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Shanghai - Hong Kong Train

A pair of Shanghai - Hong Kong high speed trains are running daily. They finish the distance of 1,930 km (1,200 mi) with the travel time of 8 - 8.5 hours. A second class seat ticket costs CNY 1,008. In addition, a pair of traditional style through trains are available every other day with the travel time of 19.5 hours. 


Passengers should go to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station and Hong Kong West Kowloon Railway Station to take these bullet trains. 

Shanghai to Hong Kong High Speed Train Schedule

(Last Update on May 7, 2019)
Train No.Departure - ArrivalTravel Time
G9914:10 - 22:298h19m
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Hong Kong to Shanghai Bullet Train Timetable

(Last Update on May 7, 2019)
Train No.Departure - ArrivalTravel Time
G10011:10 - 19:278h17m
Note: The timetable above is for reference only. Please search for the real-time schedule via the search box on page top. 
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Hong Kong - Shanghai High Speed Train Ticket Fare

(Last Update on May 7, 2019)
Business Class SeatFirst Class SeatSecond Class Seat
CNY 3,137.5
USD 475
CNY 1,646.5
USD 249
CNY 1,008
USD 153


Shanghai - Hong Kong Through Train

The through trains run between Hung Hom Station and Shanghai Railway Station every other day. The entire journey of 1,991km (1,237 mi) takes about 19.5 hours. Although the ticket price is only CNY 477 for a hard sleeper, much cheaper than bullet trains, it is not recommended for the looong travel time.

Shanghai to Hong Kong Train Schedule

(Last update on January 11, 2019)
No. Departure Arrival Duration
Z99B 17:45 13:01+ 19H16M

Hong Kong to Shanghai Train Timetable

(Last update on January 11, 2019)
No. Departure Arrival Duration
Z100B 15:15 10:37+ 19H22
1. The timetable above is for reference only. Please search for the real-time schedule via the search box on page top. 
2. The train departs from Hong Kong every other day.
3. "+" indicates the second day.

Hong Kong - Shanghai Train Ticket Fare

(Last update on January 11, 2019)
Soft Sleeper Hard Sleeper Deluxe Soft Sleeper
CNY 696 CNY 477 CNY 878

Operation Days





January, 2019

Even Dates

Odd Dates

February, 2019

Odd Dates

Even Dates

March, 2019

Odd Dates

Even Dates

April, 2019

Even Dates

Odd Dates

May, 2019

Even Dates

Odd Dates

June, 2019

Odd Dates

Even Dates

July, 2019 Odd Dates Even Dates
August, 2019 Even Dates Odd Dates
September, 2019 Odd Dates Even Dates
October, 2019 Odd Dates Even Dates
November, 2019 Even Dates Odd Dates
December, 2019 Even Dates Odd Dates

How to Buy Ticket

You can buy the ticket with your valid passport either in Shanghai or Hong Kong; or for your convenience, from a travel agency who offers train ticket booking service, like TravelChinaGuide.
 In Shanghai, tickets are put on sale 60 days in advance and passengers can purchase the tickets at No.13 ticket wicket at Shanghai Railway Station, No.28 ticket wicket at Shanghai South Station, and No. 89 ticket wicket at Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station. The tickets are sold out quickly, so we suggest that you book at least one month ahead. Discounts are only available at point of sales in Shanghai:

Low Season

Summer Holiday
Jul.15 – Aug.31

Single Trip for Individual

10% off


Round-way for Individual

10% off


Single Trip for Group over Four (including four passengers)

20% off

10% off

Round-way for Group over Four

30% off

20% off

1. No Spring Festival and summer holiday (Jul.15 – Aug.31) peak season discount.
2. Children under 5 years old travel for free but have to share beds with their parents; those between 5 and 9 years old are on 65% children’s fare; children older than 10 years old are on full fare. They have no seasonal discounts, but are eligible for group discounts.

 Up to 60 days advance tickets are sold in Hong Kong’s Intercity Through Train Customer Service Center at East Rail Line Hung Hom Station or at other ticket offices and agents in Hong Kong. However, the tickets for deluxe soft sleeper from Shanghai to Hong Kong are sold only in Shanghai.

 TravelChinaGuide provides railway ticket booking service for most classes of Z99 and Z100, except the soft sleepers of Z99, which can only be purchased by passengers themselves at Shanghai Railway Station.

Passengers should get to the Entry and Exit Hall of Shanghai Railway Station early for the exit processing as early as 90 minutes before scheduled departure. The boarding gates are closed 15 minutes before scheduled departure.

In Hong Kong, customs check begins 45 minutes in advance, and the boarding gates are closed 10 minutes before the train leaves.


