Beijing Capital International Airport

Beijing Capital International Airport is China's busiest and most important international airport.

Airport Code: PEK

 Location: West Jichang Road, Shunyi District, 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) northeast of the city center.

 Three Terminals: T1 for domestic flights; T2 for domestic and international flights; T3 for domestic and international flights

 Popular Flights: Beijing – Shanghai, Beijing – Xi'an, Beijing – Guangzhou, Beijing – Hong Kong; see more Beijing Flights

Passenger Guide

1. Time for Taking Flights:
→ Arrive at the airport 2-3.5 hours before flight departure
→ Close Time for Check-in: Domestic Flight: 45 mins. before take-off; International Flight: 75 mins. before take-off
→ Close Time for Boarding: Domestic & International Flight: 20 mins. before take-off

2. How to Travel between Capital Airport & Downtown Beijing (↓details underneath): Airport Shuttle Bus, Airport Express Train + Subway, Taxi

 Capital Airport Pick-up and See-off Service: airport transfer to hotel, private car, professional driver, low price

3. Transfer Guide in Beijing Capital Airport:
→ Minimum Connection Time: D refers to Domestic; I refers to International
Transfer in the Same Terminal: D ⇒ D: 50 mins. in T1; 60 mins. in T2 & T3   D ⇔ I: 120 mins.   I ⇒ I: 100 mins. in T2; 60 mins. in T3
Transfer between Two Terminals: D ⇒ D: 120 mins.   D ⇔ I: 160 mins.   I ⇒ I: 120 mins.

→ Transport between Terminals:
24-Hour Free Terminal Shuttle: Gate 5 on 1F of T3 → Departure Floor of T2 → Departure Floor of T1 → Gate 7 of Arrival Floor of T2 → Gate 7 of Arrival Floor of T1 → Departure Floor of T3
Frequency: 10-15 minutes
T1 ↔ T2: Walkway on 2F, 8 min.; Terminal Shuttle, 5 min.
T1 ↔ T3: Terminal Shuttle, 15 min.
T2 ↔ T3: Terminal Shuttle, 8.5 min.

4. Female-only Security Check Channel: available in T1, T2, and T3.

Map of Beijing Capital Airport
Click to enlage it, or go for
more Capital Airport Maps.
Beijing Capital Airport
Check-in Counters
at PEK

Notice on Visa-Free Policy

All international transit passengers can stay in the airport's transit area for a 24-Hour Direct Transit without going through border inspections. Both the arrival and connecting flights need to be international. Since December 28th, 2017, passport holders of 53 countries and regions are granted a 144-Hour Visa-Free Transit when taking an international transfer via Capital Airport. International passengers are allowed to travel within Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei during the 144 hours.
Beijing Layover Tours: 1 to 6 days

 Visa Office
Location: T2 & T3: East side of International Restrict Area on 3F
Service Hours: 24 hours

Beijing Capital Airport Beijing Capital Airport

T1 only operates domestic flights.

Departure Hall: 2F
Arrival Hall: 2F

 Airlines: Fuzhou Airlines (FU), Grand China Airlines Domestic (CN), Capital Airlines (JD), Hainan Airlines Domestic (HU), Tianjin Airlines (GS), Spring Airlines (9C), Lucky Air (8L)

T2 operates domestic and international flights.

Departure Hall: 2F
Arrival Hall: 1F, 3F

 Domestic Airlines: Capital Airlines International Flights (JD), Hebei Airlines (NS), Shanghai Airlines (FM), China Southern Airlines (CZ), Chongqing Airlines (OQ), Hainan Airlines International (HU), China Eastern Airlines (MU), Xiamen Airlines (MF)

 International Airlines: Air Leisure (AL), Nordwind Airlines (N4), Sky Angkor Airlines (ZA), Vim Airline (NN), Tajik Air (7J), Ukraine International Airlines (PS), Jeju Air (7C), Dynamic Airways LLC (2D), Azerbaijan Airline CJSC (J2), JSC Airline Taimyr (Y7), Yukutia Airlines (R3), Asia Airlines (D7), American Airlines Inc. (AA), JSC Aurora Airlines (HZ), Cebu Pacific Air (5J), Delta Air Lines (DL), Korean Airlines (KE), Air France (AF), Russian International Airlines (SU), Uzbekistan Airlines (HY), Klm Royal Dutch Airlines (KL), Air Astana (KC), Air Koryo (JS), PIA (PK), Garuda Indonesia Airlines (GA), Iran National Airlines (IR), Sri Lanka Airlines (UL), Turkmenistan Airlines (T5), Vietnam Airlines (VN), TAAG (DT), Air Algerie (AH), Hong Kong Airlines (HX), Mega Global Air Services (Maldives) Pvt. Ltd. (LV)

T3-C & T3-D for domestic flights; T3-E for international flights.

