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Badaling Great Wall
Badaling Great Wall
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Being capital of the People's Republic of China, Beijing is the nation's political, economic, and cultural center. Located in north China, close to the port city of Tianjin and partially surrounded by Hebei Province, it also serves as the most important transportation hub and port of entry.

As one of the six ancient cities in China, Beijing has been the heart and soul of politics throughout its long history and consequently there is an unparalleled wealth of discovery to delight and intrigue travelers as they explore the city's ancient past and exciting modern development. Now it has become one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, with about 140 million Chinese tourists and 4.4 million international visitors in a year.

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 144-Hour Visa-Free Transit in Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei

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It is northern China's main transportation hub. Frequent flights, modern roads and rail make it easy for visitors to reach Beijing. Crisscross roads make the urban transportation generally fast and convenient; however, you may encounter traffic jam sometimes due to the millions of vehicles that the city owns.

Best Time to Visit
Roast Duck
Interested in trying the local food? The Roast Duck and the Imperial Court Food are highly recommended. Nowhere else on earth will you find such a variety of gourmet restaurants offering the very best of Chinese and western dishes.

Souvenir Store
Whether you plan to buy curios and tourist souvenirs with traditional Chinese flavor, or you are keen on seeking quality products from world famous brands, you will find the city truly a shopper's paradise. The most famous and popular shopping destinations are the Yansha and Guomao Shopping Malls, Xidan Street and streets near Tiananmen Square such as  the Wangfujing and Qianmen Streets.

Peking Opera
After a day's tour, nighttime can hold other surprises for you. These can vary from traditional performances such as the traditional opera, acrobatics and martial arts to modern ones like concerts, pubs and clubs. Tianqiao Area and Laoshe Teahouse are good venues for tourists to enjoy Chinese folk culture; while Sanlitun Bar Street and the nearby embassy area is an ideal choice if you are a party-loving night owl.


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Questions & Answers on Beijing Travel
Asked by Maggie Hall from BRITAIN | Nov. 14, 2019 14:42Reply
In 1999 I stayed in the Peking Hotel (in Beijing).
It was the only hotel foreigners were allowed to stay in. Is it still open?
Asked by Steve from CANADA | Nov. 11, 2019 19:12Reply
Is there airport transportation from Terminal 3 to Goldmet Inn, 10 Tianzhu Rd, Shunyi, Beijing?
Is there a bus that will get us to our hotel?
Answers (1)
Answered by Vivian from THAILAND | Nov. 13, 2019 19:29

You can take shuttle bus line 10 to Guohang Dongmen station, then walk north around 200m to your destination. It takes 45 minutes with CNY2.
Asked by INKOGNITO | Nov. 10, 2019 02:42Reply
arrivng at PEK at 12:45am. Have 12 hour layover
US passport coming from Bangkok, arriving in Beijing at 12:45am and departing PEK at 12:45pm onto Dulles.12 hours seems like enough time to leave the airport and do the Great Wall or Forbidden City and I'm interested in doing something like that, but I'm concerned that my arrival time will be prohibitive. #1, can I leave the airport doing TWOV? #2 Is there anything I can reasonably expect to accomplish during my layover given my arrival time? Forbidden City seems unlikely as it doesn't open until 8:30am. I was thinking maybe sunrise at the Great Wall. Do you think that's possible? If so, Mutianyu or Badaling? If not, what can I do at that hour?
Answers (1)
Answered by Xanthe from NEW ZEALAND | Nov. 11, 2019 23:35

Yes, you can make full use of your stopover to tour around Forbidden City.
1. You can enjoy the 24 hours visa free policy. But if you want to leave the airport, you need to apply for the Stay Permit at the airport. It won't take too much time. Don't worry.
2. Well, generally speaking, you need to go back the airport at least 2 hours in advance before the departure. Thus you are suggested to wait until the morning and tour around Forbidden City.
3. I am afraid not the transfer time is not appropriate time to visis Great Wall.
Asked by Monique Lavaud from FRANCE | Nov. 09, 2019 10:39Reply
Are these 2 routes eligible for 144 hour transit visa free, on the same journey for a French tourist
1st route : Paris-Beijing- Hong Kong
2nd route: Hong Kong -Xi'an-Paris

if not, can I go from Hong Kong to Macao, then Macao-Xi'an-Paris to get a 2nd 144 hour transit visa free?

Thank you so much for your answer
Answers (1)
Answered by Phil from NEW ZEALAND | Nov. 11, 2019 19:23

Yes, these 2 routes both meet 144 hour visa free transit requirements.
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