
Asked by Anthony from USA | Jun. 26, 2021 00:21Reply
Can Americans get Chinese visa in Mexico
Is it possible? No visas are being issued in the states right now.
Answers (1)
Answered by Grace | Jul. 04, 2021 19:06

It depends on what type of visa you want to get.
Asked by Edward from MEXICO | Jan. 02, 2020 06:35Reply
Can the embassy authenticate a degree from Kenyan university which has been notarized in Kenya?
Answers (1)
Answered by Larry from USA | Jan. 02, 2020 22:21

No, this document has to be authenticated by the China embassy in Kenya.
Asked by Jack Shaw from MEXICO | Dec. 29, 2019 14:59Reply
Can I apply for a Chinese visa in Mexico using my Canadian passport. Living in Mexico as a temporary
Answers (1)
Answered by Diana from MEXICO | Dec. 30, 2019 00:56

Yes, it's possible. You can have a try.
Asked by Robert from MEXICO | Dec. 16, 2019 18:50Reply
Dual citizen traveling to China
My son is a minor and a dual citizen (born in USA and naturalized as Mexican). He is traveling to China to study for 6 months and he is applying for a student visa this coming January.
Since we are currently living in Mexico, he is applying for his Chinese visa in Mexico using his Mexican passport.
His flight is from Mexico to USA then to China. He must enter and exit USA with his American passport so I am booking his flights as an American.

When he arrives in China, is there any problem from the fact that he will be flying as an American, but he will enter and exit China with his Mexican passport (with Chinese visa in it)?

Thank you for you attention,
Answers (3)
Answered by Keith from USA | Dec. 17, 2019 18:45

As long as he will enter and exit China with his Mexican passport and Chinese visa, it should be fine. The immigration won't have interest in the things before entering China. However, please check with the airline to see if he will be allowed to board the plane from the US to China if using US passport, which doesn't have a Chinese visa.
Answered by Robert from MEXICO | Dec. 18, 2019 06:03

I will check with the airline,

Also, as an alternative, would you know if it is possible to apply for my son's Chinese Visa to be granted in his American passport from Mexico City?

Thank you!
Answered by Keith | Dec. 18, 2019 22:31

I'm afraid he has to use the Mexican passport.
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