Shenzhen North Railway Station

Shenzhen North Railway Station is 10 miles (17 kilometers) from Shenzhen Railway Station, 8 miles (12 km) from Futian Railway Station, 19 miles (30 km) from Bao'an International Airport, and 8 miles (12 kilometers) from the Huanggang Port.

Address: Between Liuxian Road and Yulong Road in the Longhua New District
Shenzhen North Railway Station See-off Service

Schedule and Ticket Booking

The station mainly operates high speed trains. Bullet trains from here can reach lots of domestic cities, such as Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Guilin, Nanjing, Wuhan, Zhengzhou, Xi'an, and Xiamen. Since September 23 of 2018, the rail services to Hong Kong have also been provided here.

 Major Rail Lines from this station to:

 Schedule to major destinations
(Last Update on Jan 10, 2020)
ToTrainsDurationTicket Fare (CNY)
First/ Second Class Seat
Guangzhou South
C7180, C7142, C7074, C7170...
217 departures from 06:12 to 23:13
0h29m - 1h29mCNY 99.5/ 47
USD 15/ 7
Hong Kong
G5611, G6501, G5625, G5819...
94 departures from 06:45 to 22:27
0h14m - 0h27mCNY 109/ 68
USD 16/ 10
Shanghai Hongqiao
D3126, D378, D2284, D2282...
12 departures from 06:50 to 20:24
7h56m - 12h14mCNY 962/ 478.5
USD 140/ 70
G280, G818, G306, G76...
11 departures from 07:02 to 15:47
6h00m - 7h53mCNY 1,145.5/ 727.5
USD 167/ 106
Xi'an North
G818, G826, G840, G822 from 09:35 to 12:589h39m - 9h51mCNY 1,401/ 888
USD 205/ 130
D3126, D2294, D2282, G1604 from 06:50 to 11:0111h22m - 14h26mCNY 1,019/ 637
USD 149/ 93
G1002, G1312, G280, G818...
26 departures from 06:58 to 17:08
4h12m - 5h48mCNY 838/ 538
USD 122/ 79
Changsha South
G1002, G6164, G1312, G280...
55 departures from 06:58 to 21:52
2h51m - 3h38mCNY 603.5/ 265
USD 88/ 39
Xiamen North
D3126, D2352, D674, D2350...
55 departures from 06:50 to 20:30
3h5m - 4h00mCNY 235/ 147.5
USD 34/ 22
D3126, D2352, D2294, D378...
30 departures from 06:50 to 17:56
4h53m - 5h59mCNY 414/ 259
USD 60/ 38
Guilin North
G2902, G2904, G408, G2908...
7 departures from 07:21 to 15:11
2h51m - 3h10mCNY 362.5/ 238.5
USD 53/ 35
Hangzhou East
D3126, D2294, D378, D2284...
16 departures from 06:50 to 20:24
7h4m - 11h5mCNY 867/ 432
USD 127/ 63
D9744, D7314, D3126, G6352...
99 departures from 06:07 to 21:53
1h46m - 2h35mCNY 118/ 73
USD 17/ 11
 The above schedule is for reference only. For real-time schedule and ticket booking, please click the arrival stations.
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Station Plan

The station consists of a terminal building and two squares, west and east squares.
The structure of the station is shown as follows:
Guide Map of Shenzhen North Railway Station
Guide Map of Shenzhen North Railway Station
One needs be aware of the difference in terrain elevation in the station, the 3F of the east square and the 1F of the west square are actually on the same level. Special attention is also needed for the bus stops and taxi stands. To leave the station, passengers need to take the bus or taxi on the first or second floor of east square; but if they arrive at the station by bus or taxi, they will get off on the third floor.

Shenzhen North Railway Station
Shenzhen North Railway Statio

How to get to the station from downtown area?

 Arrival by bus:
At the Station Traffic Hub: 330C, B647, B667, B730, B742, E7, M217, M299, M340, M343, M344, M347, M353, M354, Haishang Tianyuan Sightseeing Bus Line 1, Shenguan Bus Line 2
At the Bus Station: 330C (airport shuttle), B647, B666, B667, B730, B742, E11, E11(inter-zone line), E22, E7, M217, M299, M300, M340, M341, M343, M344, M347, M352, M353, M354, M365, Gaofeng Special Line 38, Haishang Tianyuan Sightseeing Bus Line 1, Shenguan Bus Line 2
At the East Square: 54, B654, M360, M393

If arriving by bus, passengers will get off at 1F of the east square. Ticket holders can take escalators or lifts directly to the entrance of the correct waiting room, and then find a seat there to wait for the departure. Passengers without tickets need to buy a ticket in any of the ticket offices. After, go into the right waiting room according to the ticket.

 Arrival by metro: Line 4 (Longhua Line ) and Line 5 (Huanzhong Line)
Passengers arriving by metro line 4 will get off on 5F of east square and those arriving by metro line 5 will get to -1F of the east square. Metro line 6 is currently under construction. When it comes into use, its platform is on 5F of east square.
 Arrival by taxi:
Passengers arriving by taxi will get off at the drop-off area on 3F of the east square.
From Shenzhen Train Station: It takes about 40 minutes and costs around CNY50.
From Bao'an International Airport: It takes 40 minutes and costs about CNY85.
From Splendid China - Folk Culture Villages: It takes 25 minutes and costs approximately CNY40.
From Window of the World: It takes 25 minutes and costs around CNY40.
From Safari Park: It takes 20 minutes and costs about CNY30.

Ticket Check and Boarding

Passengers should read their tickets carefully to know exactly which check point they should go to have their tickets checked before checking in. One thing to remember is that blue tickets can be checked at automatic ticket check machines, while red ones can only be operated manually. After getting onboard, please put the luggage steadily in case that it falls and hurts others.

