Beijing Capital International Airport -- T3

Terminal 3 of Beijing Capital AirportT3 has been in use since early 2008 prior to the Olympic Games. With a total area of 968,000 square meters (about 239 acres), the terminal building has three function divisions: T3-C, T3-D, and T3-E. T3-C is for check-in and domestic & international baggage claim, T3-D is for charter flight services and T3-E for international (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) departures and arrivals.

Airline Companies in T3

Air Canada (AC), Air China (CA),  Air Macau (NX), Air New Zealand (NZ), All Nippon Airways (NH), Asiana Airlines (OZ), Australian Qantas Airways (QF), Austrian Airlines (OS), Beijing-Shanghai Air Express, BR Eva Air (BR), British Airways (BA), Cathay Pacific Airways (CX), China Airlines (CI), Continental Airlines (CO), Dragonair (KA), Egypt Air (MS), EL AL Israel Airlines (LY), Emirates Airlines (EK), Etihad Airways (EY), Finnair (AY), Germany Lufthansa Airlines(LH), Japan Airlines (JL), Malaysia Airlines (MH), Mandarin Airlines (AE), Mongolia Airlines (OM), Northeastern Airlines (NS), Qatar Airlines (QR), Russian Novosibirsk Airlines (S7), Scandinavian Airlines (SK), Shandong Airlines (SC), Shenzhen Airlines (HZ), Sichuan Airlines (3U),  Singapore Airlines (SQ), Thai Airways (TG), Turkish Airlines (TK), United Airlines (UA), Ural Airlines (U6)
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T3 Transportation

 Airport Express Train
 Airport Shuttle Bus
 Cross Terminals Shuttle Bus
 Automated People Mover (APM) for International Departure & Arrival in T3
The APM refers to the small trains without human operators running between the 2nd Floor of T3-C and the 2nd Floor of T3-E, the distance between which is about 2,080 meters. After check-in at the 4th Floor of T3-C, passengers could take the APM on the 2nd Floor to reach the International Departure Hall at T3-E. Vice versa, if passengers arrive at T3-E by international flights, they should take the APM on the 2nd Floor to reach the Baggage Claim Area on the 2nd Floor of T3-C.

The highest speed of the APM is about 917 meters per minute. Every 3 minutes, there is a train leaving from T3-C or T3-E and arriving at the other terminus in 3 minutes.
Cross Terminals Shuttle Bus
Cross Terminals Shuttle Bus
Beijing Capital Airport
Service Center of T3

Arrival & Departure Guides in T3

 International Arrival 
All of the international flights will land at 3F of T3-E. After getting off the plane, passengers are required to accept Inspection & Quarantine and then present filled-in Entry Registration Card with valid passport and visa to the Immigration Check Post for Inspection.

Afterwards, please take the elevator down to 2F of T3-E, where you should catch an APM mini-train to arrive at the international Baggage Claim Area at 2F of T3-C. Later, passengers should make a factual declaration to the Customs by completing a Declaration Form. Finally, you could leave the airport by bus or cab, both of which are available at 1F of T3-C.
 Please pick up international arrival passengers at the Exit B of the Baggage Claim Area.

 Domestic Arrival
The Domestic Arrival Hall is located at the 2F of T3-C. Then, passengers could enter into the domestic Baggage Claim Area and leave the airport freely by bus or cab at 1F.
 Please pick up domestic arrival passengers at the Exit A and Exit C of the Baggage Claim Area.

Beijing Airport T3 Map
T3 International Departure Map (Click to enlarge)
 International Departure       
1. Check-in: Please enter into T3-C from Gate 2, Gate 4, Gate 6 and Gate 8 at 4F and register at the Check-in Area of A, B, C, D, E, F and H. The international check-in counters of T3 will be closed 60 minutes before airplanes take off, and the arrival at PEK should be ahead of 3 hours for check-in.
 If you take the articles which need declaration to the customs, please go through declaration procedures on Customs Declaration Counter (between Check-in Area D and E).

 International passengers taking CA153, CA155, CA175, CA177, CA903, CA905, CA923, CA953, CA957, CA977 and other flights with domestic stopovers should follow the Domestic Departure Guide to the designated waiting area close to the Boarding Gate C53 and C54 after proceeding with boarding procedures.
2. Take the APM mini-train at 2F of T3-C and get off at 2F of T3-E. Then, take the elevator up to the International Departure Hall at 3F of T3-E.
3. Go through Inspection & Quarantine or Entry & Exit Frontier Inspection;
4. Security Check: please present your valid ID card and boarding pass;
5. Customs Inspection: Please go through the 'Goods to Declare' Channel (namely Red Channel) if you take articles needing declaration. Otherwise, please go to the 'Nothing to Declare' Channel (namely Green Channel);
6. Waiting & Boarding

Map of Terminal 3 of Beijing Airport
T3 Domestic Departure Map
(Click to enlarge)
 Domestic Departure         
1. Check-in: Please enter into T3-C from Gate 10 and Gate 12 at 4F and register at the Check-in Area of H, J, K and L. The domestic check-in counters of T3 will be closed 45 minutes before airplane take off. Please get to PEK at least 2 hours in advance to catch your flight.

 If you have baggage that needs registration, please bring your air-ticket and valid ID card to the check-in counter and get your boarding pass; If you hold an E-ticket or don't take a registered baggage, please go to E-ticket Counter or No-Baggage Counter.
2. Take the elevator down to 3F of T3-C;
3. Security Check;
4. Waiting & Boarding

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