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China Airlines, whose operations are directly supervised by the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China (CAAC), always provides a welcoming, safe and high quality service to visitors. On both domestic and international air routes, the airways in China have developed rapidly over the last fifty years.

Currently there are nine state airways, among these Air China, Southern Airlines, Eastern Airlines, and Hainan Airlines are the four largest ones. In addition, there are also nearly 10 civilian-run airways that have started up in about 2006 such as Spring International, Juneyao, Eaststar, United Eagle and OK. They all provide travelers with modern facilities and world-class aircraft.

By the end of 2006, there are more than 200 airports in China serving 1, 336 regular air routes with nearly 1, 000 aircraft taking off and landing every day. With the hub of air travel based in Beijing, the air traffic connects 140 domestic cities. Besides, 268 international air routes operated by 15 airways connect 91 international cities in 42 countries. Eighty-six overseas airline companies also operate routes to China.

Flights operated by any of the China's airways connect passengers to major tourist cities and attractions around the world. Their flight attendants are well-trained and speak the main international languages. These companies have been attested to be world leaders in their safe, reliable and high-quality service.

Major Airlines in China

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