Beijing - Shanghai Train

Beijing - Shanghai High Speed Train

The high speed trains running between Beijing and Shanghai are world’s fastest,  with a top speed of 350 km/h (217 mph).

Every day, over 40 pairs of Beijing - Shanghai high speed trains finish the 1,318km's (819 mi) distance in 4.5 hours, mainly between Beijing South Railway Station and Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station. A second class seat ticket costs CNY553.

Beijing to Shanghai Train Schedule

(Last Update on Jul 8, 2020)

Train No.Departure - ArrivalTravel Time
G10106:36 - 12:406h4m
G109:00 - 13:284h28m
G912:00 - 16:364h36m
G314:00 - 18:284h28m
G1719:00 - 23:184h18m
44 G types in total: departure time from 06:43 to 19:08; duration from 4H18M to 6H24M.
3 D types in total: departure time from 19:34 to 21:17; duration from 11H58M to 12H7M 

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Shanghai to Beijing Train Timetable

(Last Update on Jul 8, 2020)
Train No.Departure - ArrivalTravel Time
G607:00 - 11:364h36m
G1010:00 - 14:284h28m
G1212:00 - 16:384h38m
G414:00 - 18:284h28m
G1415:00 - 19:364h36m
42 G types in total: departure time from 06:26 to 19:00; duration from 4H18M to 6H20M.
3 D types in total: departure time from 19:10 to 21:07; duration from 11H48M to 12H1M.

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1. "+"means the second day;
2. The timetable above is for reference only. Please use the search tool on top of this page for real-time schedule.

Map of Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Railway
Map of Beijing-Shanghai High
Speed Railway (Click to enlarge)
A Second-Class Passenger Cabin
Passenger Cabin

Price of Train Tickets on Beijing - Shanghai High Speed Trains

Train Types Seat Classes Price
G trains
(4.5-6 hours)
Business Seats CNY1,748 / USD257
First Class Seats CNY933 / USD137
Second Class Seats CNY553 / USD81
Overnight  D  trains
(12 hours)
New Type Soft Sleepers CNY599 / USD91
Traditional Type Soft Sleepers CNY415 / USD63
Second Class Seats CNY247 / USD37
1. New type soft sleepers are double-deck berths arranged lengthwise along the two sides of the aisle; traditional type soft sleepers are also double-deck berths, but arranged on two sides of a private cabin.
2. The schedule and ticket fare of the overnight high speed D trains may change on different dates.

How to go to Beijing South Station?

Take subway line 4 which directly connects to the -1F of the station building. The airport shuttle bus line 10 allows passengers to transfer between Capital Airport and the station. A taxi to the station costs about CNY 120 from Capital Airport and CNY 25 from the city center area around the Tiananmen Square.
 Take subway line 2 or line 10 to reach the station, which is located next to Hongqiao Airport. A taxi takes 1.5 hours and costs CNY 230 from Pudong Airport to the station, while 45 minutes and CNY 70 from the downtown area near People's Square.

A Dining Cabin
A Dining Cabin
High-Speed Electric Multiple Units Train (G-Train)
High Speed Locomotive

There are two types of them, the high speed D type and normal type.

The overnight D trains is well-equipped, comfortable, fast and safe, and is especially recommended for travelers with limited time, as you travel at night and leave more time for sightseeing in daytime. If you plan a day trip to visit the Great Wall, they are probably the best choices.

The normal type takes longer time, but costs less, hence they are popular among budget travelers. If you are going to travel by it, it is better to book a ticket in advance, especailly the sleeper ticket, as they are in a great demand in most time.

Which Train to Take Between Beijing and Shanghai?

How far from Beijing to Shanghai? The high speed railway measures 1,318km (819 miles). You can travel between the two cities by the daytime G trains, taking 4.5 hours or the overnight sleeper.

 If you would like to travel in daytime to enjoy the great view on the way, we recommend the G type Beijing - Shanghai high speed trains, as they are fast and comfortable. What’s more, the Beijing South and Shanghai Hongqiao stations are well equipped like airports, and it is easy for you to find out the right boarding gate and platform. The seats and facilities in the carriages are clean and modern. Last but not least, they are punctual.

 If you want to save the time in daytime, travel overnight. The four-bunk soft sleeper cabin is clean, comfortable and private. After a good sleep, you can reach your destination. The hard sleeper bunks are also comfortable and they are good choices if you travel on a budget.

 Just remember that the daytime Beijing - Shanghai bullet trains run between Beijing South and Shanghai Hongqiao stations. The overnight D ones travel between Beijing South and Shanghai Railway Station. T109/T110 and 1461/1462 run between Beijing Railway Station and Shanghai Railway Station.

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