Chinese Embassy in Antigua & Barbuda

Ambassador: Mrs. Zhang Yanling
Address: Chinese Embassy, McKinnons Way, St. John’s, Antigua and Barbuda
Mailing Address: P.O.Box 1446, Saint John's, Antigua, W. I. 

Consular Office

Mailing Address: P.O.Box 1355, Paradise View, St. John's, Antigua, W. I.
Tel: +1-268-7831079
Office hours:
09:30-11:30 on Tuesday
14:30-16:30 on Wednesday and Friday


Regular Visa Fee  (USD)

Visa Types Citizens of Antigua and Barbuda Cities of Other Countries (except the US and Canada)
Single-Entry 20 30
Double-Entry 30 45
Multi-Entry with 6-month Validity 40 60
Multi-Entry with 12-month Validity 60 90
 Chinese Embassy in Antigua and Barbuda will temporarily reduce the visa fee to 75% of the fees above from Dec. 11, 2023 to Dec. 31, 2024.


Regular Visa Fee for Citizens of  the US and Canada (USD)

Countries Fees
The US 140
Canada 75

Expedited Service Fee Person

The regular processing time is 4 working days. For urgent cases, the expedited service is available. Moreover, additional fees will be paid as following:
Urgent USD 25
Extreme Urgent USD 37

People: The population of this island country is 71,600 with the majority of descendants of Black Africans. They are open-minded, polite and lead a simple life. On weekends and holidays, many citizens go to church to make prayers.

Language: English is the official language and the universal tongue.

Religion: Christianity

Geography: Located to the north of Caribbean Lesser Antilles Islands, this country is comprised of Antigua, Barbuda and uninhabited Redonda Islands. Antigua (Main Island) is an island of volcanoes. There are volcanic hills with the average altitude of 300 meters in its southwest districts, low limestone hills in its northeast, and a narrow and long plain in the middle. Trees sparsely spread over the island and no rivers can be found here. The coastline around is zigzag, making lots of harbors and capes. Barbuda, a coral island, lies about 40 kilometers to the north of the main island. Here the terrain is flat, forests are thick and wild animals are numerous. It has about 1,300 inhabitants.

Custom: Owing to tropical climate, residents are in summer wear all the year around. On important occasions, they wear business suit. People like to eat pungent food with curry, drink rum made by them. Their favorite food is beef, mutton, pork, chicken, fish and potatoes.

History: In 1493, Columbus reached here on the second voyage, using Antigua Church in Seville, Spain to name it. It successively was invaded by Spain and France from 1520 to 1629. In 1632, Britain took possession of it and mongered blacks from Africa to plant tobaccos and sugarcanes. According to the Breda Treaty, it was formally become the colony of Britain in 1667. It gained a seat in Commonwealth in 1967; however, the powers of diplomacy and national defense were still possessed by U.K. It declared independent on November 1, 1981 and established a constitutional monarchy. 

 Please contact Embassy of Antigua and Barbuda in China if this country's citizens are in problems there.

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Questions & Answers on Chinese Embassy in Antigua & Barbuda
Asked by Mimi McGee from USA | Feb. 12, 2024 13:19Reply
Chinese visa
We are USA citizens but live in Antigua several months out of the year.
Can we apply for Chinese visa at the Chinese Embassy in St John’s Antigua.
Answers (1)
Answered by Jessica | Feb. 17, 2024 19:08

If you have legal stay permit, then you can have a try.
Asked by Larry from UNITED KINGDOM | Dec. 07, 2020 00:51Reply
Chinese visa application from London using Antiguan passport
I have antiguan passport and I am currently in London . Can I apply for chinese visa from the chinese embassy in London or do I have to go back to Antigua to apply ?
Answers (1)
Answered by William | Dec. 10, 2020 19:23

Larry, you can possibly apply from the Chinese visa application center in London.
Asked by Peter from ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA | Oct. 13, 2018 13:26Reply
I have Trinidadian Passport but living in Antigua. Do i need to go back to Trinidad to apply
Answers (1)
Answered by Gale from CANADA | Oct. 14, 2018 22:53

You can try to apply from the China Embassy in Antigua & Barbuda. If it can be done, you don't need to go back to your country for that.
Asked by Jay from ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA | Jun. 20, 2017 03:21Reply
I have Antigua passport. Studying in Beijing. My student time is almost up
and so will my visa expire an a couple months. I would like to travel around China a bit more. How do I apply for a tourist L type? Can I go to Hong Kong? Do we have a consulate in Beijing or china
Answers (1)
Answered by Kate from GERMANY | Jun. 20, 2017 20:58

Jay, you can try to convert your current X type to a tourist L type at the exit and entry administration of the local PSB within China. If it can be done, you don't need to go to HK for that.
You should prepare your passport and its copy, the application form, a passport-style photo, valid registration form of temporary residence in China, return air tickets and hotel reservation. Then, submit the application to the local PSB.
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