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Harbin West Railway Station

Harbin West Railway Station is about 7 miles (11 kilometers) from Harbin Railway Station, 10 miles (16 kilometers) from East Railway Station, 7.5 miles (12 kilometers) from Ice and Snow World and 20 miles (32 kilometers) from Taiping International Airport. It is a major transportation hub in northeastern China.

Address: Zhongxing Road in Nangang District

Scale and outlook of the station are similar to that of the airport. There are many bilingual signboards in both Chinese and English indicating directions, which is quite convenient for overseas passengers.


Harbin West Railway Station
Harbin West Railway Station
Direction Board
Direction Board

Schedule and Ticket Booking

As an important hub along the Harbin-Dalian and Beijing-Harbin high speed rail lines, the station operates both bullet and ordinary trains, including those to/from Beijing, Dalian, Shenyang, Shanghai, Tianjin, and Jilin.

 Major Rail Lines from  the station to:

High Speed Train Schedule

(Last Update on Jan 16, 2020)

ToTrainsDurationTicket Fare (CNY)
First/ Second Class Seat
D28, G372, D102, G394...
11 departures from 06:56 to 20:30
7h25m - 7h55mCNY 490.5/ 306.5
USD 72/ 45
Shanghai Hongqiao
G1202 at 08:2112h39mCNY 1,614.5/ 977.5
USD 236/ 143
Dalian North
G702, G704, G706, G48...
20 departures from 06:16 to 19:08
3h36m - 4h45mCNY 645.5/ 403.5
USD 94/ 59
G702, G4760, D28, G372...
44 departures from 06:16 to 20:30
2h00m - 2h50mCNY 265/ 166
USD 39/ 24
Qingdao North
G1206 at 08:0611h6mCNY 1,218.5/ 747.5
USD 178/ 109
G372, G1206, G1202, G1276...
9 departures from 07:10 to 17:03
6h2m - 6h46mCNY 757.5/ 468.5
USD 111/ 68
D132, D112, D124, D116...
6 departures from 06:42 to 19:37
1h59m - 2h12mCNY 170.5/ 105.5
USD 25/ 15
D8501, D8503, D8505, D8507...
21 departures from 05:15 to 19:06
1h28m - 2h21mCNY 162/ 101
USD 24/ 15
The above schedule is for reference only. For real-time schedule and ticket booking, please click the arrival station

Normal Speed Train Timetable

(Last Update on Jan 16, 2020)

ToTrainsDurationTicket Fare (CNY)
Soft/ Hard Sleeper
T3048, K490, K4082, K4024...
19 departures from 01:28 to 22:12
10h4m - 22h16mCNY 427.5/ 259.5
USD 62/ 38
Z174 at 12:5224h4mCNY 779.5/ 496.5
USD 114/ 72
T3048, K1228, K1452, K490...
47 departures from 01:28 to 23:39
4h20m - 9h18mCNY 241/ 142
USD 35/ 21
T3048, K1228, K1452, K490...
45 departures from 01:28 to 23:39
1h49m - 4h24mCNY 169.5/ 91.5
USD 25/ 13
K1452, K490, K1394, K4120...
26 departures from 01:49 to 22:40
10h11m - 18h56mCNY 440.5/ 279.5
USD 64/ 41
2125, K7153, K7183, T129...
21 departures from 03:39 to 22:02
2h37m - 9h19mCNY 141.5/ 97.5
USD 21/ 14
K7057, K7091, 2623 from 19:06 to 20:5212h5m - 12h43mCNY 355/ 230
USD 52/ 34
K5181, K1303, K927, K7093...
8 departures from 06:52 to 22:26
9h49m - 25h10mCNY 285/ 190
USD 42/ 28
The above schedule is for reference only. For real-time schedule and ticket booking, please click the arrival station.

See detailed Harbin Train Schedule 

Station Plan

The station has a four-story station building and two squares, east and west squares. Currently, west square hasn't been opened yet.
 Station Building:
 2F: waiting hall, check points, ticket office, toilet, hot drinking water, commercial area
 1F: platforms, toilet, hot drinking water
 -1F: exit

 East Square:
 Ground: entrance and exit, parking lots, toilet, bus stop
 -1F: taxi stands (drop-off), shopping center, parking lots, toilet
 -2F: parking lots, taxi stands (pick-up), shopping center, subway
Guide Map of Harbin West Railway Station
Map of Harbin West Railway Station
Map of Harbin West Railway Station East Square
Map of East Square

How to get to the west train station from downtown area?

 Arrival by bus:   Harbin Bus Search
East Square: 11, 31, 96, 120, 124, 602
Harbin Street: 64, 69, 96, 203
West Coach Station: 11, 64, 203, 218 (branch line), 220
Harbin Street (Intersection of Hexie Avenue): 96, 217, 379

Passengers taking bus to the station will get off at the east square. For those with a ticket in hand, enter the station directly and find the correct waiting area to wait for departure. For those without, go to the ticket office on 1F to purchase one first and then go to the waiting hall.

