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Xiamen-Vancouver Direct Flight Opened
On July 25, 2016, an airplane Boeing 787-8 arrived in Vancouver Canada from Xiamen China, symbolizing the opening of the first direct air route between Fujian Province and Canada. This route is operated by Xiamen Airlines. Plane MF805 will fly from Xiamen Gaoqi Airport at 21:30 on every Monday, Thursday and Saturday and land in Vancouver at 18:40. Plane MF806 will depart from Vancouver at 01:40 on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday and gets to Xiamen at 05:30 the next day. A one-way trip takes 12 to 13 hours. (All time points mentioned are local time.)
First Direct Flight between Jinan and Tokyo to be Opened
Shandong Airlines will open the first direct air route between Jinan and Tokyo on August 18, 2016. Plane SC8887 will fly from Jinan to Tokyo at 22:45 on every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and arrive at 03:00 the next day. On the arrival day, plane SC8888 will take off from Tokyo at 04:30 and land in Jinan at 07:20. (All time points mentioned are local time.)
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