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Comfortable BusBeijing has 8 major long-distance bus stations, operating coaches to nearby cities like Tianjin, Zhangjiakou and Chengde and cities in neighboring provinces. Long-distance bus travel is a common alternative to trains and flights if going to neighboring cities. 
It is easy to purchase tickets in coach stations on the travel day; however, during peak seasons like Chinese New Year and National Day Holiday, it is best to book 3-7 days prior to departure, either at the coach terminals or through the official website of the Interprovincial Passenger Transportation Online Ticketing Administration Center.
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8 Major Coach Stations in Beijing

Location Map of Beijing Coach Stations
Location Map of
Beijing Coach Stations

 Liuliqiao Passenger Transportation Junction

Chinese Name: 六里桥客运主枢纽(liù lǐ qiáo kè yùn zhǔ shū niǔ)
Address: No. Jia 19, Liuliqiao Nanli, Fengtai District
 How to Get There:
1. Take subway line 9 or line 10. Get off at Liuliqiao and walk out of exit C.
2. Take bus nos. 603 or Zhuan 3 and get off at Yifengyuan.
 Service Hours: 06:00 – 19:00

 Hotline: +86 010 - 83831716; +86 010 - 83831711

 Destinations (Extract):

Zhangjiakou, Hebei Dep.: 7:30; 15:40
Duration: 2.5-3.5h
Zhengzhou, Henan Dep.: 18:00
Duration: 7-9h
Xilin Hot, Inner Mongolia Dep.: 09:00, 14:00, 18:00
Duration: 7-9h
Chengde, Hebei Dep.: 7:30; 9:00; 10:40; 12:20; 12:30; 14:30; 17:00
Duration: 3-5h

Gonglian Zhaogongkou Bus Station

Chinese Name: 公联赵公口客运站 (gōng lián zhào gōng kǒu kè yùn zhàn)
 Destinations (Extract):
Tianjin Dep.: 17:30; 17:50; 18:00; 18:50; 19:00
Duration: 2-2.5h
Qingdao, Shandong Dep.: 9:00
Duration: 7-8h
Hengshui, Hebei Dep.: 8:15; 10:05;13:30; 15:20
Duration: 3-4h
Cangzhou, Hebei Dep.: 12:42; 13:10
Duration: 2.5-3.5h
 Address: No. 34, Middle Nansanhuan Road, Fengtai District
 How to Get There:
1. Take subway line 5 to Liujiayao, or take line 14 to Jingtai, then the distance to the coach station is about 1km (0.6mi).
2. Take bus nos. 2, 54, 62, 687, Night Line 23, 24 & 30 or Zhuan 130  and get off at West Zhaogongkou Bridge.
 Service Hours: 05:30 – 19:00
 Hotline: +86 010 - 67229491, 67237328

 Xinfadi Long-distance Bus Station

Chinese Name: 新发地长途客运站(xīn fā dì cháng tú kè yùn zhàn)
 Destinations (Extract):
Dezhou, Shandong Dep.: 14:30
Duration: 3-4h
Shijiazhuang, Hebei Dep.: 10:00
Duration: 3-4h
Jinan, Shandong Dep.: 7:40; 14:30
Duration: 4.5-5.5h
 Address: No. 215, Majialou, Fengtai District
 How to Get There:
Take bus nos. 354, 377, 381, 410, 423, 454, 483, 497, 529, 646, 676, 679, Night Line 22 and get off at Xinfadiqiao North. The station is across the road.
 Service Hours: 07:00 – 19:00
 Hotline: +86 010 - 83728005; +86 010 - 83728015

Sihui Long-distance Bus Station

Chinese Name: 四惠长途客运站(sì huì cháng tú kè yùn zhàn)
 Destinations (Extract):
Tianjin  Dep.: 17:50; 18:00
Duration: 2-3.5h
Dongying, Shandong Dep.: 13:50
Duration: 4.5-5.5h
Dalian, Liaoning Dep.: 13:00
Duration: 9-11h
Jinan, Shandong Dep.: 13:00
Duration: 5-5.5h
Weifang, Shandong Dep.: 9:30
Duration: 5.5-6.5h
 Address: No. 66, Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District
 How to Get There:
Take subway line 1 or Batong Line and get off at Sihui.
 Service Hours: 07:00 – 19:30
 Hotline: +86 010 - 65574804; +86 010 - 65574810

