Shenzhen East Railway Station

Previously known as Buji Railway Station, Shenzhen East Railway Station is about 9.5 kilometers (6 miles) from Shenzhen Railway Station, 13 kilometers (8 miles) from Shenzhen North Railway Station, 13 kilometers (8 miles) from Futian Railway Station and 43 kilometers (27 miles) from Bao'an International Airport.

Address: No. 94 of Jihualu on Buji Street in Longgang District

Shenzhen East Railway Station Train Schedule and Ticket Booking

Shenzhen East Train Station mainly serves Guangzhou – Shenzhen and Beijing – Guangzhou Railways. Normal trains to/from Chengdu, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Nanchang, Hefei, Changsha, Zhuzhou, Hengyang, Dongguan, Hohhot, and Jiujiang, etc are operated here.

 Major Rail Lines from this station to:

(Last Update on May 7, 2019)

ToTrainsDurationTicket Fare (CNY)
Soft/ Hard Sleeper
Chengdu East
K1092 at 17:2640h00mCNY 836.5/ 534.5
USD 127/ 81
K830, K9006, K9004, K1208...
5 departures from 13:38 to 20:11
1h33m - 2h21mCNY 147.5/ 75.5
USD 22/ 11
K1656, K1092 at 14:05 and 17:2616h4m - 17h14mCNY 440.5/ 288.5
USD 67/ 44
K1620, Z182, K1656, K1282...
7 departures from 08:28 to 19:10
10h11m - 11h58mCNY 369/ 221
USD 56/ 33
K92 at 18:0318h24mCNY 580.5/ 368.5
USD 88/ 56
K9004 at 19:4610h22mCNY 465/ 292
USD 70/ 44
K1620, Z182, K830, K1656...
11 departures from 08:28 to 19:10
0h32m - 0h58mCNY 114.5/ 65
USD 17/ 10
Hohhot East
Z182 at 11:0833h16mCNY 859.5/ 549.5
USD 130/ 83
 The above schedule is for reference only. For real-time schedule and ticket booking, please click the arrival stations. 
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Station Plan

The East Railway Station consists of a three-storey terminal building and two squares: east and west squares.

 2F: ticket office, waiting area, ticket check, security check, station office, entrance/ exit, stores, cell phone charging station, restaurant
 1F: platforms, waiting hall, ticket office, pay upon arrival ticket counter, entrance, police
 -1F: exit, passenger transport office, pay upon arrival ticket counter, taxi stand

Toilets, lifts and escalators are provided in each floor.

 West Square: restaurants, metro, bus stop, China Railway Express Delivery Office
 East Square: bus stop, public toilets

How to get to Shenzhen East Train Station from downtown area?

 Arrival by subway: line 3, line 5

Passengers should get off at the Buji metro station on the east square when arriving by metro.

 Arrival by bus:
At West Square: 85, 954, 980, M273, Dapeng holiday special line 8
At Buji Street: 58, 85, 303, 307, 308, 312, 369, 821B, 822, 836, 839, 937, 956, M233, M265, M267, M268, M269, M271, M272, M273, M311
At East Station Bus Stop: 8, 69, 309, 321, 322, 323, 357, 366, 371, 372, 375, 376, 379, 383, 398, 839, 977, E24, K69
At East Square: E24, M244, M295, M310, M311, M415, Wutongshan holiday special line 2, Haibin sightseeing bus line 4, Gaofeng special line 79, Sightseeing and shopping line

 Arrival by taxi:
Passengers will be dropped off at the east or west square if going there by taxi. When leaving, they can find taxi stands on -1F.
From  Duration (minutes)  Cost (CNY)
Shenzhen Train Station  25  30
North Train Station  35  45
West Railway Station  40  77
Futian Train Station  30  40
Bao'an International Airport  60  130

How to get to other places from Shenzhen East Railway Station?

 Window of the World
Take subway line 3 to Laojie first and then transfer to line 1 to Window of the World.

 Shenzhen Railway Station
Take subway line 5 to Laojie first and then change to line 1 to the destination.

 North Railway Station
Take subway line 5 to get there directly.

 Futian Railway Station
Take subway line 3 to Futian Station directly.

 Bao’an International Airport
1. Take subway line 5 to Qianhaiwan first and then transfer to line 11 to the airport.
2. Or take subway line 3 to Futian first and then change to line 11 to the airport.

Facilities and Services

 Ticket office
There are three ticket offices in the East Station. Ticket office A and B are located at the east and west sides of the first floor respectively. Ticket office C is located in the northeast corner on the second floor. Besides, pay upon arrival ticket counters can be found in the northeast and northwest corners on 1F, and the northwest and southeast corners on -1F. Passengers can refund tickets at ticket window no. 13 in the ticket office B and ticket window no. 16 in the ticket office C. Barrier-free ticket window no. 15 is inside ticket office B.

 Waiting Hall
Passengers can wait for train departure either on 1F or on 2F. Tow waiting halls can be found on both west and east sides of 1F. On 2F, four waiting areas can be found. Soft sleeper ticket holders can go to the waiting room located in the southwest corner. Another separate waiting room near the southeast corner is set up for the disabled, the elder, the sick, the pregnant, mothers with babies. Toilets are available in each floor. Hot drinking water can be fetched on 2F.

 Left luggage
There is a left luggage office on the second floor, close to Fuyuan Market outside the ticket office C.
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