Beijing Taxi

Travelling by taxi in Beijing is convenient for there are over 67,000 cars in operation. It is usually easy to flag down a cab during off peak hours, but difficult in rush hours during 07:00 – 09:00 & 17:00 – 20:00 due to the great need and terrible traffic jam. Beijing taxis are available for 24h, and each car can accommodate at most four adult passengers.

Beijing Taxi Price

Flag-down Rate CNY13 for the first 3km (2mi)
Unit Fare 1. CNY2.3/km over 3km in the daytime
2. CNY2.76/km from 23:00 to 05:00 the next day
Low-Speed Drive and Waiting Fare Extra CNY4.6 for each 5mins' waiting or driving with the speed of lower than 12km/h during rush hours. CNY2.3 during other time.
Empty-run Fee CNY3.45/km for the extra distance beyond 15km (9mi)
1. The price is usually rounded up/down to a whole number of Chinese Yuan. For example, CNY16 will be charged if the taximeter shows CNY15.7.
2. The toll fee should be paid by passengers.

 Taxi Fare for Reference

Drivers usually charge by meter for downtown travels, but prefer a flat rate for long-distance trips. The taxi fare from Beijing Capital Airport to Wangfujing is CNY100-110, and it costs CNY500-600 for a round trip by cab from the airport to Badaling Great Wall. Generally, an 8-hour day taxi rental with driver costs CNY500-800 in downtown Beijing.
Destination Distance Fare from Downtown
Capital Airport 30km (19mi) CNY100 - 120
Nanyuan Airport 13km (8mi) CNY50 - 60
Summer Palace 20km (12mi) CNY60
Fragrant Hills Park 28km (17mi) CNY90
Badaling Great Wall 70km (43mi) CNY500 - 600 for a round trip
Mutianyu Great Wall 70km (43mi) CNY500 - 600 for a round trip
Simatai Great Wall 120km (75mi) CNY700 - 800 for a round trip

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How to Hail a Taxi in Beijing

1. Hail a Taxi by Waving

Stand along any street or any official taxi stand in Beijing and flag down a cab. Avoid the intersections with traffic lights and traffic police; otherwise, the driver won’t stop. Give up hailing a taxi at the Ring Roads, urban expressways, and highways for suburbs or airports.
Taxies in Beijing
Beijing Taxi
Beijing taxi station
Taxi Stand

2. Taxi Booking Number: +86 010 – 96103

Dial the number to call an official taxi. Extra CNY6 is charged for the service when the telephone-call is made over 4h prior to the departure, and it is CNY5 within 4h before the trip.

3. Online Car-Hailing Apps:

Didi, Uber, UCAR Inc., and Shouyue Limousine & Chauffeur offering barrier-free MPVs.
Payment: Wechat, Alipay, UnionPay, Paypal……
Passengers can call a taxi or a private car through these apps. In off peak hours, the price is almost the same as hailing a taxi directly on the street, while it costs more and even twice the common taxi fare in rush hours, especially in bustling areas like Wangfujing, Xidan and Sanlitun Bar Street.

How to Pay the Taxi Fare

The payment can be done by cash, Beijing Transportation Smart Card, Wechat, Alipay and UnionPay, but international debit card and credit card like Visa card and MasterCard cannot work.

Tips on How to Take a Taxi in Beijing

1. Identify empty car & share a taxi

Cabs with the light behind the windscreen on are empty. If the light is off, it means the taxi has passengers. An exception is that the passenger in the car is willing to share the ride with others. Then the driver may pull over to carry others passengers who will go in the same direction. Under the circumstance, each passenger only needs to pay 60% of the total fare.

2. First come, first ride & queue in airport and railway stations

A number of passengers may hail a taxi at the same time near subway stations, bus stops, shopping malls or attractions. The person approaching the door first will have it. So be fast! However, this doesn’t suit in airports and railway stations, where there are official waiting zones and long queues for cabs.

3. Walking or cycling instead of waiting

The traffic jam in Beijing is incredibly terrible during rush hours, when walking or cycling to the destination is far more convenient than taking a cab. Don’t waste your time in the rain to wait for a taxi as most cabs will not be empty. In addition, many drivers prefer short-distance trips upon downpour. At the hot scenic spots, such as the Forbidden City, Summer Palace and Wangfujing Pedestrian Street, it is hard to get a cab. Just walk away a little bit and hail a cab, or choose city bus or subway.

4. Easier access for less people without luggage

Although it is not allowed to refuse passengers, most drivers prefer to carry one or two people. It is strongly recommended to book a cab in advance if you are going in a group with many large suitcases.

5. Drivers speak little English

Since most Beijing taxi drivers speak little English, do make some preparations in cases of problems caused by the language barrier. A note with Chinese characters showing your destination and detailed address would work. Or present a map with your destination clearly marked. Skilled drivers know the roads well. If leaving from a hotel, ask the concierge to call a taxi for you.

6. Official taxis & fake taxis

Official cabs in Beijing have “TAXI” on the roof and the plate number starts with “B”. These cars have taximeters equipped and the license with the company name and the driver’s name printed is on the dashboard on the passenger’s side. Fake cabs with cloned taximeters should be avoided. For the sake of safety, don’t believe those who offer you easy access and low price at airports and railway stations with their unlicensed cars. Official taxis provide receipts on which the distance, fare, and plate number are printed. Once leaving behind personal belongings, the receipt is very important proof to trace the car.

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