China Embassy in Italy

 Visa Application Form of PRC

Ambassador: Mr. Li Ruiyu
Address: No.56, Via Bruxelles, 00198 Rome, Italy
Tel: +39-06-96524200
Fax: +39-06-85352891

Consular Office of Chinese Embassy in Italy

Tel: +39-06-96524266 (Passport) 
      +39-06-96524268 (Authentication & Notarization)
      +39-06-96524265 (Consular Protection)
Fax: +39-06-96524260
Office Hours: 09:30-12:30, Monday-Thursday (except holidays)

Consular Districts

Abruzzo, Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Lazio, Molise, Puglia, Sardegna (Sardine), Sicilia, Trentino-Alto Adige, Valle, D'Osta

Consular Districts of the Consulates

Consulate General Consular Jurisdiction
Consulate General of PRC in Firenze Liguria, Marche, Toscana, Umbria
Consulate General of PRC in Milano (Milan) Emilia-Romagna, Lombardia (Lombardy), Piemonte, Veneto


Chinese Visa Application Service Centers (CVASC) in Rome and Milan have started its operation on 30th March and June 22, 2010. All ordinary passport holders should submit applications to the CVASC. Online appointment at the website of CVASC is encouraged.

Holders of diplomatic, service/official passport, or applicants qualified for applying for Chinese diplomatic, courtesy and service visa, or applicants applying for Hong Kong/Macao visa should still submit applications directly to the Embassy or the Consulate General.

Detailed information about the CVASC in Rome

Address: 1st Floor, Viale Regina Margherita 279, 00198 Rome
Tel: 06-44250240 
Fax: 06-44260770
Business Hours: 09:00-15:00 (application submission); 09:00-16:00 (payment and collection), Monday-Friday (except holidays)

2019 Holiday Schedule of CVASC in Rome

Festival Date Day
New Year's Day January 1 Tuesday
Epiphany January 6 Sunday
Easter Monday April 21 & 22 Sunday & Monday
Liberation Day April 25 Thursday
International Labor Day May 1 Wednesday
Republic Day June 2 Sunday
Rome Patrons Saints' Day June 29 Saturday
The Feast of the Assumption August 15 Thursday
All Sants' Day November 1 Friday
Immaculate Conception Day December 8 Sunday
St. Stephan's Day December 25 & 26 Wednesday & Thursday

Detailed information about the CVASC in Milan

Address: Via Federico Confalonieri 29, Milan
Tel:  02-83201385
Fax:  02-83201407
Business Hours: 09:00-15:00 (application submission); 09:00-16:00 (payment and collection), Monday-Friday (except holidays)



Types Regular Express Rush
Single / Double / Multiple Entries 127.1 175.5 198.7

US citizens

Types Regular Express Rush
Single / Double / Multiple Entries 182.1 231.5 253.7


Types Regular Express Rush
Single / Double / Multiple Entries 142.1 191.5 213.7


Types Regular Express Rush
Single / Double / Multiple Entries 69.1 118.5 140.7


Types Regular Express Rush
3-month Single Entry 127.1 176.5 198.7
6-month Double Entry 147.1 196.5 218.7
6-month Multi-Entry 187.1 236.5 258.7
12-month Multi-Entry 187.1 236.5 158.7

Citizens of Other Countries

Types Regular Express Rush
3-month Single Entry 107.1 156.5 228.7
6-month Double Entry 127.1 176.5 248.7
6-month Multi-Entry 147.1 196.5 268.7
12-month Multi-Entry 187.1 236.5 308.7

1. The regular processing time is 4 working days; express service takes 3 working days; rush service takes 2 working days.
2. At present, the CVASC only offers post service for return delivery of the processed passport. The applicant will be informed about the application fee when the passport is ready for return and it should be paid by credit card. The processed passport will be posted back in two weeks.
3. This CVASC accepts cash, debit card and credit card. 

  Please contact Embassy of Italy in PRC if Italians are in problems there.
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Questions & Answers on China Embassy in Italy
Asked by Devon from UNITED STATES | Feb. 26, 2020 05:02Reply
Tourist Visa to run Great Wall marathon
I am an American Soldier stationed in Italy and want to do the Great Wall marathon. Can I go to Milan to do the visa paperwork since I live only a few hours away? Also is there a ban for Americans to go to China, and will everything be ok to enter and return with no issues. Thank you.

Answers (1)
Answered by Ellen from USA | Feb. 27, 2020 00:26

Devon, you can apply for a China visa at the China Visa Center in Milan. As far as I know, there is no ban for Americans to go to China and return.
Asked by BBYSNOW | Dec. 13, 2019 00:00Reply
US applying for X1 visa on italian vacation
as a US citizen do I need to be in Italy for a long period of time in order to be accepted for the X1 visa? If i'm only visiting on a vacation is it possible to apply?
Answers (1)
Answered by Jeremy from USA | Dec. 15, 2019 19:52

It's possible to apply even if you are only visiting on a vacation.
Asked by Michelle from ITALY | Nov. 06, 2019 05:07Reply
Good Day! May I know the requirements in applying China Visa Tourist Visa for Philippine Passport and if we can apply here in Milan. What will be the procedure?

Thank you!
Answers (1)
Answered by Bonnie from ITALY | Nov. 07, 2019 18:53

Michelle, do you have a permit of stay "permesso di soggiorno" with at least six months of remaining validity in Italy? If yes, you can apply form the CVASC in Milan. First you need to complete an application form on the website of the CVASC, then make an appointment for document submission. On the date, submit your documents in person to the CVASC and then get your visa after a few days.
Asked by Ammar Mohanna from ITALY | Oct. 31, 2019 02:50Reply
Rush visa type
I could not find the "Rush" type in the application, the only question is whether I want the express or the normal service. Where could I choose that I want the "Rush" type?
Answers (1)
Answered by Emily from ITALY | Oct. 31, 2019 23:00

Ammar, as far as I know, there are:
Express 2 service: The processing time is usually 3 working days.
Express 1 service: The processing time is usually 2 working days.

You can find a proper space on the application to state that you need the Express 1 Service.
Asked by Ammar Mohanna from ITALY | Oct. 31, 2019 02:46Reply
I am french living in italy, could I get the F visa if I do not have a resience permit in italy?
I am a Ph.D. student with a work contract with the University of Genoa, but I do not have a residency permit. Is it enough to get the work/study contract and get the F visa (as well as all the other documents)?
Answers (1)
Answered by Sean from ITALY | Oct. 31, 2019 22:51

Yes, it's ok, because you have a study permit in the country.
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