BJ59: 2 Days Jiankou Great Wall Tour

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  Jiankou - The Most Dangerous Great Wall
Jiankou is a section of wild Great Wall located 85 kilometers (53 miles) from Beijing downtown. It is one of the most dangerous Great Wall sections. Due to the disrepair and exposure to wind and sunshine for years, many parts of Jiankou Great Wall have cracked and collapsed which is full of dilapidated walls and overgrown with weeds. Besides, built on steep mountain ridges, some places have almost been vertical precipices without any supporting points. There are also many abrupt slopes composed of soil and rubble. Therefore, Jiankou Great Wall is only recommended to adventurers with rich climbing experience and courage. 
Jiankou Great Wall, Beijing
Jiankou Great Wall
  Preparation Works
1. Some parts of Jiankou Great Wall are very hazardous, so it is not advisable to climb alone. It's very necessary to hire an experienced local guide. 
2. Do pay highly attention and take care in the whole climbing process.
4. Be sure to take safety measures. The rope and safety buckle are necessary so that you won't fall down.
5. Overgrown with shrubs, Jiankou Great Wall has only one narrow path allowing one person to walk on. So remember to wear the hard-wearing coats and pants. In addition, sports sunglasses and UV-resistant goggles are suggested.
6. Travel with light pack but bring enough water and high-calorie snacks.
7. A first-aid package is necessary. It does not only refer to the Band-Aids. It includes medical facilities like painkillers, hemostatic, bandages, etc.
8. Make full preparations before climbing. Do not do things beyond your ability. If there is any danger, call the police in time. It is advisable to buy the travel accident insurance including the accident rescue.
Day 1 Beijing - Jiankou Great Wall North Line Hiking
This morning, our experienced guide will show up timely at the agreed time and location. After meeting you, he or she will escort you all the way to the foot of Jiankou Great Wall by public transport. 

On arrival, which will be around noon, the guide will assist you to check in a hostel or farmyard booked on your own, and then leave you some time to have lunch there. After, he or she will lead you to climb the north section of Jiankou Great Wall to see the Sky Stairs, Eagle Flies Facing Upward and Beijing Knot. At the end of the day, send you back to the hostel or farmyard before sun setting.
  How to Get to Jiankou Great Wall from Beijing Downtown
Below are two most frequently used travel ways by visitors. Based on the real-time traffic, the guide will choose the best one. 

Option 1: Bus Express Line 916

→ Take subway line 2 or line 13 to Dongzhimen directly.
→ Walk to the nearby Dongzhimen Bus Hub and take bus no. 916 Express to Huairou Beidajie; the travel time is about 1h 50min. 
→ Upon getting off at Huairou Beidajie, hire a cab or a private car on the car-hailing apps to Xizhazi Village, which is the location of Jiankou Great Wall, which needs about half an hour.

Option 2: Bus Line 916

→ Take bus no. 916 from Dongzhimen Bus Hub to Yujiayuan, taking around 2.5 hours.
→ Hail a cab or private car on one of the apps to Jiankou. 

 Note: The bus Express Line 916 and the bus line 916 are two different bus lines, although some sections of the two routes overlap.

 It is a guided tour by eco-friendly public transport and walk. If you need a private car, feel free to contact our travel consultants to arrange it for you.
  Hike North Section of Jiankou
 Route: Xizhazi Village - Sky Stairs - Eagle Flies Facing Upward - (Beijing Knot) - Xizhazi Village
 Time needed: 2-3 hours

Climb up to the Great Wall along the path to the right of Zhao's Villa. Then go clockwise along the Great Wall to Sky Stairs. Afterwards, you will be close to the most dangerous vantage point, Eagle Flies Facing Upward. After passing it, go back to the Xizhai Village through a path. If you are still energetic, the guide will also escort you northwards to Beijing Knot from Eagle Flies Facing Upward and then return. The route covers the steepest parts of Jiankou Great Wall.
  Where to Live
Located close to Jiankou Great Wall, Xizhazi Village has been the base camp for tourists. Different uphill paths in the village lead to the different spots on the Great Wall separately. Visitors to go hiking or take pictures always accommodate here. The most famous lodging is the Zhao's Villa whose owner's surname is Zhao.
Day 2 Jiankou South Line Hiking - Beijing
Get up early, the guide will accompany you to hike the south line dotted with Jiankou Spot, Tiny Potala Palace and Zhengbei Tower. After, return to Xizhazi Village to have lunch, check out from the hostel or farmyard and then reserve the way back to your hotel in Beijing downtown.
  Hike South Section of Jiankou
 Route: Xizhazi Village - Jiankou Spot - Tiny Potala Palace - Zhengbei Tower - Xizhazi Village
 Time needed: about 4 hours

Compared with the route of the first day, it is less difficult since this section has been conquered through exploration of long time. Quite a lot travelers can finish it. 
This trip can be customized to meet your individual needs!
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