Harbin Travel Guide

Harbin Travel Guide

Harbin MapHarbin, the renowned 'Ice City', is located in the south of Heilongjiang Province, the most northeastern part of China with a shape of a swan when viewed on a map. Not only for the city's special position, but also as the center of Heilongjiang's political, economic, educational and cultural life, Harbin is described as the pearl beneath the swan's neck, and plays a vital role in communications between South and North Asia as well the regions of Europe and the Pacific Ocean.

Before you visit a city, it is always useful to know at least a little of its history. It was the birthplace of Jin (1115-1234) and Qing (1644-1911) Dynasties, the latter of which had a very considerable influence on modern Chinese history. At the end of the 19th century, Russia built the terminus of the Middle East Railway here. Later, more than 160,000 foreigners from 33 countries migrated to this place, promoting the development of a capitalist economy in the city.

Every year, vast numbers of visitors flock to this city and the city has adapted itself to meet the needs of this great influx of tourists. Convenient transportation by air and water can ease your journeys and ensuring a comfortable way of either getting to or around the city. A large number of star-rated hotels with good services await you here.

Being the famous 'Ice City', Harbin attracts visitors from home and abroad by the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival it helds each year. It is a happy carnival which provides visitors a whole world of ice and snow. The festival usually begins from January and last for over one month. The best collections of ice artworks are mainly exhibited in the following venues:

Ice and Snow World
Sun Island Scenic Area
Zhaolin Park
Ice Lantern Garden Party
Yabuli International Ski Resort

Harbin Central Street
Central Street
Harbin Ice and Snow World
Ice and Snow World
Bank of Songhua River in Winter
Bank of Songhua River in Winter

The economy and culture of Harbin achieved unprecedented prosperity at that time and the city gradually grew into a famous international commercial port. Assimilating external culture, the city created its unique and exotic cityscape. The majestic St. Sophia Cathedral and Central Street each built in a European style have the effect of bringing you into an 'eastern Moscow'. Even though you are sure to be attracted by various exotic buildings, the Dragon Tower which embodies the wisdom of the Chinese people is a must on your journey.

Besides these rich cultural heritages, this city is favored with beautiful natural scenery. Based on meandering Songhua River and subject to severe low temperatures in winter, the city boasts a unique ice and snow culture. So, it is also called the 'Ice City'. Each winter fantastic sculptures created from snow and ice, ice lanterns and exciting sporting events attract thousands of visitors from home and abroad. The cool summers make the city highly popular as a natural summer resort. It is widely accepted that the Sun Island Scenic Resort is the best choice during a sweltering summer.

Other Scenic Spots:

Harbin Ice Festival Tour: 4 Days city visiting including Sunisland Snow Sculpture, St. Sophia Cathedral, Centre Street, Grand World of Snow, etc
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The local people in Harbin have created a very distinctive food culture which reflects the history and special geographical position of this city. However, under the influence of neighboring Russia, a number of authentic western food restaurants have been established here. This coming together of Chinese and Western flavors will definitely fulfill your appetite.

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 As of August 1st, 2015, foreign visitors from qualified countries can enjoy the 72 hours visa-free transit policy when transiting in Taiping International Airport.

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Questions & Answers on Harbin Travel
Asked by Waseem | Jan. 24, 2020 21:42Reply
Hi, I’m thinking to visit Harbin in the last week of January.
Is it recommended to visit now due to new virus? Also, if it’s okay then what you recommend and how many days are enough? Thank you
Answers (1)
Answered by Naomi from UKRAINE | Jan. 31, 2020 19:22

Well, to be honest, you are suggested to change the travel plan due to the virus. Generally speaking, 3 or 4 days are recommended sightseeing time. :)
Asked by Nike from INDONES | Jan. 21, 2020 04:43Reply
Hai. How can i get Harbin airport shuttle bus from Bremen Train station hotel?
Answers (1)
Answered by Tina from CANADA | Jan. 21, 2020 17:34

You can walk to the Main Railway Station and take shuttle bus to the airport.
Asked by David from MALAYSIA | Jan. 08, 2020 05:11Reply
Rime Island Weather
I hope to go to Rime Island on Jan 18 2020. Is the weather conditions good for rime then? Thank you
Answers (1)
Answered by Vivian from NEW ZEALAND | Jan. 08, 2020 18:49

The average temperature will be around -10C-10C in January, which is one of the best months to travel.
Asked by Eliza from MEXICO | Dec. 26, 2019 23:09Reply
How I Can Go from Sun Island yo Ice and Snow World?
Is It Easy to Get taxis to Go Between The Scenic áreas?
Answers (1)
Answered by Ada from CANADA | Dec. 29, 2019 19:53

You can take taxi easily to it since it's only 5km between these two spots.
Asked by ain from THAILAND | Dec. 18, 2019 10:40Reply
Free WIFI at Harbin Airport ?
Answers (1)
Answered by Everly from CANADA | Dec. 18, 2019 23:38

Yes, there is.
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