Shenzhen Metro Line 11 (Airport Line)


Bitou – Futian

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Shenzhen Subway Line 11Shenzhen subway line 11, in operation since June 28, 2016, is the fastest metro line in China, whose highest speed may reach 75mph (120km/h). It goes through Futian, Nanshan, Qianhai, Fuyong, Shajing, Songgang Districts and Bao'an International Airport. Line 11 connects Bitou and Futian, passing 18 stations and covering about 32mi (52km). An entire single journey takes around 55 minutes. Especially, it takes only half an hour from Futian to Bao'an Airport. From the Airport Metro Station, it is only a three-minute walk to the terminal building (T3) of the airport. In addition, passengers can easily transfer to other metro lines in Shenzhen at Qianhaiwan, Houhai, Chegongmiao and Futian stations.
See metro maps for reference.


Station To Futian To Bitou
First Train Last Train First Train Last Train
Bitou 06:30 23:00 -- --
Songggang 06:32 23:02 07:12 23:52
Houting 06:35 23:05 07:09 23:49
Shajing 06:38 23:08 07:07 23:47
Ma'an Hill 06:30 23:10 07:04 23:44
Tangwei 06:32 23:13 07:02 23:42
Qiaotou 06:35 23:15 06:59 23:39
Fuyong 06:37 23:18 06:57 23:37
Airport North 06:30 23:21 06:53 23:33
Airport 06:33 23:25 06:50 23:30
Bihaiwan 06:30 23:30 06:44 23:24
Bao'an 06:33 23:34 06:41 23:21
Qianhaiwan 06:36 23:37 06:38 23:18
Nanshan 06:30 23:40 06:44 23:14
Houhai 06:32 23:43 06:41 23:11
Hongshuwan South 06:36 23:47 06:38 23:08
Chegongmiao 06:30 23:52 06:33 23:03
Futian -- -- 06:30 23:00
Tip: The frequency of the train is 8 minutes in other time and 5 minutes in rush hours (07:00-09:00; 17:30-19:30).

To better serve passengers, extra trains are arranged after 23:00 and the frequency is 10-17 minutes. However, as other metro lines will be out of service that late, transfers won't be available. See the extra schedules below:
Terminal Last Schedule Last Train via Airport North
From Futian 23:30 00:03
From Bitou 23:34 23:56


Songgang: Transfer with Line 6
 Qianhaiwan: Transfer with Line 1 (Luobao Line) & Line 5 (Huanzhong Line)
Houhai: Transfer with Line 2 (Shekou Line)
 Hongshuwan South: Transfer with Line 9 (Meilin Line)
Chegongmiao: Transfer with Line 1 (Luobao Line) and Line 9 (Meilin Line)
Futian: Transfer with Line 2 (Shekou Line) & Line 3 (Longgang Line)

Surroundings and Bus Routes near All Stations

 ('' points out transfer stations.)

Surroundings: Langbi Road, Songfu Avenue, Bitou Road, Haibin Avenue, Bao’an Avenue, Bitou Community, Shapuwei Shilongtou Park, Longtou Industrial Park, China Post, Zhongxin Shopping Mall, Postal Savings Bank, Jiangyan Hotel, Langting Hotel
Bus Routes: 656, B790
Facilities: washroom; ATM; elevator (central part of the station hall)

Surroundings: Shajiang Road, North Songhe Road, Songxing Road, Songhuan Road, Shabuwei Village, Sha’er Hebin Community, Shaxi Primary School, Royal Private City, Jiayu Mansion, Huijing Business Building, Deppon Express, People’s Pharmacy, Hanting Express Hotel, Vienna Hotel, Jiaxin Business Hotel, Juhao Hotel
Bus Routes: 656, B790, B791, M255
Facilities: washroom; ATM; elevator (central part of the station hall)

Surroundings: Xinhe Avenue, Shasong Road, Tantou Road, Chengfeng Mansion, Fuxin Mansion, Industry & Trade Building, Jinsheng Departure Store, Postal Savings Bank, Yihua Business Apartment
Bus Routes: 338, 652, 656, 782, B774, B776
Facilities: washroom; ATM; elevator (central part of the station hall)

Surroundings: Xinsha Road, Yuanlin Road, Anlang Road, Wanfeng Commercial Street, Middle Wanfeng Road, Yong’an Business Apartment, Xinyuan Apartment, Wanfeng Primary School, Jiahua Emporium, Hongdaxing Huayuan Community, Yijing Serviced Apartment, Century Mart, Vanguard Supermarket, Real Kung Fu Fast Food, McDonalds, Construction Bank of China, Ping An Bank, Postal Savings Bank, Yulongting Cinema Hotel, 99 Inn, Super 8 Hotel
Bus Routes: 338, 639, 656, 782, B716, B776, E10, M291
Facilities: washroom; ATM; elevator (central part of the station hall)

