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Join in our fully guided Beijing 2 day tours to absorb the essence of Beijing. The key scenic spots of the Forbidden City and the Great Wall are surely not to be missed. Beyond that, there are much more to see in Beijing, like the Temple of Heaven, the Summer Palace and the Hutongs. A unique experience of hiking at Jinshanling Great Wall or an overnight stay at the foot of Simatai Great Wall also add great fun to your Beijing two-day tour. Go and find out what is real Beijing.

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FAQs on Beijing 2-Day Tours

What to see in Beijing for a two-day trip?

Being the capital of China and one of the greatest ancient cities in the world, Beijing has so much for you to explore. The exciting hiking on the Great Wall, the imperial palace Forbidden City, the royal gardens, traditional hutong alleys, museums, architectures, delicious local food, there are really too much to experience in Beijing. Therefore, at least two full days should be spent on sightseeing. Just let us know your trip ideas and interests, a perfect itinerary with the best deal will be presented to you.

Why take our guided Beijing two days trip?

A professional guide always adds great value to your travel experience. You do not just see the sites, you will also get a great deal of knowledge for its background, history, interesting stories and more details from your guide. Besides, a guided trip will save you much time. You can always see more in one day with a good plan and organization. For our tours, we care your experience than anything else. There is no tourist shop wasting your valuable time and no any optional tour hidden charge. And the most important is that we have free cancellation policy of 24 hours prior to the trip. Book with us you will have no worries.

How to choose from Mini Group Tours and Private Trips?

Mini Group Tour: You get the best value by joining in our 2-6 people Mini Group Beijing 2 day tour. The inclusions of the must-see attractions leave you no regrets and the small group size provides you more attentive service. So, if you are looking for a classical 2 day Beijing tour at the best price, join our Mini Group tour. We recommend you book at least 2 days earlier to guarantee the reservations. 

Private Trip: Our private Beijing 2 day itineraries are designed for your family or group exclusively. If you are looking for something special or if you do not like to travel with others, book with us for a specially designed private tour. It is our pleasure to customize a trip to meet your particular needs. Fill an inquiry form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

How to get a Free Transit Visa?

If you are travelling via Beijing to a third country or region, you might use a free transit visa for your Beijing Trip. Qualifications are: 

First, you are one of the 53 qualified countries for visa exemption. Second, you need to have a transit flight ticket from Country A to Beijing and then to Country B. For example, you take flight from US to Beijing and then to South Korea. Third, you will stay in Beijing within 144 hours. If you can meet all the requirements, you may apply for your visa-free stay permit upon arrival at Beijing airport. We will offer information and assistance.

Why no shopping?

The shopping stores, factories that are arranged during the tour are something like a trap. It is well-known that the agent will get commissions for your time spent there, and from your purchases. The prices of the products in those shops or factories are usually several times higher than the actual prices. We believe you are coming for a good travel experience, not for expensive shopping. We DO NOT arrange it in our tours. 

While, please keep in mind that the vendors or shops at the entrance or exit of the sightseeing spots cannot be avoided. You may just ignore them when passing by. For clients who like to do some shopping, we are glad to recommend the local market or shopping malls which are popular among the locals.

Any suggestions for food?

China has a wide range of food selections from street food to fine dining and the price is quite fair. In our 2 day tours of Beijing, we leave meals on your own so you may try various local food freely with the help of your guide. We usually suggest our clients have a hearty breakfast at the hotel in the morning and have a light meal for lunch, which can also save time for sightseeing.

Any tips for the Great Wall Hiking?

Great Wall Hiking at Mutianyu: This section of the Great Wall is suitable for all travelers. It is relatively less crowded in travel high season so you can get better travel experience here. For young people, you may hike up to the Great Wall or take chairlift up and luge down. For seniors, the round-way cable car would be the best way to save energy. 

Great Wall Hiking at Badaling: There are two directions hiking on Badaling Great Wall. The southern part has less people but you need to return the same way. Also, the line is shorter. The northern part is more popular and has more people of course. It is suggested to avoid Badaling section during the peak season or holidays. Mutianyu or Jinshanling Great Wall is more recommended for the period. 