Departure Hall: 3F of T3-C, 2F & 3F of T3-D, 2F of T3-E
Arrival Hall: 2F of T3-C, 3F of T3-E

 Domestic Airlines: Zhejiang Loong Airlines Co., Ltd. (GJ), Kunming Airlines Co.,Ltd (KY), Qingdao Airlines (QW), Tibet Airlines Corporation Limited (TV), Air China (CA), Dalian Airlines (CA), Shandong Airlines (SC), Sichuan Airlines (3U), China Airlines (CI), Shenzhen Airlines (ZH), Shanghai Juneyao Airlines Co., Ltd. (HO)

 International Airlines: Cambodia Angkor Air (K6), Alitalia (AZ), Donghai Airlines (DZ), Mahan Air (W5), Hawaiian Airlines (HA), Globus Airlines (GH), Air Mauritius Limited (MK), LOT Polish Airlines (LO), Swiss international Airlines Ltd. (LX), Austrian Airlines (OS), Scandinavian Airlines (SK), Deutsche Lufthansa Airlines (LH), Asiana Airlines (OZ), Air Canada (AC), United Airlines (UA), ANA Airlines (NH), Turkish Airlines (TK), Egypt Airlines (MS), Thai Airways International (TG), Singapore Airlines (SQ), Finnair (AY), Cathay Pacific (CX), Qantas Airways Limited (QF), British Airways (BA), Japan Airlines (JL), Dragonair (KA), Emirates Airlines (EK), Israel Airlines (LY), Qatar Airlines (QR), S7 Airlines (S7), Air Macau (NX), Etihad Airways (EY), BR Eva Air (BR), Mongolia Airlines (OM), Ural Airlines (U6), Transaero Airlines (UN), Ethiopian Airlines Share Co. (ET), Philippine Airlines (PR), Malaysia Airlines (MH)

How to Travel between Capital Airport & Downtown Beijing

Airport Express Train + Subway Taxi Airport Shuttle Bus
Airport → Sanyuanqiao (transfer to subway line 10) → Dongzhimen (transfer to subway line 2 or 13) Flexible route up to you. 16 options to Wangfujing, Xidan, Fangzhuang, railway stations, Zhongguancun, Wangjing…
06:22 – 23:10 24 hours Downtown: 04:30 ~ 22:00
Airport: 06:00 ~ 01:00 the next day, plus 2 night lines
60 – 80 minutes 70 – 90 minutes 70 – 100 minutes
CNY 25 CNY 100-150 CNY 20-30
Best way for daytime travelers and people with tight schedule. Suitable for red-eye flight passengers or 1 to 4 travelers with big luggage. Average choice for budget travelers.

 See more How to Get from Beijing South Railway Station to Capital Airport
Beijing Airport Express Train
Airport Express Train
Beijing Capital Airport shuttle bus map
Capital Airport Shuttle Bus Map

 Route: T2 – T3 – Sanyuanqiao – Dongzhimen
 Operating Hours: T2: 06:36 to 23:10; T3: 06:22 to 22:52; Dongzhimen: 06:00 to 22:30
 Frequency: 10 minutes
 Single Journey Time: T3 → Dongzhimen: 30 minutes; Dongzhimen →T3: 16 minutes;
T2 → Dongzhimen: 21 minutes; Dongzhimen →T2: 35 minutes
 Ticket Fare: CNY 25/person
 Boarding Sites: T2: B2 of Parking Garage No. 2; T3: 2F of Parking Garage No. 3

1. Sanyuanqiao is the transfer station to subway line 10.
2. Dongzhimen is the transfer station to subway line 2 and line 13.

Official Taxi Stands:
T1: Outside Gate 1 on 1F
T2: Outside Gate 5 to 9 on 1F
T3: outside of Arrival Hall on B1
Hotline: 010-64541100
 Tip: Traffic jams are common in Beijing, and especially during peak hours from 07:00 to 9:00 and 17:00 to 19:00.

Reference Taxi Fare:

Destination Fare Time
Forbidden City / Tiananmen Square CNY 110-130 80-90 mins.
Wangfujing Street CNY 95-115 70-80 mins.
Badaling Great Wall CNY 270-290 90-100 mins.
Mutianyu Great Wall CNY 235-250 75-80 mins.
Bird's Nest / Water Cube CNY 90-105 75-85 mins.
Beijing Railway Station CNY 100-115 70-80 mins.
West Railway Station CNY 105-125 80-90 mins.
South Railway Station CNY 105-125 75-85 mins.
North Railway Station CNY 85-100 70-80 mins.

Beijing Capital Airport Shuttle Bus – 16 Lines to Downtown Beijing

No. Route / Destination
Line 1 Fangzhuang
Line 2 South Railway Station
Line 3 Beijing Railway Station
Line 4 Gongzhufen
Line 5 Zhongguancun
Line 6 Olympic Green Village
Line 7 West Railway Station
Line 8 Huilongguan
Line 9 Tongzhou District
Line 12 Sihui
Line 13 Wangfujing Jinbao Street
Line 14 Wangjing
Line 15 Nanyuan Airport
Line 16 Shijingshan
Line 17 Yanjiao Town
Line 18 Changping
No. Route / Destination
Line 1 Cherry Garden
Line 2 Shunyi Vocational Training School
Line 3 Kuliushu Roundabout
Line 5 West Jiangzhouying Village
Line 6 Beishicao
Line 7 Zhangzhen
Line 8 Longwantun
Line 9 Wuxiongsi
Line 10 Shunyi International School

