List of International Schools in Beijing

As an international city, Beijing attracts more and more foreigners to stay. To meet their need, many schoold are built. Here is the list of the best international schools in Beijing:

The British School of Beijing

In the list of international schools in Beijing, the British School occupies an important position. The school adopts British education system, available for children between 16 years.
Tuition Fee: RMB 114,372 - 268,310 per year
Shunyi Campus: South Side, No.9, Anhua Street, Tianzhu Development Zone, Shunyi District
Tel: +86 010 80473558
Sanlitun Primary Campus: No. 5, Xiliu Street, Sanlitun, Chaoyang District
Tel: +86 010 85323088
Sanlitun Early Years Campus: No. 7, Beixiao Street, Sanlitun, Chaoyang District
Tel: +86 010 85325320

Harrow International School

Harrow Beijing also can’t be missed in the list of international schools in Beijing. It’s the branch of the Harrow School in British, whose alumni include the former UK premier, Churchill and the famous poet, Byron.
Secondary School Campus: 5, 4th Block, Anzhenxili, Chaoyang District
Tel: +86 010 64448900
Fax: +86 010 6445 3870
Chaoyang Campus: No.287 Hegezhuang Village, Cuigezhuang County, Chaoyang District
Tel: +86 010 6444 8900
Primary School Campus: Grassetown, Yin-Ge-Zhuang, Song-Zhuangzhen, Tongzhou District
Tel: +86 010 89516680

Canadian International School (CIS)

As one of the best international schools in Beijing, CIS near Liangmaqiao Station of Subway Line 10 is easy to reach.
Address: 38, Liangmaqiao Road, Chaoyang District
Tel: +86 010 64657788
Fax: +86 010 64657789

Australian International School of Beijing (AISB)

Address: 7, Louzizhung Road, Chaoyang District
Tel: +86 010 84390878 (admissions office), 84394315/16 (enquiries)
Fax: +86 010 84391842

The International Montessori School of Beijing (MSB)

Cherry Tree Lane Campus: A2, North Xiangjiang Road, Chaoyang District
Tel & Fax: +86 010 64328728
River Garden Campus: Baixinzhuang, Houshayu, Shunyi District
Tel: +86 010 80463935
Fax: +86 010 80463934
Champagne Cove Campus: Shunfu Road, Shunyi District
Tel: +86 010 64328228
Fax: +86 010 64328728

Beanstalk International Bilingual School

Address: 6 North the 4th East Ring Rd, Chaoyang District
Tel: +86 010 84566019  +86 010 84560853
Fax: +86 010 84560853

Beijing City International School (BCIS)

Address: 77, Nan Er Road, Baiziwan, Chaoyang District
Tel: +86 010 87717171
Fax: +86 010 87717778

World Youth Academy (BWYA)

Middle School: 210, Gaojiayuan Xiaoqu, Chaoyang District
High School: 18, Huajiadi Beili, Chaoyang District
Tel: +86 010 64617787, 64616054, 64614476

Huijia (IB) Private School

Address: 157, Changhuai Road, Changpingyuan, Zhongguancun Science Park
Tel: +86 010 60785678, 60785555
Fax: +86 010 69746522

New Talent Academy

Address: 9, Anhui Street, Shunyi District
Tel: +86 010 80413036
Fax: +86 010 80413009

International Academy

Lido Campus: Lido Office Tower 3, Lido Place, Jiangtai Road, Chaoyang District
Tel: +86 010 64301600
Fax: +86 010 64301208
Ya Ao Campsu: 1, Yangshan Road, Olympic Forest Park East, Chaoyang District
Tel: +86 010 84938680
Fax: +86 010 84931506

Etonkids International Kindergarten

CBD Central Park Campus: 19, Central Park, 6, Chaowai Avenue, Chaoyang District
Tel: +86 010 65336620
Fax: +86 010 65336995
Peking House Campus: A20, Xidawang Rd, Chaoyang District
Tel: +86 010 58706778
Fax: +86 010 58706779
CBD Global Trade Mansion Campus: 3F of Global Trade Mansion, Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District
Tel: +86 010 65064805
Fax: +86 010 65064825

International School of Beijing (ISB)

