Church of the Saviour, Beijing

Beijing Xishiku Church
Church of the Saviour, Beijing
Being one of the largest and oldest cathedrals in Beijing, Church of the Saviour, also known as  North Church  or Xishiku Church lies at No. 33, Xishiku Avenue, Xicheng District. The historic church was originally established in 1703, having served as the main cathedral for Beijing Catholic parishes. After being restored several times, it is now the most glorious church in Beijing.

The main architecture of the church is a three-storey Gothic building. Covering an area of 2,600 square yards (2,200 square meters), it can accommodate 1,000 people at one time. If looking down, it resembles a cross. Below the Gothic architecture is the conventional Chinese stylobate, which is surrounded by white-marble guardrails. The guardrail and the patterns on it are also in traditional Chinese style. Two Chinese-style pavilions with yellow glazed tile roofs stand systematically on both sides of the Gothic building. Inside the pavilions, four Chinese stone lions and stone tablets can be found. The characters on the tablets were written by Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Looking at a distance, you will marvel at the ingenious combination of Chinese and Western architecture styles. 

Xishiku ChurchOn the facade of the Gothic church, one can see four high spires and three arch-style entrances. The spire is about 100 feet (31 meters) high and there are four saint statues carved between the entrances. The doors and windows are all decorated with white marble carvings. Above the main door is a beautiful rose-shaped round window. Standing in a clump of tall trees, the North Church looks very grand.

Inside the Xishiku Cathedral, 36 pillars with a height of 52 feet (15 meters) are used to prop up the golden roof. The top of the pillar is in the shape of cabbage leaves. Around the hall, there are 80 glass windows. The golden roof and the windows with colorful-inlaid glasses make you immerse in the solemn religious atmosphere. The painting of the "Virgin and Child" in different clothes can be seen here. The main altar and matching altar are located in the main hall. Behind the front door of the main hall is the Choir. To the north of the main altar lies the Suffering Hall. The replica of the "Last Supper" is hung in the shadow of the entrance. When going out, it comes into view. The names of twelve followers are labeled in the painting.

In addition to the main gothic building and two Chinese pavilions in its front, Xishiku Church used to have many subsidiary buildings including a library, back garden, printing house, orphanage, hospital, school, and convent. However, only the convent is in use nowadays. It is located to the northwest of the church.

Mass (All in Chinese)

Monday to Saturday 06:00, 07:00
Sunday 06:00, 07:00, 08:00, 10:00, 18:00

How to Get to Church of the Saviour

1. Take subway line 4 to Xisi Station. Get out from exit D and walk about 1,000 yards (914 meters) to Xishiku Church.
2. Take bus no. 14, 38, 55, 101, 103, 109, 124, or 685 to Xi'anmen Station. And then walk 200 yards (180 meters) northward to the church.
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Admission Fee Free
Opening Hours 05:00 – 18:00

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My name is Jolene I'm new in China, looking for an Anglican church. Where can I find one and can I get the time slots for English mass. Ur assistance will be appreciated.
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Sorry, I didn't find any Anglican Church in the city.
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