Airport Intercity Bus – to Tianjin, Hebei & Inner Mongolia

Destination Duration
Tianjin 2.5 hours
Qinhuangdao 4 hours
Langfang 2 hours
Baoding 3 hours
Tangshan 3 hours
Cangzhou 3.5 hours
Chifeng 5.5 hours


Facilities & Services of Beijing Capital Airport

Left Luggage:

Location: T1: east side of 2F (+86 010-64540921); T2: beside Gate 10 of Departure Hall on 2F (+86 010-64598152); T3: East & West public space of Arrival Hall on 2F of T3-C (+86 010-64558579/010-64558580)
Charge: (one day price for one piece of baggage, by length+width+height)
≦65cm: CNY20; 65 – 115cm: CNY30; 115 – 180cm: CNY40; ≧180cm: CNY60;
Electronic password locker: Charge is based on locker's size and service time.

Money Exchange:

T1: Travelex: Public Service Area of Domestic Arrival Hall on 1F

T2: ICE: International Baggage Claim Area on 1F
GREENET Currency Exchange: Public Service Area of Departure Hall on 1F
Hang Seng Bank: International Baggage Claim Area at 1F; Restricted Area of International Departure Hall on 2F
Travelex: International Baggage Claim Area on 1F; Public Service Area of Departure Hall

T3: ICE: Departure Hall on 4F of T3-C; International Baggage Claim Hall on 2F of T3-C
Hang Seng United: International Lounge on 2F of T3-E (opposite to Boarding Gate 20); Public space of the International Arrival Hall on 2F of T3-C
Travelex: International Baggage Claim Hall on 2F of T3-C; International Departure Hall on 2F of T3-E (opposite to Boarding Gate E19); International Arrival Hall on 2F of T3-C

Airport Free WIFI:

Passengers need to use the passport to get a username and password from the self-service machines to connect the 'Airport-Free-Wifi-New' and access to the internet inside T1, T2 and T3.

Hourly Lounge:

T1: Passengers can take the elevator from the west of Gate 8 on 2F and get to 3F.
T2: between the Gate D2 and the Gate D3 on B1 (for foreign passengers); between the Gate D6 and the Gate D7 on B1 (for domestic passengers)
T3: west public space of Arrival Hall on 2F of T3-C; East of International Departure Hall of T3-E

24-Hour Free Terminal Shuttle
24-Hour Free Terminal Shuttle
Beijing Airport Express Train Terminus
Airport Express Train Terminus

Further Reading:
Nanyuan Airport: It is 13 kilometers (8 miles) away from downtown Beijing, only operating domestic flights.
Beijing Daxing International Airport: Starting to be built in 2014, it will be put into use in 2019.

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Questions & Answers on Beijing Capital International Airport
Asked by Chin from MALAYSIA | May. 21, 2019 10:50Reply
Hi, I fly from Beijing to Xi'an. How do I go to Capital Airport T1 by train?
I can see T2 & T3 in the map, no T1.
Answers (1)
Answered by Helen from USA | May. 21, 2019 20:03

It doesn't connect T1. T1 is very close to the T2 and you can walk to there directly, which takes less than 10 minutes.
Asked by Beverly Putnam from USA | May. 15, 2019 03:26Reply
Rest options for long layover in international terminal at Beijing Capital Airport
Is there a rest area for a 7 hour layover?
Answers (1)
Answered by Bowen from UNITED KINGDOM | May. 15, 2019 19:52

Yes, there is a Business Hourly Rate Lounge at the E10 boarding gate, International Departure Hall, Terminal 3.
Asked by Khin Moh Moh from MYANMAR | May. 14, 2019 21:47Reply
I'm traveling from Mandalay Myanmar to NYC USA starting from 9:10 pm tonight.
There are 2 transits; Kunming and Beijing.
Kunming layover is ok but PEK layover is 2 hr 15 min.
I'll fly with Air China 4171 tomorrow to BJ. To manage the time I want to select front seats. How can I do?
Answers (1)
Answered by Kevin from USA | May. 15, 2019 19:13

You can choose to contact your air company in advance or communicate with them at the transit counter.
Asked by Prashantgoyani from INDIA | Apr. 30, 2019 04:58Reply
How to catch connecting flight in 1 hour and 10 minutes layover at Beijing Capital Airport?
From PEK to Montreal Canada. Please give me some tips to catch that flight in this short layover
Answers (1)
Answered by Moria from USA | May. 04, 2019 20:18

I'm sorry but the time is too tight and you may miss it. It is better for you to adjust your schedule.
Asked by John from USA | Apr. 22, 2019 06:53Reply
Visit Beijing Capital Airport terminal 3 on long layover?
Hi, I’ll be traveling through PEK and have a 7 hour layover. We arrive in terminal 2 and depart to our final destination from terminal 2. Can we go to terminal 3 during the layover and go back to terminal 2? Will we be able to access the restaurants and shops in terminal 3?
Answers (1)
Answered by Tyler from FINLAND | Apr. 24, 2019 20:33

Oh, if you want to leave the transit area, you need to apply for the Stay Permit when you landing at the airport.
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