Ticket Change and Refund

Ticket change and refund are available at the station where tickets were purchased. The tickets for the train to Shanghai should be changed at least 30 minutes before departure time, while tickets for the train to Hong Kong should be changed 2 days before departure date.

Ticket refund should be done at least two hours before departure for the train to Shanghai, and 2 days before departure for the train heading to Hong Kong. A service charge of 20% of the ticket price will be charged for ticket refund.

For tickets booking via agencies, the refund and changing policies may be different. You may contact that agency for the details.

Seats Arrangement on Z99/Z100

Carriage Number










Luggage Carriage

Hard Sleeper

Soft Sleeper

Deluxe Soft Sleeper

Dining Car

Hard Sleeper

Hard seat

Hard Sleeper


Carriages No.1 – 12 travel to Hong Kong

Carriages 13 – 18 travel from Beijing to Guangzhou East

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    Posted on Jun. 01, 2019
    From the moment we contacted Travel China Guide we could not have asked for a more prompt, efficient and helpful service. Train tickets were delivered to our hotel on time and all questions were answered promptly and clearly. We travelled via train from Hong Kong to Shanghai ( sleepers ) then Xi,an Beijing ( fast train ) and back to Hong Kong. Being a middle age couple we had our concerns but found the trains comfortable, clean and safe. Western toilets were available and should food be required there were trolleys going up and down selling meals and fresh fruit. Also plenty of hot water for noodles etc. Station information boards were easy to understand and clearly showed were you needed to be to catch the train. All in all it was a great way to travel through China and we could not have asked for better service from TCG. ...More
    Ms. Elodie
    Posted on May. 23, 2019
    Everything went quite well with the booking. I just think of two things that travelers should be informed of when booking the Shanghai/Hong Kong train : First you don't take the train in Shanghai station but in another small one just next to it (we waited for 2 hours before anybody told us). Also when booking hard sleeper seats, it would be useful to know that the low seats are more comfortable and spacy. Thank you for everything.
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    The service was perfect! Thank you!
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    The whole process really ran smoothly. Thanks for al the support !
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    My journey was fun and wonderful. There was a small problem when i want to get my ticket in the station. I don't know why but at that time they couldn't find my reservation, so it took quite a long time (maybe they check it one by one) for them so they could finally find all my reservations ( maybe it is because my reservation consist of a lot of people). But then besides this small problem the rest were find.
    I'm very satisfied with your services, fast email reply and fast problem solving. Next time when i go to China again i think I will buy my tickets on your website again....More
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    Everything worked out perfectly. Gave you a 5* review and will rate you on Facebook too. Will recommend you to friends and family and book with you again on our next trip to China!
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    Posted on Apr. 10, 2019
    Thanks a lot for your message and for your help with our train tickets. Everything went well. As soon as we checked in our hotel in Shanghai the concierge gave us our train tickets. The train ride was wonderful and very comfortable. We will write something on your website. Thank you very much for all your help.
    Posted on Apr. 04, 2019
    In making arrangements to accompany my mother on a trip, I found I could not purchase sleeper tickets for the Hong Kong to Shanghai train on line. Jessica Zhang, at Travel China Guide made it easy, and had the tickets delivered to my Hostel well ahead of my departure (they cannot be picked up at the station with advance purchase). Jessica Zhang went the extra mile, answering questions and clarifying schedules (the train alternates odd and even days depending on the month), and assisting me in finding an alternative air return route when those train tickets were not availabe. Jessica Zhang response to all my emails in a concise and timely fashion, and assisted greatly in making my trip a smooth and enjoyable experience. Thank you Jessica Zhang and Travel China Guide!...More
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    Everything worked fine, thank you!
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    I can summarize my 15 days in China as follows: PERFECT ! I had planned in time the whole journey and this was the best decision I could have done before starting this experience. This planing should be done by anyone traveling to China. Everything was absolutely ok from our train experience: from booking, which was very easy and straightforward, to confirmation of all my bookings, tickets printing and the travel itself. Everything worked smoothly and I really have nothing to complain about. I was pleased about all the guys and their skills (especially for english language) from Travel China and I'll definitely recommend you to all my friends ! The process of getting train tickets printed at the railway station was easy and stressless. I was hugely satisfied about the quality of the journey with the chinese trains (G, D or airport express trains...including Maglev in Shanghai). They are hugely fast (305 km/h in G) and 245 km/h in D), very clean, always arrived in time, enough place for feet or for baggages and with very good services inside (you can eat, drink, read during the journey). Also the process of getting in the train is very well coordinated. I was very positively surprized by the huge infrastructure from China. You're doing a great job guys ! We liked every city we have been to these day and during the 15 wonderful days (Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Hong Kong, Macau, Dalian) I have done more than 5800 pictures! Thank you very much again for your support for making me a great vacation...probably the best until now for us !...More
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