Great Wall Hiking at Jinshanling: The moderate hiking from west section of Simatai to Jinshanling takes about 6 kilometers (4 miles) and 3 hours. There are some steep stairs and unrepaired sections in between, so we recommend only young and middle-aged travelers doing this trip. It is for sure a paradise for hikers and shutterbugs. Get prepared with comfortable walking shoes, and we will provide enough bottled water.
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    4.769 Reviews
    Posted on July 07, 2020
    Thanks for the first-class guide service provided by TCG. The guide Candy was accommodating and knowledgeable. Her English was fluent and we communicated with each other happily. On the whole 2 days Beijing trip, she carefully looked after us and ensured our safety. She also recommended some delicious food and told us some reminders, so warm! A cheerful tour!
    Posted on June 29, 2020
    This 2 days Beijing tour was pretty satisfactory! Our guide Selina gave humorous and detailed explanations about each spot. We also had enough free time when visit the main scenic spots on this trip. Looking forward to the next trip!
    United States
    Posted on June 22, 2020
    I was extremely happy with the 2 days Beijing tour. The most important scenic spots were packed into the schedule arrangements. I really enjoyed the Forbidden City, Great Wall and Summer Palace and the cultural experiences like visiting the Hutongs by a rickshaw. It was hard for me to say goodbye to Beijing.
    Posted on June 17, 2020
    Cost-effective, good sized group (no more than 6 people), suitable for family travel. We booked this Beijing 2 days tour with hotel accommodation. Excellent facilities, a relaxed environment, and nice breakfast. We had a good rest and a satisfactory experience.
    United States
    Posted on June 10, 2020
    Our guide Lily was really nice! She helped us to arrange everything well and handle our questions patiently. A careful and responsible service attitude made us feel at home. Besides, the hotels were clean and the staff was very friendly, all wonderful! This 2 days Beijing tour was worthwhile and I would explore other cities of China in the future.
    United Kingdom
    Posted on June 03, 2020
    TravelChinaGuide offered excellent service from the assistant in booking the trip to the pick-up service at the hotel and the thoughtful service and timely help while visiting. Our guide Linda was very responsible and effective in solving problems. Not only did she tell us about the scenic spots we visited but also something about life in Beijing. My family and I had great fun on the 2 days Great Wall hiking tour!
    Posted on May 26, 2020
    I brought my parents and children to Beijing last month and we booked a 2 days trip. The service offered by TCG was comprehensive and thoughtful. The hotels, meals and cars were very fantastic! The guide Candy was warmhearted, accommodating and knowledgeable. The itinerary and the attractions’ explanations were all in place. She also flexibly adjusted the itinerary according to the weather and our preferences. In general, it was worthwhile. I would have no hesitation to recommend TCG and the guide Candy to anyone who wants to visit Beijing. ... More
    New Zealand
    Posted on May 18, 2020
    Overall, the Beijing 2 day tour was great as we visited so many attractions with a professional and knowledgeable guide speaking excellent English. The only thing I wanted to complain about was that it was hard for me to get up at 7 o’clock especially I had just gone through a long flight…
    Michael B
    Posted on May 13, 2020
    So nice a Beijing 2 days tour! Our guide Gloria owned well service attitude and the hotels arranged for us were clean and comfortable. She took good care of us from the first spot to the last destination. She always offered to take pictures for us on the whole tour, so toilsome! Many thanks and sincere wishes to her! We would choose her again for our next Beijing trip!
    Posted on May 08, 2020
    We splurged for a private tour and were happy with the convenience of that and with the process of setting up an itinerary, they worked with us to fit in everything that we wanted to see. The car they drove us in was very nice and comfortable and they were always on time or early. We would have liked a little more flexibility with changes we needed to make during the day. I traveled pregnant and had some different needs and felt pressured at times. Unfortunately, a lot of the time we felt rushed, I understand that part of that was due to the number of things in our itinerary. There was one time that a major portion of the tour was canceled due to weather without notice, something that we have very much looked forward to, and we had felt rushed up until that point and ended up ending a little early. The main issue that we had was not being given the opportunity to do almost any souvenir shopping. I understand the desire on many tours to not be pushed into buying anything. In our case we were trying to stop and being told that there wasn't time as there was too much more to see, and we much rather would have been given the opportunity to shop on our own. We ended up not having much from the trip, and had to shop at shops around our hotel rather than at the actual sites. I'm not sure if this is isolated to our guide, I hope so because the company was great to work with other than that. ... More
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