Ma’an Hill
Surroundings: South Ring Road, Anyuan Road, Anlang Road, Ma’an Hill North Community, Jubaoju Community, Century Wanzhong Plaza, Forest City Community, Uptown Community, Ruinian Drugstore, Postal Savings Bank, Ping An Bank, Boerduo International Hotel, Yinhuang Business Hotel
Bus Routes: 338, E10, M284, M291, M397
Facilities: washroom; ATM; elevator (central part of the station hall)

Surroundings: Fengtang Avenue, Xintang Road, Qianjin Road, Zhongxin Road, Tangwei Community Park, Dalangshan Industrial Zone, Dongbao Community, Huazhan Technology Park, Wanli Primary School, Agricultural Bank of China
Bus Routes: 338, M251, M252, M291
Facilities: washroom; ATM; elevator (central part of the station hall)

Exit A: Qiaoda Road, Qiaonan New Village, Wan'an Building, Jindongyuan Mansion, Hanguang Building, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, Jianhua Pharmacy , Qiaonan Hotel
Exit B: Qiaohe Road, Qiaotou Community, Qiaonan Culture Building, Best Western Pengfu Hotel (Airport Hotel)
Exit C: Furui Road, Jubao Industrial Park, Fuyong Chamber of Commercial Building
Exit D: Dayang Road, Dayang Huayuan Community, Donghong Industrial Park, Lixin Reservoir
Bus Routes: 338, M291, M333, B876
Facilities: washroom; ATM; elevator (central part of the station hall)

Surroundings: Yongfu Road, Fuzhou Avenue, Fuhai Avenue, Zhongyang Business Building, Fuyong New Village, Fuhai Community, Dingfeng Business Center, Jinyu Haoting Community, Fuqiao Building Materials Market, Xinghe Shopping Square, Lehuiduo Shopping Plaza, Postal Savings Bank, Bank of China, Half-moon Hotel, Guanhua Hotel
Routes: 338, 639, B634, B711, M291, M333
Facilities: washroom; elevator (central part of the station hall)

Airport North
Surroundings: Airport Golf Club, YTO Express
Bus Routes: 327, 338, 615, 651, 727, B851, M237, M284, M291, M331, M333, M351, M433, M472
Facilities: washroom; ATM; elevator (central part of the station hall)

Surroundings: Linghang Viaduct, Linghang 4th Road, Konggang 8th Road, South Airport Road, Bao’an Airport, Airport Bus Station, Starbucks, Costa Coffee, Subway Sandwich, McDonalds, KFC, Postal Savings Bank, Pudong Development Bank, China Mobile, Airport Hotel
Bus Routes: 330B, 330C, 790, E16, E21, M371, M416
Facilities: washroom; elevator (two sides of the station hall)

Exit A: Gongle Road, Yintian Road, Southern Medical University Hengsheng Hospital Branch
Exit B: Baoyuan Road, Haigang Primary School, Xixiang Building Materials Market, Everbright Bank, Construction Bank, Home Inn, Hanting Express Hotel, Baoyue Hotel, Bank of China
Exit C: Xinhu Road, No.19 Road, Cui’an Shopping Center, Crave House Community, Bihaiwan Community, Chantes Bay Community, Pod Inn, Vanguard Supermarket
Exit D & E:Xixiang Primary School, Shuangjin Street, Xixiang Sports Center, Haiwan Middle School, Jinxin Huayuan Community, Green Bay Golf Club,
Bus Routes: 320, 718, 797, B887, M200, M400, M473
Facilities: washroom; ATM; elevator (central part of the station hall)

Exit A: Xingye Road, Luotian Road, Fifth Avenue West Bank Garden Community, Xin’an High School, Industrial and Commercial Bank, McDonalds, Vanguard Supermarket, Bank of Dongguan, Dear Hotel
Exit B: Baoxing Road, Jinlitong Financial Centre
Exit C: Yu’an Road, Chuangye 1st Road, Bao’an District Government, Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China
Exit D: Bao’an Stadium, Haibin Square, Xinhu Middle School, Bao’an District Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital, Merchants Bank, Bank of China
Bus Routes: M200, M210, M376, M473, 631, 797, B828
Facilities: washroom; ATM; elevator (central part of the station hall)

Surroundings: Menghai Avenue, Yueliangwan Avenue, West Hubin Road, West Railway Station, Qianhai Free Trade Area, Bao’an Experimental School, Gangwan Primary School, Longhai Jiayuan Community, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Postal Savings Bank of China
Bus Routes: B796, M343, M453
Facilities: washroom; ATM; elevator (Exit B & D)

Exit A: Guimiao Road, East Xiangnan Village, Xiangnan Park, Jintian Huayuan Community, 7 Days Inn
Exit D: Nanguangcun Road, Binhai Avenue, Bank of China, Construction Bank, Merchants Bank, Guiyuan Hotel, Huafu Hotel
Exit E2: Nanshan Avenue, Haibin Experimental Primary School, Guangcai New Century Community, Liyuan Building, Motel 168, Yiguangnian Youth Hostel
Exit H: Changxing Road, Guangda Village, Yilida Village, Yiyuange Community
Bus Routes: 74, 79, 204, 331, 332, 369, 390, B699, B813, K105, K204, M206, M222, M241, M242, M371, M388, M483, N4