Shenzhen North Railway Station
Subway at Shenzhen North Train Station

How to exit and leave the station?

Upon arriving, all passengers are led to transfer hall to exit. When getting out, passengers can follow direction boards to find metro, bus, or taxi to leave the station according to their destination. Please note that city buses, metros and taxis are available at east square while long-distance buses and private vehicles are stopped at west square.

 Leave by metro:
Entrance to metro line 4 is located on the fourth floor and to metro line 5 is on the 1F.

 Leave by bus:
Passengers want to take buses can go to the first or second floor of east square.

 Leave by taxi:
Three taxi stands are available at east square for passengers' convenience. They are respectively located on 1F, 2F and the taxi parking lot on -1F.

 Leave by long-distance bus:
North Passenger Station is situated in the west square. Coaches from here can reach Guangzhou, Huizhou, Shanwei, Hong Kong (Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong International Airport), and other cities.

 Transportation to other places:
 Splendid China - Folk Culture Villages:
Take Metro Line 4 to the Conference and Exhibition Center, and then transfer to Metro Line 1 (Luobao Line) and get off at Hua Qiao Cheng (Overseas Chinese Town), exit D. After, walk 250 yards (220 meters) eastwards to the destination.

 Window of the World:
Take Metro Line 4 to the Conference and Exhibition Center, and then transfer to Metro Line 1 and get off at Window of the World, exit H1. And then walk 300 yards (270 meters) southwestwards to get there.

 Safari Park:
Take metro Line 5 to Da Xue Cheng, then walk to South of Lishan Road, take bus no. 36 and get off at Dongwuyuan (Safari Park) Station. After, walk 500 yards (460 meters) eastwards to reach the destination.

 Shenzhen Railway Station:
Take metro Line 4 to Convention and Exhibition Center, transfer to Line 1 (Luobao Line) and get off at Luohu, and get out from exit D. After, walk 500 yards (460 meters) northwards to the destination.

 Futian Railway Station:
Take metro Line 4 to Shi Min Zhong Xin, getting out from Exit B and then walk about 1000 yards southwestward to get to the station.

 East Railway Station:
Take metro line 5 to the destination.

 Bao'an international Airport:
1. Take Metro Line 5 to Bao'an Center, and then transfer to Metro Line 1 to Hourui station to take M416 to the airport.
2. Take shuttle bus line 330C to get there directly. The bus is available from 08:00 to 20:00 with an interval of 30 minutes. It usually takes 40 minutes and the ticket fare is CNY24 per person.

 Hong Kong:
1. At the North Coach Station, there are direct coaches to Hong Kong airport, Yau Ma Tei, and Mong Kok.
To Hong Kong airport: The schedules are at 09:00, 10:00, 11:00, 11:35, 12:00, 12:35, 13:00, 13:35, 14:00, 14:35, 15:00, 15:35, 16:00, 16:35, 17:00, 17:35, 18:00, 18:35, 19:00, 19:35. Duration is about 1.5-2 hours and ticket fare is CNY 180;
To Yau Ma Tei: The buses depart from 10:30 to 19:30 every 60 minutes. Duration is about 1.5 hours and ticket fare is CNY 80;
To Mong Kok: The buses are available from 09:15 to 17:15 every 60 minutes. Duration is about 1.5 hours and ticket fare is CNY 80.

2. Take metro line 4 to Futian Port. The metro ticket fare is CNY4 and it takes about 20 minutes on the way. After handling relevant customs procedures, passengers will reach Hong Kong, where there are MTR and buses to Hong Kong downtown area.

3. Guangzhou - Shenzhen - Hong Kong High Speed Railway is under construction now. After its completion in the third quarter of 2018, duration between Shenzhen and Hong Kong will be shortened to 23 minutes. Ticket fare will be HKD 90.

Take a bus at the North Coach Station and get off at Zhuhai Gongbei Port (Qiguan Coach Station). And then handle relevant customs procedures, afterwards, go to Macau. The bus is available at 11:20, 13:30, 15:00, 16:10, and 18:30. It takes about 3 hours and the ticket fare is CNY100.

Or take metro line 4 to Citizen Center, and then change to metro Line 2 (Shekou Line) to Shekou Harbor; it takes about an hour and CNY 7. Upon arrival, walk to Shekou Port to take a ship to Macau; the ships to Taipa Ferry Terminal are at 09:30, 11:00, 12:15, 14:00, 16:00, 17:00, 19:00 and 21:00 while those to Macau Ferry Terminal are at 09:45, 10:15, 12:00, 13:15, 15:15, 16:00, 17:00, 18:00, 19:00, 20:00 and 20:45. The ship ride takes about an hour and ticket fare is CNY 200 for a normal class and CNY 300 for VIP class.
Ticket Office
Ticket Office
Food Stand
Food Stands inside the Waiting Hall

Facilities and Services

 Ticket Office:Ticket offices are located on 3F of the terminal building. They are not far away from the waiting rooms. 63 ticket windows are provided for passengers’ use and they mainly handles ticket selling, ticket refund, ticket change and ticket loss. The ticket selling time is from 06:30 to 23:20.

 Waiting Hall:
Three waiting halls are on 3F of the terminal building. Toilets and hot water are located around the hall. Nursing room for mothers and babies is provided here, too.

 Left luggage service:
For storage of luggage, passengers can go to 3F of east square. There are clear signs showing their locations. One can either store the luggage themselves or ask the station staff for assistance. The price for each piece is from CNY10 to CNY20 per day.

Hotels, restaurants, and shops can be easily found near the station, especially in the east and south directions.
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