 Beijing Capital Airport Long-distance Coach Station

Chinese Name: 首都机场长途车站 (shǒu dū jī chǎng cháng tú chē zhàn)
 Destinations (Extract): Langfang, Baoding
 Boarding Sites: T2, Gate 15, Departure Hall on 1F; T3, the inter-city bus ticket booth, Departure Hall on 1F
 Hotline: +86 010 - 64558718
 Capital Airport Shuttle Bus

Beijing Daxing Airport Bus Station

Chinese Name: 大兴机场长途车站 (dà xīng jī chǎng cháng tú chē zhàn)
 Destinations: Langfang, Baoding, Gu'an, Zhuozhou in Heibei
 Boarding Sites: Inside Gate 15 on 1F of the terminal building
 Hotline: +86 010 - 81698565
 Daxing Airport Shuttle Bus

Beijing Tiantongyuan North Bus Station

Chinese Name: 天通苑北长途客运站 (tiān tōng yuàn běi cháng tú kè yùn zhàn)
 Destinations: cities in Heibei, Inner Mongollia and Shanxi
 Address: Tiantongyuan North Transportation Hub, Changping District, Beijing
 How to Get There:
1. Take Subway Line 5 to Tiantongyuan North.
2. Take bus no. 441, 487, 520, 533, 537, 643, 860, 922, 933, C110, C112, C114, C115, C118, C120, C121, Express Line 103, 158, 163, 164, 220 & 77, Zhuan 117, 137, 35 & 42
 Service Hours: 6:30-16:30
 Hotline: +86 010 - 81786554

 Bawangfen Long-distance Bus Station

Chinese Name: 八王坟长途客运站(bā wáng fén cháng tú kè yùn zhàn)
Address: No. 17, West Dawang Road, Chaoyang District
 How to Get There:
1. Take subway line 1 or line 14 and get off at Dawang Road. Leave from exit B and walk southward for 3-5min.
2. Take bus nos. 31, 486, 605 or 985 and get off at South Guanghuiqiao.
 Service Hours: 06:30 – 22:00
 Hotline: +86 010 - 87718844
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Questions & Answers on Beijing Long-Distance Bus
Asked by MBERTRAM | Jul. 23, 2019 12:27Reply
Are there buses from Simatai Great Wall directly to Dongzhimen Long Distance Bus Station?
We have to arrive at Beijing at 1pm, because we will join the train to Xi'an.
Answers (1)
Answered by Joe from USA | Jul. 25, 2019 19:09

There is no direct bus to Dongzhimen. You need to take bus line Mi51 from Gubei Town (Simatai great wall) Station to Miyun Shaoniangong Station, then transfer to bus line 908 to Dongzhimen Coach Station. It takes around 4.5 hours on the way with CNY28.
Asked by Aline from SWITZERLAND | Jun. 02, 2019 23:31Reply
Hi, I want to take the sleeper bus from Beijing to Erlian.
Can you please tell me from which bus station it leaves and at what time? How much is it?
Thank you very much!
Answers (1)
Answered by Celine from FRANCE | Jun. 03, 2019 19:00

1. Yongdingmen Coach Station: CNY 180/ person, 17:30.
2. Xinfading Coach Station: CNY 180/ person, 17:40, 17:50, 18:00, 18:10, 18:20
Asked by muugii from MONGOLIA | Oct. 31, 2018 04:54Reply
Where does the bus from Erlian to Beijing stop? is it in Yongdingmen or Xinfadi?
bus from Erlian to BJ leaves at 15:00, then waht time and where does it stop in BJ? yongdingmen or xinfadi?
Thnak you.
Answers (1)
Answered by Dave from USA | Oct. 31, 2018 19:43

The travel time may be about 12 hours so you may get to the Yonngdingmen Bus Station at about 03:00.
Asked by Anthony Saladino from USA | Oct. 28, 2018 22:08Reply
Is there a bus from Zhangjiakou to Erlian? How much does it cost?
What time does it leave and what time does it return? Where is the bus station in Zhangjiakou?
Answers (1)
Answered by Ellene from CANADA | Oct. 30, 2018 19:13

Yes, there is only one direct bus departing at Zhangjiakou North Bus Station. The ticket fare is CNY130 per person.

The bus leaves at 06:00am every day from Zhangjiakou to Erlian. The return-trip bus from Erlian International Bus Station to Zhangjiakou departs at 06:30 am every day.

The Zhangjiakou North Bus Station is located at No.100 West Shahe Avenue, Qiaoxi District.
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