BJ73: 3-Day Beijing to Tianjin Hiking Tour

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 This is a guided tour by eco-friendly public transport. If you need a private car, feel free to contact our travel consultants to arrange it for you.
Day 1 Beijing - Tianjin
Because of the history being theconcessions of many countries, Tianjin has many western style buildings andvillas built in early 20th century. Today’s hiking itinerary will lead you tovisit some of the best-preserved and classic ones. 
  Get to Tianjin from Beijing by High Speed Train
There are over 100 high speed trains running from Beijing to Tianjin every day, with the duration of around 0.5 hour. We will book one arriving at Tianjin Railway Station in advance, for the convenience of today’s hiking. Also, to guarantee enough sightseeing time, we prefer the one arriving before 10:00.

The trains all depart from Beijing South Railway Station. After picking you up from your own booked hotel in downtown Beijing, the guide will escort you there by subway line 4 or line 14, or city bus after checking the travel time from your hotel. 
On arrival at Tianjin Railway Station, check into a hotel around and leave luggage. There are many choices from economic hostels to high-end star-hotels. You may also reserve a room in advance online. 
  Hiking Itinerary
 Tianjin Railway Station – Century Bell – Jiefang Bridge – Jinwan Square – Porcelain House – Commander Zhang’s Mansion - Jingyuan Garden – Former Wude Hall - St. Joseph Cathedral  – Five Great Avenues

Today’s hiking will start from the south side of Tianjin Railway Station. The guide will lead you to walk along the Haihe River for about 2-3 minutes to reach the Century Bell. This European style bell was set there to welcome the coming of 21st century. Opposite to the bell is Jiefang Bridge built in 1927 with steel and can be opened up for ships to pass through. 

After a photo stop at Century Bell and Jiefang Bridge, walk through the bridge to visit Jinwan Square on the right hand. There is a cluster of western style buildings standing on it, telling the past history of the city. 

Then, walk southwest along the Chifeng Road for about 800 meters (880 yards) to see the Porcelain House. The house is decorated with porcelain both exteriorly and interiorly, very unique. About 100 meters (110 yards) south away, is Commander Zhang’s Mansion. It actually consists of two mansions. The one in the front has three floors and the one in the back has two floors, both in western style and built in 1921 and 1926 respectively. 

Next, keep walking southwest along Chifeng Road and then turn right into Shaanxi Road. After hiking for about 800 meters (880 yards) on Shaanxi Road, turn right into Anshan Road to reach Jingyuan Garden, the residence of the last emperor in China history in Tianjin. The total walking distance from Commander Zhang’s Mansion is about 1.5km (0.9mi). On the way, you will also pass by several former residences of the old-time celebrities. Jingyuan Garden is in a combined style of Japan and Spain. 

Keep walking southward for about 350 meters (380 yards) before reaching Anshandao subway station, you should see a building built with bricks and woods in Japanese style on your left hand. It is the Former Wude Hall, where the Japanese practiced martial arts in early 20th century. It is now a library, but not open to the public, so the guide will only give you some time to admire its appearance. 

Then, walk eastward along Nanjing Road and turn right to Binjiang Road at the third crossing. After walking ahead for a few minutes, you will see St. Joseph Cathedral (Old Xikai Catholic Church). It is the largest Roman style building in the city. 

Later, walk southeast for about 1.2 km (0.7mi) to visit the famous Five Great Avenues. It is a large area consisting of five avenues, hence the name; and well preserves more than 300 western style villas, including British, Italian, French, German, and Spanish styles. 

This is all of today’s hiking. After, the guide will escort you back to the hotel around Tianjin Railway Station by bus no.951, 13 or subway line 1. 

Lunch and Dinner Recommendations

Today’s hiking is mainly in the prosperous downtown area and you will encounter many restaurants along the way. You can ask the guide to stop anytime per your preference to enjoy lunch. As for dinner, you can either enjoy it at Five Great Avenues or after getting back to your hotel. 
  Day 2:Tianjin City Trip
In addition to the elements of the former concessions, today’s visit will include some ancient sites and modern attractions, so as to help you get a full understanding of Tianjin. 
  Morning Visit to Dagu Fort
After breakfast, the guide will accompany you to take subway line 9 from Tianjin Railway Station to Citizen Square, and then hire a taxi to Dagu Fort. It was built along the coast to protect the city from attacks from the sea. Its history can be dated to the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644). 
  Afternoon Hiking: Italian Style Street – Ancient Cultural Street – Dabei Buddhist Temple
Ancient Cultural Street
After visiting Dagu Fort, return to Tianjin Railway Station and then proceed to visit Italian Style Street. It is about 500 meters (550 yards) west to the railway station. Once being the Italian concession, the area preserves many Italian style buildings, including many former residences of the past celebrities. Among the various, Marco Polo Square is the most eye-catching. In its center, is a fountain pool and a pillar with a statue of a goddess. Other sites to visit include former Italy military camp, currently the base of local armed police; former residence of the famous writer Cao Yu and the adjacent theater. 

After, walk westward along the Haihe River and go over the river via Bei’an Bridge or Jinbu Bridge to reach Ancient Cultural Street, which was gradually formed around the Temple of the Queen of Heaven. There, you will find many time-honored shops selling delicate souvenirs and restaurants providing various local dishes and snacks, including the must-try Goubuli Steamed Buns and Pancake Rolled with Crisp Fritter. 

Then, keeping walking along the Haihe River till reaching Tianjin Eye on Yongle Bridge. Cross the bridge to pay a visit to the Dabei Buddhist Temple, the best-preserved and largest temple in the city. The temple offers incenses for free to its visitors, with which you can make wishes. 
  Haihe River Night Cruise
At night, enjoy a night cruise on the Haihe River. The ship cruises between Jiefang Bridge and Tianjin Eye, where gathers the most beautiful night views of the city. The guide will assist you to get onboard at the wharf by the Tianjin Eye. The night cruise lasts for about 50 minutes. After the cruise, send you back to your hotel by bus no.802 or others. 

Lunch & Dinner Recommendations 

You may have lunch at Italian Style Street and dinner after coming out of the Dabei Buddhist Temple. Our guide will be glad to give some recommendations. If you need help with ordering, just ask for help from the guide. 
  Day 3 Mt. Panshan - Beijing
Mt. Panshan boasts both natural scenery and cultural sites, and royal culture and Buddhism culture. In history, many emperors had left their footprints here.

Recommended Hiking Route on Mt. Panshan

West Gate – Tiancheng Temple – Pagoda Forest – Wansong Temple – Get down by cable car

How to Get to Mt. Panshan from Tianjin by Public Transport

This morning, the guide will escort you to take train S902 from Tianjin Railway Station to Jizhou North Railway Station. It departs at 07:27 and arrives at 09:59. Upon arrival, transfer to bus Tourism Line 11 to Mt. Panshan directly. The bus duration is about 70 minutes. 
  Return to Beijing by High Speed Train
Coming down from Mt. Panshan, the guide will lead you back to your hotel in Beijing.

→ Take bus Tourism Line 11 at the foot of Mt. Panshan to West Renmin Road, then change to bus no. 533 to Jizhou Railway Station; the transfer needs about 100 minutes in total.
→ Take train D832 leaving for Beijing Railway Station; the train leaves at 19:51 and arrives at 20:42.  
→ Change to subway line 2 or a city bus to your hotel. 
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