Exit A: Houhaibin Road, Haide 1st Road, Haide 3rd Road, Zhongxin Road, Grand Fortune Bay Square, Bank of Communications, Shenzhen Bay Sports Center
Exit D1&D2: Binhai Haibin Flyover, Aviation International Center, 2nd Foreign Language School of Nanshan District, Sunrise Bay Community, Kempinski Hotel, Kailida International Hotel, Coastal City Shopping Center
Exit E & E2: Poly Cultural Plaza, Tiley Fame City Shopping Mall, Xuefu Middle School, Everbright Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Pudong Development Bank, Marriott Hotel Nanshan
Bus Routes: 72, 229, B699, M299, M429, M467, M483, M493, N24

Hongshuwan South
Exit A & B: Baishi 4th Road, Baishi Road, Shenwan 1st Road, Binhai Avenue, East Shahe Road, Shenzhen Bay Park, Shahe Golf Court, Mangrove West Coast Community, Xidigen Football Pitch
Exit C: Window of the World, Splendid China - Folk Culture Villages, HuaQiaoCheng (OCT) Middle School, Binhai Hospital, the University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Hospital, Lijin Commercial Hotel, Construction Bank, CITIC Bank
Bus Routes: M313, M347, M355, M463, M487, M486, B610, B795
Facilities: washroom; ATM; elevator (Exit B)

Exit A: Shennan Avenue, Xiangmihu Road, Fuchun Orient Building
Exit B: Nongyuan Road, Xianglin Road, Feng Sheng Ding Commercial Pedestrian Street, Donghai Cultural Square, Donghai Huayuan Community, Agricultural Bank of China, Construction Bank, Harbour Laguna Hotel, Langham Hotel
Exit C: Tairan 9th Road, Jinrun Building, Tairan Apartment, Tai’anxuan Community, Taikangxuan Community, Bank of Communications, CITIC Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Crown Sports Center, Shenzhenair International Hotel, Palace Hotel
Exit D1 & D2: Tairan Cultural Square, EPI Residences, Changfeng Business Hotel
Bus Routes: 21, 26, 28, 79, 101, 113, 121, 123, 202, 204, 209, 213, 222, 223, 234, 327, 365, 372, M391, M447, N4, N6
Facilities: washroom; ATM; elevator (Exit B&D)

Surroundings: Shennan Avenue, Mintian Road, Xinzhou Road, Fuzhong 3rd Road, Fuhua 1st Road, Yitian Road, Astronautics Office Building, International Chamber of Commercial Tower, Yijingyuan Community, Civil Square, Municipal Government, Radio and Television Building, Agricultural Bank of China, Industrial Bank, Bank of Communications, Ping An Bank, Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank, Marco Polo Hotel, Futian Shangri-La Hotel, Investment Building Hotel
Bus Routes: 311, 320, 326, 395, E18, K318, M363, M41
- Last updated on Aug. 31, 2020 -
Questions & Answers on Shenzhen Metro Line 11 (Airport Line)
Asked by Shannon from MALAYSIA | Sep. 17, 2019 06:48Reply
How do I go to HongFu Road subway station, Dongguan from Shenzhen airport?
Answers (1)
Answered by Jessica from NEW ZEALAND | Sep. 22, 2019 18:28

You can take intercity bus from airport to Dongguan first. The bus departs from 8:00 to 21:00 with interval of 30-60 minutes. Then you can take taxi to your destination with around CNY25.
Asked by jj | May. 30, 2019 23:16Reply
How can I go from Shenzhen airport to the rail station to take a train to HK?
Answers (1)
Answered by Mirranda from FRANCE | Jun. 03, 2019 00:55

You can take metro Line 11 to Qianhaiwan Station, then transfer to Line 5 to North Railway Station.
Asked by TPSMITH82 | Feb. 14, 2019 00:10Reply
HKG to Shenzhen Airport
Great site and information!!! I'll be coming from Hong Kong and trying to make a flight departing SZX at 11:10. From the looks of it I can take high speed train G5814 from W Kowloon Station to Futian arriving at 8:27. Then should be able to make a transfer to line 11 around 8:45 and arrive at SZX in about 30 min. Leaving 2 hours for check-in. Would this be the best route to the airport from Hong Kong? Also any idea of the price for ticket from Futian to Airport, and is it easy to buy ticket at Futian?

Thanks again!!
Answers (1)
Answered by Amari from AUSTRALIA | Feb. 28, 2019 18:40

The metro ticket fare from Futian Port to Bao'an Airport is CNY8/person. Yes, it is the best way according to the time schedule.

Or you can take the ferry from HK-Macau Ferry Terminal and go to Bao'an Airport directly.
The ferry schedule is at 08:20. It takes around 45 mins on the way.
Asked by eddy matthias from SINGAPORE | Feb. 11, 2019 19:16Reply
can one use the shenzhen tong card from airport to futian
Answers (1)
Answered by Olivia from NEW ZEALAND | Feb. 12, 2019 22:12

Yes, you can use the transportation card and take the metro from the airport to Futian Station.
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