 Arrival by taxi
If arriving by taxi, passengers will be dropped off on -1F. After, passengers can follow the direction boards to ticket office or waiting hall.
From Travel Time (mins) Price (CNY)
Harbin Railway Station 25 25
East Railway Station 45 50
North Railway Station 25 25
Taiping International Airport 40 90
Ice and Snow World 30 35


Ticket Check and Boarding

Before checking in, passengers should read their tickets carefully to know exactly where to have the tickets checked. Afterwards, follow the direction boards to the platforms on 1F. Please note that blue tickets can be handled at automatic ticket checking machines, while pink ones can only be operated manually.

How to exit and leave the station?

When arriving, passengers are led to -1F to get out. After that, follow the direction boards to find bus, taxi or coach to leave the station.

 Leave by bus:
When getting off, passengers should go to the east square directly to take buses to leave.

 Leave by taxi:
Taxi stands are available on -2F of the east square. Passengers should go there to take taxi and leave the station.

 Leave by long-distance bus:
There is an underground passage on -2F of the east square leading directly to the West Coach Station, where passengers can take a long-distance bus to major cities in Heilongjiang Province, such as Jiamusi, Dunhua, Suifenhe, Mohe and Nenjiang.

 Transportation to other places:
 Zhaolin Park: Take bus 64 to Daoli Sandao Street, and then walk northward for about 150 yards to reach the west gate of the park. From the drop-off station, one can also walk westward for about 350 yards to reach the Central Street.

 Ice and Snow World:
Take bus line 96 to Tielu Street and change to bus line 119 to the destination.

 Harbin Railway Station:
Take bus line 11, 64, 96 or 120 to the destination directly.

 East Railway Station:
1. Take bus line 203 to get there.
2. Take bus line 31 or 120 to Clothes Market, then change to subway line 1 to the destination, get out from exit 3.

 Taiping International Airport:
Take bus line 218 to Auto Gears Factory and then transfer to Airport Shuttle Bus Line 2 to get there. The airport bus is available from 06:00 to 20:00 every 30 minutes and the ticket fare is CNY20. It usually takes about an hour and a half.

Facilities and Services

 Ticket Office:
There are two ticket offices on 2F. They are at north and south sides of the station entrance. Altogether 28 ticket windows including two barrier-free ones are available for passengers’ convenience.

Red Cap Luggage Porter
Red Cap Luggage Porter
 Waiting Hall:
Waiting rooms are mainly on 2F, with 2,500 seats available for first and second class tickets holders. There is a special waiting area for VIP seat passengers. There are book stands and a tea house in the waiting hall. In the Tea house and coffee bars you can enjoy soft sofas.

 Left Luggage Service:
In the waiting hall, passengers can store their bags in the luggage cabinets; it usually charges CNY5 for a small bag and CNY10 for a large bag per hour.

 "Red Cap" Luggage Service:
"Red Cap" luggage service is mainly for the elder or those passengers with too much luggage. It usually charges CNY10 for luggage within 44 pounds (20 kg) and CNY20 for luggage more than 44 pounds.
- Last modified on Jan. 16, 2020 -
Questions & Answers on Harbin West Railway Station
Asked by Tebogo from SOUTH AFRICA | Dec. 12, 2019 02:01Reply
How far is Harbin mango apartments from Harbin west rail station
Answers (1)
Answered by Key | Dec. 12, 2019 18:13

About 10km, you can take bus 130 or taxi.
Asked by mel from PHILIPPINES | Sep. 18, 2019 05:20Reply
how can i go to Sofia's Church from HArbin West Rail Way Station, I'am arriving around 7pm
Answers (1)
Answered by Noemi | Sep. 18, 2019 19:46

You can take bus S11 to Architectural Art Square bus stop which is about 400m away from the Church.
Asked by ARIENAZ | Sep. 18, 2019 00:17Reply
How can we go to zhongyang street by subway from West Railway Station?
Answers (3)
Answered by Noemi | Sep. 18, 2019 20:49

Zhongyang Ave seems do not have subway service, you should need bus or taxi
Answered by Ariena from MALAYSIA | Sep. 30, 2019 20:53

any nearest subway station also no available?
Answered by Celestine | Oct. 09, 2019 20:54

Maybe Bowuguan (Museum) metro statoin but still around 2.5km away. Maybe you can take bus No. 130.
Asked by Randy from USA | Jul. 22, 2019 03:13Reply
Is there business waiting room at this Harbin West Station?
Answers (1)
Answered by Quin from HUNGARY | Jul. 22, 2019 18:07

Yes, there is one in the common waiting hall, near the east entrance. Business class seats holders should be able to use it for free.
Asked by Sheryl | Nov. 26, 2018 20:33Reply
From Harbin West Railway Station to ibis Sophia hotel
Is there a shuttle bus from the west railway station to ibis Sophia hotel in zhongyang street? If so, what is the bus number and where can I board the bus?
Answers (1)
Answered by Sands from EGYPT | Nov. 27, 2018 00:52

Do you mean the hotel at No. 92 Zhaolin Street? If so, there is no direct bus. You may take bus No. 96 to Harbin Railway Statio first and then change to bus No. 16 or 94 or 98 to China Life Company. The hotel is about 250m away.
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