Address: 10, Anhua Street, Shunyi District
Tel: +86 010 81492345

Yew Chung International School

Address: Honglingjin Park, 5, Houbalizhuang, Chaoyang District
Tel: +86 010 8583 3731
Fax: +86 010 85832734

KinStar International Bilingual School

Address: Building 11, 5, Yumin Road, Houshayu, Shunyi District
Tel: +86 010 80410390

Songlei Quick Chinese Language School

Tel: +86 010 5169 0833, ext. 109
Fax: +86 010 5169 0873
Headquarters Address: 1522B, B Block Nanxincang International Tower, Dongsishitiao Avenue, Dongcheng District
Wudaokou Sub-branch: Room 603 B, Dongsheng Plaza, 8 Zhongguancun East Road, Haidian District
CBD Sub-branch: Room 705 Full Tower, 25 Eastern 3rd Ring Middle Road, Chaoyang District
Jinganzhuang Sub-branch: 1 Xibahedongli (very close to China International Exhibition Center), Chaoyang District

Dulwich College Beijing

Address: No.89, Capital Airport Road, Shunyi District
Tel: +86 10 6454-9000

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Questions & Answers on List of International Schools in Beijing
Asked by Anchalee Kittiaram from THAILAND | Jun. 18, 2016 23:46Reply
Which international schools in Beijng have high number of Korean students?
My daughter is interested in studying in the international university in Korea. She is 14 years now and wish to take international high school in the city before she moves to Korea for university level. I wish to check which international high schools having high number of Korean students since I like her to study in Chinese-Korean environment to prepare herself for university level in the future. Thank you very much.
Answers (1)
Answered by Henry from CHINA | Jun. 19, 2016 01:50

I just know the Korean International School in Wangjing. As I heard, the school teach their students both in Chinese and Korean. You may search online to get more info. Good luck!
Asked by lish from SINGAPORE | Jun. 22, 2015 21:17Reply
Rhythmic Gymnastics Coach in Beijing

We will be moving over by 2016 from Singapore. I have been reading up about international schools , but I would like to know if I can find a Rhy Gym coach for my daughters as they have been competing here in Singapore. I don't want to send them to sports school. Any idea how I can find good coaches that will enrol them for competition, or whether the sports school conducts training for outsiders?

Answers (1)
Answered by Nadia | Jun. 23, 2015 04:37

Hi, I heard the Zhengrong Rhythmic Gymnastic School is very good at training and they offer private traing. It may be a good choice for you. It has two centers for classes, BJ Sport University and Shichahai Sports School. You can go to either of them for consultation.
Asked by Zhannat from KAZAKHSTAN | Sep. 14, 2014 00:37Reply
Primary Schools with annual fees up to USD 15,000
Hi, would you please advise English schools in BJ (Changping, Chaoyang, Shuniy) with annual fees up to USD 15,000? Children are 6 and 8 years. Thank you.
Answers (3)
Answered by Juno from USA | Sep. 14, 2014 01:20

As I know, most English schools charge high and your budget is a little low. Anyway, you may consider the 21st Century English School and it is located at 46 Enjizhuang, Haidian District.
Answered by Elin from NORWAY | Aug. 30, 2015 05:11

I have three children aged 2,9 and 10 years old. I wonder how much it cost to live in China a couple of months and how much school, kindergarden would cost. I have an acupuncture degree and would love to get some experience in the hospitals (perhaps 2 months) (our school have contacts) and then travel in this beautiful country so full of great history. Maby spend one month at a kung Fu school. DO you know how long we usually can stay in China?
Answered by Lyn from CHINA | Aug. 31, 2015 03:21

Different types of visa allow different time period of staying in China. For example, a single entry tourist visa allows at most two months in China. As I know, this website has detailed visa pages, whihc may be helpful to you.You can get to know more there.

Generally speaking, you need at least CNY10,000 per month for a family of five. If you are going to live in a developed city like Shanghai and need to pay the house rental fee, it will be even higher.

School fee also differs a lot. As you are not local dwellers, extra fee will be charged, which can be very high. In my place, parents generally pay CNY1000 to CNY2000 per month to the kindergarden for each kid.
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